Daily Looks: Week Ending 5.17.24

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The week may be heavy on Just Be Youtiful items because I found a bunch of fun things from her store recently, and I always like to wear my new stuff right away.

Insider tip: That’s a fashionista’s secret. If you put away new clothing in your closet, you will forget you have it because it’s never been worn before. Leave new pieces out and create outfits with them. Then either wear those outfits or take photos of the looks to remind you to wear them soon.

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Shorts: Old Navy~~Jacket: Just Be Youtiful~~Sandals: Chinese Laundry

I recently bought these shorts from Old Navy because they are longer, lightweight, and on sale.

Mireille recently posted about dressing up in shorts, so I was inspired by her looks. So I decided to try the same thing.

My top is really a scarf tied around a gold necklace. This scarf is a square scarf worn a variety of ways years ago.

Then I decided to accessorize with bright pink with my earrings (great deal on Amazon–quality, lightweight, and in all kinds of colors), bracelet, and glasses.

These sandals are about 10 years old and starting to wear out which is a bummer because I love them.

Happy Mother’s Day

Dress: Davi & Dani-Just Be Youtiful~~Sneakers; Vintage Havana-Macys

This is the dress I bought recently from Just Be Youtiful that I shared in this video. You need to reach out to her and ask if she has any left because not only is it an incredible deal for $15, it’s not just a dress.

The ties are connected at the front, which is just elastic so it can be worn in many ways as a dress and as a skirt. I’m going to have fun with this one for sure.

Today since we walked to church and then were having a group over for dinner, I wanted to make sure I was comfortable, cool, and didn’t need to mess with my outfit.

Adding the flower pin makes sure the ties don’t move. PLUS my mom made it, so it’s a tribute to her. The flower is made from leftover material. Wanna see the original items that the 3 of us all have?

Since I chose these sneakers with a pink glitter star on the side, pink was the color of choice to accessorize.

There is also a small scarf around my faux ponytail that my mom made from shortening a dress for me.


Pants: Davi & Dani-Just Be Youtiful~~Top: Tyche~~Sandals: Boj-Bealls

I needed something easy to bend, sit, and run around for our agility dog training class. That’s why these joggers are so perfect besides the fact that they are lightweight and cotton.

This top was also perfect because even though the straps are criss-crossed, there is elastic around both the top and bottom so I don’t flash people when I bend forward.

Of course, these fun tops mean that I’m wearing either my Gatherall adhesive bra or my boob tape. Today it’s my Gatherall.

Brown sandals were my choice since I was print mixing with the clothing, and then I added my ivory fedora and metallic jewelry.


Dress: Shandago- thrifted for $5~~Sandals: Kelly & Katie-DSW

I altered this dress last weekend to make it smaller along the side seams. It fits so much better. You saw it two weeks ago on Sunday and I’m not even sure you can tell the difference in the photos. But in real life, it just feels better.

This time I wore it with a lime green belt and floral sandals.

Can you see the lime green bow in the back of my hair? That was my inspiration for the belt.

We are off to 2 different doctor appointments today, so I’m sure I’ll add a blazer over my top to counteract the AC.


Pants: from Just Be Youtiful~~Top: no label from Painted Tree~~Sandals: Lauren Conrad-Kohls

Kym from Just Be Youtiful gave me these pants because one of the ties on the side of the legs had been pulled off. I was able to fix the tie and then I removed the front pockets. I almost removed the ruffles at the bottom hems, but Rob said he liked the detail. (It was my leftover thinking that ruffles are too girly from when I was working).

I don’t usually showcase my purse with my daily looks, but I was excited that I could change out the strap on this recent thrifted purse to one that was bright like the top.

The best part about the top is the back view which I included in Saturday’s email.

We are off to the chiropractor and the grocery store, so I needed to wear pants, and having flats makes shopping easier.

I did wear my shoulder-scraping earrings made by Judy and my new Pair brand eyeglasses (more on that soon).


Jumpsuit: Skies are Blue-Your Revolving Closet~~Belt: Amazon~~Sandals: Jessica Simpson-DSW

I’m not usually a big jumpsuit fan mostly because of the inconvenience in the bathroom. But having a zipper in the front solves so many issues. That’s why I asked for this from Your Revolving Closet.
And isn’t it fabulous??

Even with the front zipper, I would never wear a jumpsuit on a plane, unless you gave me a million dollars.

I removed the self-belt and added this bright pink one I bought on Amazon.

Even though the hair scarf, shoes, and glasses were also pink, I didn’t want to be overly matching with just the green, white, and pink as my colors.

That’s why I wore gold/metallic accessories with my earrings, bracelet, and rings.

If the jumpsuit was less expensive, I might have even bought it, I liked it that much. But it must have been a newer item on the Your Revolving Closet site because the buy price was $70. (Many things are $25 or less)

Thank you

My goal with my daily looks post is to find things that help inspire you with my daily outfits and to bring a smile and kindness to your life. I truly think that clothing is our way to express our personality visually.

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