Daily Looks: Week Ending 5.27.22

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You see a lot more bright colors this week. I was trying to analyze the subdued shades from last week, and I bet it has to do with the fact that our kitty, wasn’t doing well. It’s amazing how our emotions and overall happiness affects our clothing choices.


Pants: Willow & ~~Top: Zara-thrifted~~Sandals: Target

I’ve had these pants for years, and they are perfect for the Arizona summers since they are linen and cotton and loose.

The pants had to be shortened about 8 inches and my thought was if I didn’t like the ruffle border in the future, I could always take it off and make them capris.

Instead of matching the navy or white with them, I added bright pink for the top and sandals.

And then a totally different color with the accessories (and glasses). Turquoise. It goes with everything, right?


Skirt: Old Navy-thrifted~~Top: Daniel Rainn-thrifted~~Sandals: Empty Provisions

I recently was sent these sandals to try out. They were the inspiration for the outfit today.

The sandals are a small, made in the USA brand called Empty Provisions. The shoes are made with vegetable leather and are supposed to soften as you wear them.
They are flatter than I am used to, so I added my Sole Insoles to them.

I wanted to wear this scarf-like top that I recently thrifted. Since it has crochet at the top, I did wear my strapless, backless bra (Gatherall). BTW, code Gather10 gives you 10% off.

But the top showed a tad more cleavage than I prefer so I just used a rhinestone pin to pin it closed. (See a close up in the photo at the top of the post)


Dress: Route 66-Horizon thrift~~Top under: Halftee ~~Shoes: Betsey Johnson

I hadn’t worn this dress yet that I found thrifting, and I decided to layer my favorite Halftee under it.

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While I need to have my mom shorten the dress (it’s a knit so her serger works better), in the meantime, I pulled up a portion of it and attached it to the waistband with a brooch.
Did you recognize that the shape of this brooch is the outline of Arizona??

Then I went color crazy with my Betsey Johnson sandals and multicolored earrings.


Pants: Be Present~~Top: Cabi-thrifted~~Shoes: Marc Fisher

You haven’t seen these pants on me before because they are yoga pants!! But I haven’t been wearing them to work out lately, so I figured I’d take my own advice and stop categorizing them.

They are lightweight, colorful, wide-leg cropped pants in all reality, so that’s how I wore them today.

The top is one recently thrifted, and it was too long for the proportions of the outfit. SO I added a belt under the bust and pulled the material up to create a peplum.

Insider tip: I’ve done this trick with a sweater in this post. It works great with print items especially because you don’t see the line when the fabrics overlap.


Pants: Banana Republic~~Blazer: Banana Republic Factory~~Sandals: Jessica Simpson

So I didn’t realize that I was basically putting together the same color combination as on Saturday.

But I just bought this blazer (and matching pants) at Banana Factory Outlet and only paid $1.04 for both of them because of my rewards!! I’ve been noticing the longer jackets and the best part is I was able to get petite so the sleeves don’t need shortening.

Why am I wearing a work look? Well, mom has her annual doctor’s visit today, and I always think it’s respectful to dress professionally when you go to a professional office.
While I don’t need the blazer at home, it may be cool in the doctor’s office!!

Of course, I had to add in a touch of style with 3 strands of pearls!!


Skirt: Target~~Top: Banana Republic Factory~~Shoes: Blowfish Malibu

Well, it’s a little funny because this outfit resembles Tuesday’s colors. But at least I wore another skirt in for the week. You might think I only have orange skirts, LOL!

The new OFS shirt was a steal from Banana Republic Factory with my rewards. It’s all possible because of my Gatherall bra. I wasn’t sure this bra would work well with something fitted, but it did.

Because we had water aerobics this morning, I washed my hair after, and I’m trying to let it dry naturally. That’s where the headscarf came in. I’m trying to straighten it without a heated straightener.

This scarf is one I just won in a giveaway from VNV. It’s a large scarf that I can (and will) wear in many, many ways.


Dress: Boston Proper-preloved~~Shoes: Naot

We were off to the art museum today, so I always like to wear something I consider artsy. This dress was given to me by a friend and besides shortening it, I also tacked together the front panels so it wouldn’t be so revealing.

I’ve worn it before on the blog as you can see here.

Maxi dresses are one of those pieces that really can stand out and create a statement. Obviously, I love them since I just wore one on Monday, haha.

I will take my cropped, light denim jacket with me inside the museum, but otherwise, it was an easy outfit to put together.

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