Daily Looks: Week Ending 5.24.24

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I love how May is the start of summer for us. Warm (if not hot) weather and sandal season. I still like to vary my outfits even in the summer although I didn’t get around to wearing shorts this week.

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Dress: Your Revolving Closet~~Shoes: MPS

Dress season is here and this was a recent delivery in my Your Revolving Closet box. We were having friends over for dinner, so I thought the darker color would be better in case I spilled anything.

Since it’s a solid colored dress, there are so many ways I could accessorize it, but I decided to keep it simple but not really.

I started with the gold chain belt. And that middle part is actually a clip on earring (worn 5 different ways in this article).

Then I used the clips bought recently at Just Be Youtiful to decorate my straps.

Right now I put on these heels, but I might change to flats when I really start cooking.

I wanted color somewhere so I wore turquoise earrings to bring out the turquoise in my glasses.


Dress: French Connection-Your Revolving Closet~~Cardigan: preloved~~Sandals: Impo-DSW

Talk about the epitome of summer sundress. This white-tiered one is a joy to wear. The material is 100% cotton so it feels fabulous. It’s not one I’d probably buy, but it was perfect to rent.

You’d laugh at how much shorter it is on the model. This is one reason I only put midi and shorter dresses and skirts as ones I want to rent.

Because it was Pentecost, I added the short, red cardigan that was given to me years ago by a friend. I’m so glad I didn’t purge it when the longer cardigans were trending.

I also held the cardigan together with my Maggie’s magnets (found on Amazon and a wonderful way to hold things together without putting a hole in it).

My silky sandals and necklace brought in the red from the cardigan but also other colors. I have to admit that these sandals have been a fabulous buy. The comfort is incredible considering they look higher than they are. And the material is so soft and easy to wear. PLUS the colors go with so much in my closet.

Insider detail: The sandals come in other prints too if you prefer a white print, polka dot or floral. There’s also a black floral or spicy print with a slightly different heel.


Pants: Aventura c/o ~~Top: Crescent-Your Revolving Closet~~Sneakers: DIY by friend

I was excited to mix and match with this pair of Aventura linen pants from the original outfit that I posted about.

You’ll also notice that the pants did shrink a bit from their original length, but they still aren’t as cropped as on the model.
They are SO comfortable though and I love how they will go with so much in my closet.

For our dog training today, I went matchy matchy with this light yellow blouse where I used a scarf clip to tie the front ends. Another way I made this shirt more Jodified is to add button covers. These button covers I’ve had since the 80’s but I know Just Be Youtiful has some for a great deal if you reach out to her on her FB page.

I wore these DIYed sneakers that my friend painted for me years ago.


Skirt: Tobi ~~Top: no label at The Painted Tree~~Sandals: Nisolo “Go-To Flatforms

I wanted to wear this top today but struggled to find a skirt that looked good with it. I felt like Goldilocks. One was too long so the proportions were half and half. One was too wide, so the peplum and wide skirt looked off. And then this mini skirt seemed perfect since it has a ruffle hemline to mimic the peplum of the top.

I’ve used this skirt as an example of ways to wear a skirt when you feel l like it’s too short.

But today, with the flowy top, it seemed fine. Now if I had worn a tight cropped top, then it would be too “young” for me.

The shoes also give is a more modest feel. They are almost “ugly” and somewhat edgy. So the shorter skirt doesn’t seem as sexy, right?

I reviewed these shoes in my email last week and compared them to a similar pair from Ros that I wore here. (BTW, I can send you a link to the review email if you want. Just email me and ask at Jtouchofstyle@gmail.com).

I also wore my flower straw earrings that you all told me to buy from an email survey a month ago. This is the Rose Red color and I think for $7, they are an incredible deal. They come in a multitude of colors and are lightweight even though they are large.

BTW, this “J” necklace (seen better in the title photo) is from my friend, Kerry, who sells them on her site for a steal. With my code, Jodie20, they are under $30, and you’re supporting a small business.


Skirt: Banned Retro-preloved~~T-Shirt: Crazy Dog T-shirts~~Sandals: Old Navy

I have Physical Therapy today so wanted to change as little as possible. Therefore, I wore my t-shirt with a skirt so I only have to change out my skirt and shoes when I go.

You guys HAVE to check out the t-shirts from this brand. They crack me up (mine says: “World’s Okayest Wife”).

While the grey color isn’t great with my complexion, I added gold earrings and a yellow necklace to counteract it.

This skirt has been used in my color recipe in the past. I wore a darker grey T-shirt with it as one of the examples, but I like this lighter grey one even better.
Did you notice the scarf clip to hold the ties of the skirt together?

I wasn’t in the mood to match my shoes, so I chose these peach-colored sandals. I think they worked swimmingly because they are almost skin-colored and are light enough to blend.


Leggings: Standing Tree-preloved~~Cami: Express-Your Revolving Closet~~Sneakers: Vintage Havana-Macys

My mom bought these leggings while thrifted for $2. They were new with tags still on and she thought they were normal capris. Until she got home and tried them on and realized they were workout leggings.

That’s why she gave them to me. And we are off to Tai Chi this morning, so I thought they would be perfect with this silky cami.

With the cami I used a scarf clip to shorten it and because the material is silky and wants to move around, I placed an elastic over the clip.

After Tai Chi, we had a couple of errands to run, so I also brought along my longer chambray shirt to wear as a jacket.

And my blingy white sneakers are my footwear of choice.


Skirt: Just Black DIYed into skirt~~Top: HYFVE-Your Revolving Closet~~Sandals: Lamo

For all of the work to DIY this skirt from a pair of jeans, I wanted to make sure it got worn bunches this summer.

I wore it with this mustard eyelet blouse from Your Revolving Closet box.

Since we were running errands, I grabbed this comfy pair of sandals I wore with my striped pants last month. They are comfy because they have arch support, a padded insole and it’s nice to have cloth around your feet in the hot weather instead of leather.
For me, because they flip flop, I wouldn’t wear them for a long day of walking, but basically they are like slippers (and budget oriented).

The necklace is shortened on itself. I shared this hack on IG, and it works with all of your long necklaces.

The necklace has beads on it, so I wore beaded earrings and a handmade beaded bracelet that was a gift from my friend, Judy.

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