Daily Looks: Week Ending 5.20.22

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Even though most stylists will tell you to stick to one style, isn’t variety the spice of life??
Now understandably, when I was stressed and working, the last thing I wanted was to worry about variety in my clothing choices, but now it makes me happy.


Dress: Banana Republic~~Top: Gap~~Shoes: Abound

You don’t see me in subdued colors often, but I like the idea of switching it up. And I incorporated some dichotomy with the casual jean top and added pearls and heels to the look.

This is a shirt dress I have worn 5 different ways in the past. And the sleeveless denim shirt used to be long sleeve. However, it started to rip under my arms, so I removed the sleeves and had my mom sew down the hem.

Insider tip: Remember, most sleeves can be adjusted in many different ways.
Too short: Add material to them.
Wearing out: Cut them shorter or take them off completely.
Even jackets and coats can be made into vests this way (for example this vest was once a jacket).

The other item that I modified was the ankle strap on these sandals. These were one of the first pairs that I switched to velcro.
Blog about it here.
Video about it here.


Pants: Banana Republic~~Top: Goodwill find~~Shoes: Amelia Grace-DSW

I was going to wear a bright orange pair of pants, but it was too hot. SO I settle with the yellow linen.

The idea of a belt was too warm too, so I added a brooch at my waist instead.

This shirt was a mistake. I didn’t pick it out, but somehow it got in my bag when I got home from thrifting. We think someone decided not to get it at checkout, and then the cashier rang it up as part of my haul. But it’s cute and I will wear it.

This is my first pair of cognac sandals which I had ordered online from DSW. The part between the toe wasn’t super comfy at first, but I bent it a lot, and now it’s fine.


Skirt: Retro Vintage-preloved~~Top: Atra~~Shoes: Stuart Weitzman-Goodwill

I keep seeing the lemon print everywhere and realized I needed to pull out my lemon skirt. It’s a little funny because this color combination isn’t too different from Tuesdays.

I’ve used this skirt as part of my color recipe in the past, so I wanted to try a totally different color with it.

I also had to show my clothes who is boss. What I mean by that is the skirt has two ends that tie in front, and I didn’t want that in this look. SO I tucked them down the insides.
AND the top (as you can see in my frumpy post) is originally longer in the front. I used some fashion tape (found on Amazon) to make it shorter.

These shoes are one of my best finds at Goodwill many years ago. They are Stuart Weitzman shoes that I found for $7 (I didn’t know the brand until I got home, but they usually run over $250).


Tankini top: Bleu Rod Beattie-thrifted~~Bottoms: Limericki~~Rash Guard: Gap kids

We are off to water aerobics this morning and I wanted to give you a peek at some things.

First off this tankini top by Bleu Rod Beattie. I found it at Goodwill with the tags still on for $1. The brand is one that retails for over $60 so I consider it quite the find.

I paired it with rust bottoms and I’m holding my rash guard which I wear to protect me from the sun.

Here’s the thing: I think 2 piece swimwear is SO MUCH BETTER now. Both if you swim a lot or not, you have much more variety with mixing and matching. And it doesn’t have to be bikinis. You can do the same with tankinis.

PLUS, THE BIGGEST THING is the bathroom issue. Can I just tell you how much easier it is to go to the bathroom?
I never thought about these issues until we moved to AZ and I’ve become a pool girl. Yet now I don’t understand why you would want a one-piece!!

BTW, if you like rash guards, and are usually a size small adult, you can also find XL kids ones that are shorter. I hate it when there’s too much material floating around because it gets in the way.


Skirt: eShakti ~~Top: Banana Republic~~Sandals: Walking Cradles

I don’t know if you’ve tried the tiered skirts yet, but I’m loving them in the heat. This one is a recent find from eShakti (where through my link you can get $50 off your first purchase).

I wore it with a solid tee that I knotted with one of my clear elastics (found on Amazon). BTW, I wore this top backward and tucked it in my bra. (See it here worn the way it was advertised).

Insider tip: Remember we are the boss of our clothes, so you can adjust them, turn them inside out or backward to make them work for you!

The shoes are one of the new construction sandals from Walking Cradles. This style is called the “Natalia” and I chose the snakeskin print. Again, just like in our review post, I sized up a half size and they fit great.

Because it was a hot day, I only wore statement earrings (from Lobe Love) and a ring. Easy peasy.

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