Daily Looks: Week Ending 5.5.23

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Another fabulous week of wonderful weather means another fabulous week of outfits. This week was still very temperate, so I wore more pants than dresses. During the middle of the summer, there will be a majority of dresses and skirts because they are cooler, no question.

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Shorts: I cut off a pair of thrifted jeans~~Lace blue top: Just Be Youtiful~~Sneakers: Walking Cradles “Orleans

I wanted to rewear this pink top from last week’s Thursday outfit because I had only worn it half a day, and didn’t want to wash it before it was really dirty. Am I the only one that does that?

So I paired it with my cut-off shorts (that you’ve seen here).

Insider tip: The EASIEST way to find shorts the lenght you want them is to have a pair of pants cut off to that length. For jeans, it’s easy to do yourself. Otherwise, it’s a well worth alteration.

Then I added a third layer with this lace button-up worn as a kimono/jacket that I bought from Just Be Youtiful last year.

The tie-dye sneakers are my go-to for comfy sneakers from Walking Cradles, which is now being sold on the Ros Hommerson site. The tie-dye print isn’t available anymore, but there are a ton of different prints and colors, and the comfort is still the same.

For my belt, I’m wearing a self-belt from a dress.

Insider tip: These self-belts can be worn in more ways than just one. Hang them with your belts to remind you to wear them.


Since I changed for the evening, I decided to showcase both photos.
The day outfit was for running around Sedona being a tourist. I needed comfy sandals, so I wore my newest Jambu “Frida” sandals that have great support and cushion. Then I wore a casual dress and included my chambray shirt for the times it was cooler (in the restaurant and in the morning).

For the evening, we had reservations at a fancy place where we sat out next to Oak Springs Creek. If you read my email, then you know I messed up in my packing with this dress, but you can see how my fix seemed to work just fine.
I found this kimono while shopping this day, and figured it was perfect with the dress (or do I look like Big Bird?). The colorful sandals were a giveaway win last summer, and even though they aren’t comfy for a day of walking, they are great for dinner.
Earrings from Lil Shop of Ours and necklace from Maison de Camille (use code Jodie20)


Pants: Sonoma-Goodwill ~~Sweatshirt: Saved by Grace c/o ~~Sneakers: Medical Scrubs Collection

We decided to take an easy hike in the red rocks of Sedona. The trail was suggested to me by a friend who hikes there often.

I wore these cargo pants that I had just picked up at Goodwill. And I started the morning with this sweatshirt which I’ve worn with a sequin dress in the past.
Granted, once we really started hiking, it came off.

The bucket hat was also a recent find at Goodwill, and I chose it instead of a straw hat in case it was windy.

These sneakers were a PR product from Medical Scrubs Collection. They also have a fantastic selection of plus-size scrubs, maternity scrubs, and Dickies scrubs.
I always like sneakers better for this kind of hiking instead of sandals because of the dirt and bugs.


Jeans: Mott & Bow “Mercer“~~Top: Banana Republic Factory~~Mules: Rag and Co-DSW

It’s a cooler day and since we are going to the movies, I could wear my white jeans again. In the midst of the summer heat, thicker white jeans are relegated to the back of the closet.

I’m also trying to wear my mules and flats before it gets too hot. We have a good 6 months of sandal weather here, but I’m putting it off as long as possible. And I love how the green pops with the otherwise neutral look.

With this off-the-shoulder top, I’m wearing my body tape for breasts that I just discussed. I’m able to wear it my favorite way by using a strip vertically to pull up the girls. I consider it a fabulous option and it holds up the girls very nicely, don’t you think?

Since I was wearing green shoes, I copied that green in my earrings and bracelet.
The earrings are from these sisters, Lil Shop of Ours, who hand make them (I opted for 2 stars, but you could have 1 star or 3 stars and pick the color you want).

I also found these colorful bracelets at Target for a great price. On the other arm are the inspirational bracelets from Rizen Jewelry that I talked about in my email. You can get $10 off with the code JODIE10.


Pants: Banana Republic ~~Sweater: from Just Be Youtiful~~Sandals: B.O.C.-Bealls

I was influenced to get these yellow linen pants 2 years ago after seeing my friend, Bettye, have a pair. Actually, the only reason I wore them today is because my first two outfit choices weren’t working, haha. That happens even to me.

I ended up with this cropped black top and pulled out this fabulous cardigan that I snagged at Just Be Youtiful. I used this up-close shot in the first photo of this post to show you the texture. As a knitter, it just tickles my fancy.

I found these brown clog sandals at Bealls when we had to try to fix my packing mistake of last weekend. If you get my email, you heard all about it.

Then I tried to lighten up the look with my accessories. And wearing pearls is always in style, right?


Pants: Worthington-Goodwill~~Top: Covington-thrifted~~Mules: Walking Cradles

I was inspired by this color combination by my friend, Marl, who was saying that she likes lime green with bright pink. And I was shocked I hadn’t included that pairing in the article Colors that Go with Lime Green.

So here it is. With my bright pink pants that I wore this winter (before I altered them) worn with my lime green top from 8 years ago.

I wore my colorful striped mules (because this is mule season: cool enough for coverage of toes yet warm enough for baring of heels) from Walking Cradles.

I bought these mules when I went out to visit the company which I wrote about here. If you get my emails, then you know the company is going out of business, but luckily the designer and equipment are working with another company called Ros so you will still be able to find the amazing comfort and sizing we have grown to love.

I accessorized with a gold necklace, gold bracelet, and gold hoop earrings. And the cherry on top is the Vera Bradley scarf in my hair. I was actually able to pull my hair back in a ponytail!! And I threaded the scarf through the elastic to hold it in place.


Skirt: Gap mini one made midi by me~~Top: Bebe-Goodwill~~Blazer: Boohoo ~~Mules: J.Jill c/o

So here is the midi skirt that I converted from this denim mini skirt and asked for your suggestions for trim. The lace trim was easy to put on, but I still think I’d like to create a denim trim instead. I just knew that I’ll need more time for that idea.

I wore my halter-style silk top (thrifted from Goodwill) with the Risque body tape. I’ve worn this top a couple of summers ago before I discovered comfortable strapless options. In fact, I talked about the bandeau bra I was wearing in that article, and I have since thrown that one out because it would migrate to my belly button by the end of the day.

This blazer is ages old. I bought it when we lived in Denver, and almost gave it away because it was so lightweight that I thought I’d never wear it. Well, lo and behold, it’s perfect for our AZ weather.

The other funny story is about white jackets. I wouldn’t wear them for the longest time because in dental school, we had to wear those awful white lab coats, and for the longest time, that’s all I could think about when I saw white jackets.

BTW, I just ADORE this bracelet. It’s one of the 3-pack I just recently bought from the Target Spring Designer collection. Considering, I got three bracelets for $25, I thought it was a good deal.

And I tried to wear the beret so no bangs showed as one of my friends suggested, but I just wasn’t loving it. Maybe that’s the French way, but I can create a “Jodie” way, right?

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