Daily Looks: Week Ending 5.26.23

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Even though the calendar doesn’t say summer yet, our weather is ready for all of my summer items. You can see how skirts and dresses are truly my go-to for the hotter temperatures, except for the day we went to the chiropractor.

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Dress: Banana Republic~~Sandals: “Frida” c/o~~Glasses: Glasses Shop use code Jodie35

Hot weather calls for easy peasy dresses. I found this dress at the Banana Republic back in December for only $6. I took it to Puerto Rico with us and wore it one evening for dinner with different shoes.

This time I decided to try my cognac sandals with it. These are the “Frida” sandals from Jambu that I reviewed earlier this spring.

Insider discount: Jambu is extending my discount until May 31, 2023. Use code Jtouch20 for 20% off.

I added statement earrings in gold and a statement bracelet (found at Target here) in orange/gold.

My bold blue glasses finished the look, and I even pulled my hair extensions back into a ponytail.

Insider discount: I get most of my online glasses from Glasses Shop because of the discount they give me, it’s so affordable. Use code Jodie35 to save 35%.


Dress: Moon-preloved~~Sandals: Steve Madden

We were going to a production of Legally Blonde, so I had to wear pink, right? I even had my hot pink blazer with me for the AC (and yes, I needed it).

I’ve worn this dress 5 years ago with black ankle booties and a moto jacket for fall in Denver. It’s one of those form fitting dresses, but I like how the print distracts from it looking too tight.

I wanted to include some print mixing so I wore my polka dot sandals.

The black and white earrings bookmark the colors of the sandals and I’m wearing one of the large, flashy rings from my friend’s Etsy site called SGSparkle.


Dress: No label-Savers~~Sneakers: Adidas-Goodwill

I found this dress at Savers and it reminds me of the housedresses my grandma used to wear. I’m not sure I’d wear it out and about, but I knew I just needed something light and airy before Pilates.

I’ve added Glamour Maggie’s magnets around the neckline to keep my bra from showing, but they are hidden with the print of the dress. Even in the close-up photo at the top of the post, you just can’t see them. But you can see the cute whimsical print of the dress.

Insider discount: I still have a discount code until the end of the month for any of Maggie’s magnets on Amazon. Just use code 15Jodiestyle.

I wore my Adidas sneakers to keep the look fresh and added pearls and a fedora for a bit of interest.

The fedora is from Just Be Youtiful where she always has a great selection of hats.


I was attending/participating in a fashion show put on by my favorite local boutique, Just Be Youtiful, so I wore one of the versatile skirts from her store and had to bring a jacket in case it was chilly inside.

You saw this skirt as my skirt for traveling when we went to Puerto Rico. I took it since it can be made into a dress (pull up the waistband over the girls), plus it can transform into a top if you wear a flowy skirt over it when it’s up around your chest. (Does that make sense?)

I paired it with a bright color tank top. Most of my bras don’t have straps that are this exact shape, so I ended up wearing my body tape. What do you think?? I thought it worked well.
BTW, I used the thicker tape, Naked Rebellion, because I’m waiting for my other brand to come in the mail. More about the tape in this article.

The sandals are a recent purchase from Bealls and they are comfy for a long time standing.


Shorts: Kancan jeans~~Top: Zara-thrifted~~Shoes: Pashion-won in a giveaway

One of my readers was commenting on Bermuda shorts when I shared my article about tunics this week. It made me think to pull mine out for our chiropractor appointment for this day.

One hard thing with longer shorts like the Bermudas is you can end up with a half-and-half proportion with the top vs shorts. And while I don’t always concentrate on proportion, it’s something to have in the back of your head.
That’s why tunics can be wonderful with these shorts because tunics would be 2/3 of the proportions.

However, I wanted to try something different and wear a flowy, somewhat shorter top with the fitted Bermuda shorts.

Insider tip: With a shirt like this, I grabbed my Gatherall strapless/backless bra. This is my second one and I LOVE it.

Since the top has the orange tie attached, I added orange sandals and an orange beret.
These are the sandals I won last year in a giveaway which transform from heels to flats. It’s a cool concept but I wouldn’t recommend them…yet. It’s still a pain that you have to carry the heel. I think it would be better if the heel could fold up into the sole or something.


Skirt: Faded Glory-Goodwill~~Top: Naomi & Ruth~~Sandals: Old Navy

I was inspired by Sally’s print mixing earlier this week on her site, so I challenged myself to put something similar together.

The skirt is one of my $2 skirts from Goodwill recently. I love these a-line knit skirts because they are so comfy and cool.
I decided to pair it with a top that has basically the same color scheme, so I grabbed this OFS top.

Insider tip: Tops like this can be transformed into a skirt as seen in this video.

Again, just like in Wednesday’s look, I’m wearing my Gatherall bra because it’s a tad easier to put on than my body tape.
More about the Gatherall bra here and the body tape here.

This would be an outfit that I bet most women would wear neutral shoes, but I decided I needed even more color. I bookended the look with peach colored sandals and orange earrings.

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