Daily Looks: Week Ending 5.19.23

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It’s a short week for outfits due to blog photos on Thursday (so you’ll see that outfit in its own post), and pure laziness on Friday. We were going to Pilates in the middle of the day on Friday, so I just wore my dog-walking outfit from the morning.

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Skirt: Dona Jo~~ Shirt: Banana Republic Factory~~Sneakers: Adidas-Goodwill

We are off to see my friend, Laura from Scrub Studios, at her booth at the Painted Tree. I decided to go with a casual look wearing my print tennis skirt. I like having the shorts under the skirt and the nice thing about Dona Jo is they have a range of lengths for their skirts. This is the 14.5-inch length, but they also have 17′ and 19″ ones.

I vacillated about wearing a white T-shirt but decided to keep it colorful with this lime green top. The best thing about this top is the back (seen here when I wore it a couple of summers ago).

Of course, I’m still loving the white sneakers with almost everything. I only wish this pair was more comfy for long walking days.

I’ve been wearing this skirt many mornings to go dog walking too.

Happy Mother’s Day

Skirt: Label removed to wear inside out-Goodwill~~Blazer: American Eagle-thrifted~~Sandals: Modzori code 10Jodie

My mom chose to go to a movie today, so that’s why you see the jacket. For me, movie theaters are notoriously cold (and there will be a pashmina in my purse too).

All the clothing is secondhand. In fact, I’ve had the denim blazer since my working days.

I’m pretty sure this tunic was handmade and usually I wear it tucked in. But today I left it hanging out.

I found this skirt while thrifting in Denver, and it has this gorgeous print lining, so I’ve worn it inside out too.

The sandals are not my usual style. But I saw them on many of my Instagram friends last year and ended up winning these in a giveaway. The concept for the shoe is super cool because you can flip the leather pieces around and the inside is a different color. That means you get multiple colors of shoes in one pair.
While these look like tall heels, they are actually a flat platform and very easy to walk around in. The company has a bunch of options if you’re interested.

Insider discount: I did sign up to be an ambassador for Modzori so I could have a discount code if anyone is interested. Use code 10Jodie.


Pants: Zara~~Top: I knitted it~~Sandals: Walking Cradles

These pants are pure cotton and incredibly lightweight. I found them when I introduced my mom and Lesley to the store Zara and I had to get them. I usually pair them with white, yellow, or blue, so today I tried something different.

This tank top was hand-knit by me over 15 years ago. I wore it with my body tape so you don’t see the bra straps. Go through my link and use code JTOUCHOFSTYLE for a discount.

Then I bookended the look with red sandals. These are Walking Cradles, “Lydia” and right now only available in white. Talk about comfy, I wore them on excursions on our Caribbean cruise.

The white blazer is because I’m taking my mom to her annual doctor’s checkup, and I always like to have a somewhat professional vibe when we go to a professional office. Besides, it’s usually chilly, so I need a layer anyways.


Shorts: Joe Fresh-thrifted~~T-Shirt: Banana Republic Factory~~Sandals: Bella Marie-Bealls (converted to velcro straps)

I was inspired by Mireille’s article about wearing camo for the spring and summer where she asked for a couple of my favorite ways to style it too. While I’ve worn these shorts many ways (as seen in this article from years ago), I don’t think I’ve ever worn them with a graphic tee.

The thing is when I put on shorts and a T-shirt, it seems so blah. But I think I made it look more “me” with the bright pink accessories and the hair scarf.

These shoes were a fabulous find from Bealls because they are so cushy and comfy. But they had an ankle strap buckle, which I immediately changed out to velcro.
If you haven’t seen my article or YouTube video on how to do that, you’re missing out, because it makes shoes with ankle strap buckles, so much easier to get on and off.

The bracelet is a new favorite (they came as a set of 3 and are on sale right now at Target) because it’s big enough to stand out, yet because it’s fabric, it’s not too hot and sticky.

I’ve showcased these earrings from a designer from Texas. Joan has the site, Frannie & Elinor and makes wonderful items that I hope you check out.

BTW, the scarf in my hair was made from the leftover material when my mom shortened this maxi dress for me. She cut off 10 inches, and instead of throwing out the material, she crafted a scarf for me.


Skirt: Gap-Goodwill ~~Top: Japna~~Sandals Italian Shoemakers-DSW

This is one of those tops that are simple yet with loads of personality. I’ve worn it with a yellow skirt in the past and wanted to mix prints with it today.

And I was excited to wear this striped knit skirt that was a recent $2 purchase from Goodwill. What I didn’t realize is that there are some grey paint stains on the front of the skirt near the bottom.
Sometimes I forget my own advice to inspect the items closely.

BUT, I just turned the skirt around, and no one is the wiser because it’s something you don’t notice until you are sitting and looking at it.
However, I may try to dye the skirt because I love the shape and material.

Insider tip: Turning clothing around is a great hack for many reasons. Lesley did it recently to have the skirt slits in the front and back, instead of on the sides, which changed the shape and overall look.

I had a pedicure today so sandals that exposed all the toes were paramount.

Accessory-wise, I wore my Target bracelet (that I wore yesterday) on one arm with a couple of other bracelets on the other. And a pair of gold earrings.

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