Daily Looks: Week Ending 5.6.22

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It’s hot! But truthfully, I don’t mind the heat. Especially when I’m finally figuring out what to wear in the heat. Usually, I’m wearing dresses, but I added in some variety this week.


Dress: thrifted from thredUp~~Jacket: Forever 21-preloved~~Shoes: Naot

Today, my friend, Cathie, and I were off to the Women’s Expo, that’s why I have the belt bag on and comfy walking shoes.

Spookie was clingy all morning, so you get her too!

This is the dress you saw in the virtual birthday party outfits this week, and it’s funny how I tend to combine it with yellow. I have to remind myself to try a different color combination with it next time.

For the Naot shoes, I have 2 pairs from this brand. Their insoles are made of natural cork and latex with good arch support. My only complaint is the insoles don’t have any cushion (like I’m used to with Walking Cradles).

I’m also sporting a hair accessory. This is one of my original Lilla Rose headbands (see that post here) that are comfy for all-day because 1-they go around my entire head and 2-is adjustable.


Dress: Charming Charlie~~Jacket: thrifted from Horizon~~Shoes: Franco Sarto

We were off to brunch with friends, so I channeled my inner fashionista for a weekend brunch look.

The dress has been worn many times before (with a kimono here) and it has spaghetti straps. So for the cooler morning, I added a cropped jacket.

In case we sit outside, I wanted a hat and I’m still loving this rancher hat (from Amazon). In fact, I may get it in blue too.

And the sandals are a platform version. I had to add moleskin (found on Amazon) on the inside where the two leather pieces crossed, but since then they have been so comfy.


Dress: Jordan Taylor ~~Sandals: Walking Cradles “Nella”

This was my second outfit of the day. The first one was a workout look, and the final one was a dressier look because we went to a play.

I needed something after my shower that was easy to wear until I got changed, so I grabbed this terry dress that I recently showcased on Instagram. It basically reminds me of the housedresses my grandma used to wear around the house.

But I thought it was perfect for hanging out, and nice enough in case a neighbor dropped by.

The shoes are my new favorites from Walking Cradles because they are easy AND comfy.

I added a brooch in the “v” of the dress for a little more coverage and wore these new “Queen” earrings found this weekend at the AZ Women’s Expo.

Notice my supervisor laying down on the job in the background, haha.


Shorts: Target~~Top: Zara~~Shoes: Walking Cradles

Today was one of those days, I wasn’t so inspired. We all have those days, so my answer was a pair of baggy shorts.

But I wanted to add a color top to the look that wasn’t in the shorts, so I went with this cropped shirt. Sure, my midriff almost matches the shorts, but I’m okay with that.

This pair of sandals is a pair from many seasons ago through Walking Cradles. This summer they have a lower heel version called the “Cam” and they are truly like wearing slippers.

I layered 2 different stranded necklaces to fill the expanse of fabric on the top. And yet I still felt frumpy.
THE ANSWER?? Add a hat. Seriously, this rancher hat has been my best purchase this year.


Pants: Dawn Ebony Martin~~Top: Banana Republic-thrifted~~Shoes: Secra

We are off to the Phoenix Art Museum again today, so I needed something artsy PLUS good walking shoes.

These “pants” are the lightest things ever, and also transform into a jumpsuit (among other things the designer said). I found them at the Farmer’s Market and while they were more expensive than my norm, I believe in supporting local designers.

The Secra sandals are a brand that has arch support in them, and even though I don’t wear a lot of black, they don’t seem as dark since the strap is thin.

And this hat has become a favorite. It was my mother’s but I stole it from her!!


Shirt: Caribbean Joe-Bealls~~Shorts: The Broadmoor

Here’s proof that we are going to water aerobics. I’m wearing a swim shirt over my swimsuit. I never thought about these until one of my friends (thanks Susan) talked about them.
Yet they are perfect for keeping the sun off of me during these classes.

Did you know that May is Melanoma month? My best friend, Bethany, died of the disease, and since then I’ve become much more aware of my sun exposure. Especially since I am so pale.

I’ve also been exploring more natural sunscreen options. I published one article on these last year, and now I am trying even moreof them that I may share soon.

Insider tip: 2-piece swimwear is MUCH easier for bathroom breaks.

The joke about the shorts is Rob picked them up when we were visiting the Broadmoor many years ago. I told him to try them on, but no he didn’t want to. And when we got home they were too small for him, so now they are mine!


Romper: Jordan Taylor~~Belt: Zuri sculps~~Shoes: Micheal-thrifted

I just recently wore this romper to help promote the company, Jordan Taylor. And I wanted to add some sass to it. Lo and behold, I remembered this “belt” (I’m not sure what to call it) from Zuri Sculps.

Here is the romper by itself and here is how I wore the belt the first time.

For my strapless bra, I decided to go back to the first variety that I loved last summer (It’s #8 from my article). Truthfully, after finding Gatherall (#12 in the post), nothing compares. Other brands just don’t stick as well and feel as secure.

The shoes are sandals I bought from my friend when she said she didn’t know what to wear them with. And to me?? I think they go with everything.

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