Daily Looks: Week Ending 5.31.24

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Whew…the heat is on. If you live in Arizona, that’s what everyone talks about when you see them on the streets. But everyone agrees that it’s not too bad until it hits 110 degrees. In fact, I prefer our evening walks over our morning walks, because the sun is down and it just seems cooler even though the temperatures are higher.

So here’s how I keep cool and still look stylish.

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Dress: By the River-Your Revolving Closet~~Sandals: Unisa

The perfect dress for Sunday church and the hot weather we are having.

I had many options of sandals to wear with it, but I wanted something a tad different. Yes, there is yellow in the print, but you don’t notice it as much as the pink and peach colors.

Then I even decorated the ruffle in the front with a pearl clip-on earring. It’s hard to see in this photo, but maybe more obvious in the title photo.
As an aside, I moved the clip-on earring to the strap area and added the matching one on the other strap. I did this because having it in the middle made it heavy and pulled the material down where I felt too exposed when I leaned over.

There’s a bit of mint green in the print of the dress, so I took that cue for my earrings, bracelets, and ring.


Shorts: Old Navy~~Top: no label~~Sandals: Ros Cabana” c/o

This outfit was put together because we thought we had dog training today. We knew it was Memorial Day, but hadn’t heard that it wasn’t going to be held, until about 2 hours before the time.

This top is one I routinely wear for American holidays. Originally the arm holes were too big and in the past I wore a Halftee under it.
I finally got around to altering the straps, but they turned out wonky. Instead of throwing it out, I just covered the top seam with bows (they are only attached with safety pins so that I can remove them if I want to layer over the tank top).

I bought these longer linen shorts last year from Old Navy. They have a similar style available this year too.

When I went to put on these sandals, it was like an instant “aha” because the straps are so comfy with their puffy material.

I accessorized with a multicolored belt, headscarf, and bracelet and repeated stars with my earrings and necklace.


Short Set–Chinese company c/o~~Boots: DSW

I was complaining to Rob that I couldn’t wear my new red boots for 6 months, and he said that the woman he knows and loves could figure out a way. So I’m trying them with a short set that I consider VERY short to cover up some leg.

The other point is I have a facial today and Hand & Stone is very air-conditioned, so it won’t be that bad.

The short set is from a Chinese clothing company that sent us some clothes, but the quality of all of them wasn’t great so we didn’t collaborate. This set was one of the better items and I’ve worn the vest before.

However, the shorts are shorter than my usual. But I decided that I work hard to keep my body fit, and there’s no reason I couldn’t put together a modest look.
I feel a little like a Charlie’s Angel or something.

These are the boots that I recently scored at DSW for only $12 and I shared them in an email.

Then I wore a straw hat recently given to me by a friend and tied a scarf around it (which hangs down my back as seen in today’s email).

My shoulder-scraping earrings were made by my fabulous friend, Judy and I have a couple of pair of them that I love dearly.


Dress: French Connection-Your Revolving Closet~~Vest: Forever 21-thrifted~~Booties: Betsey Johnson

I took a cue from yesterday’s look in that this dress seemed shorter than my usual. That’s why I wore a pair of booties with it instead of sandals. It’s one reason that I love having all of my footwear in one place instead of having to put the boots away for the summer.

I have an influencer meet-up for lunch and the fun dress and booties are perfect for the occasion.

The only reason I added the navy vest (a piece I’ve had for over 8 years as seen worn here), is because I’m taking Mom to a dental appointment consult so I wanted a bit of professionalism in the look.

Another item I wore that you don’t see is a pair of lacy undershorts to feel more covered. Basically, it’s like I turned a dress into a skort.

I added a fabulous brooch that my friend, Marl sent me along with my favorite summer earrings (only $7 on Amazon that come in a ton of different colors).


Dress: Gilli-Your Revolving Closet~~Cardigan: Back to Bali-Amazon~~Sandals: Marc Fisher-won in giveaway

We are off to celebrate Lesley’s birthday so I had to put on a fun frock.

This lime green dress is lightweight and fabulous for our hot weather. Since we are going to a restaurant for dinner, I added this open-weave cardigan that is budget-oriented and comes in a bunch of different colors. I have seen ones like this at boutiques that cost much more.

I took the front panels of the cardigan and used my scarf clip to hold them together. If you don’t have these scarf clips yet, you need to get them.

I wore these fun sandals and a colorful necklace and earrings and called it good.


Skirt: Old Navy~~Top: Express -Your Revolving Closet~~Sandals: Naot-won in giveaway

I was going to wear pants today, but this skirt just showed up, so I wanted to wear it immediately. It’s one of those fabulous skirts that I can hike up and wear as a dress.

Turquoise and lilac. Now there’s a color combination I haven’t worn much in the past. But I really like it.

The longer skirt pairs better with a shorter top, and I could have hidden the ties if I wanted to.

You’ve seen this necklace turned around backward when my mom styled me from my closet.

I wore pink sandals and a pink headband with the outfit.

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