Daily Looks: Week Ending 6.10.22

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The calendar may not say it’s summer yet, but our weather is acting like it!! Not that I’m complaining, I just love the heat.


Pants: Izod-thrifted~~Top: Zara~~Sandals: Unisa

I wasn’t sure about these red pants. Do you call them capris? Or I just saw a pair called skimmers? They were thrifted for $1 and since they fit so well, I decided to get them. Heck, I could always cut them off for shorts.

My answer to making things look less frumpy lately is to show some midriff. I know that’s not everyone’s preference, but I’m tired of being ashamed of my belly.

The other thing I still love are heels and instead of playing it safe with neutrals, I just kept the bright colors coming.

Go big or go home, right??


Shorts: Old Navy-thrifted~~Top: Cabi-preloved~~Sandals: Walking Cradles “Phoebe”

After our crazy, hot workout this morning, I threw on some shorts to hang out around the house. Needless to say, my supervisor wanted to be part of the action.

Since you can’t see the top very well with Spookie in the picture, I have worn it before and styled it 5 different ways. Plus I even included showing how these types of peplum tops can camouflage a tummy.

I had a comment from another reader who wears shorts or skorts as an older woman and I appreciate hearing that other women haven’t given in to the thought that they are only for the young girls. It’s no different than how they used to say you shouldn’t have long, grey hair.

Anyways, the sandals are another version of some new styles from Walking Cradles which I will be reviewing next week. These are called the “Phoebe” and are very Birk-like. Yet I think they are a tad more stylish.

I included a close-up at the top of this post to show you these whimsical earrings from Chicos. I swear they have the best accessories every season!


Skirt: INC-Goodwill~~Top: Old Navy~~ Shoes: Jessica Simpson

The skirt was $1 from our recent thrifting expedition. Since this week is hitting 100 degrees every day, I need pieces like this.

I’ve had the one-shoulder top for ages and wanted to use a bra hack that I saw recently on TikTok. Basically, you take a bra where the straps can come off, and cross the naked shoulder side over to the covered side (after lengthening it).
I have to admit, it seems to work wonderfully at first. But after about 4 hours, I had to take it off. Normal bras are just too constricting for me for some reason.

Notice the brooch on my waistband? I love this trick instead of a belt and as a way to add sparkle to the look without being hot like a necklace or bracelet.

Orange or yellow sandals would have been too traditional for me, so I wore this pair of animal print/plaid ones.


Dress: MHT from Fashom~~Shoes: Dexflex-thrifted

A hot day calls for a simple dress. I love the idea of a print dress for a couple of reasons. You really don’t notice the sweat and then you really don’t need many accessories. (Not that I don’t like accessories, but for those of you who don’t).

This dress is from one of my online clothing boxes from Fashom. I haven’t used them in a while, but I still LOVE them. (In fact, I just heard of a petite style box that has been introduced, but I haven’t tried it yet).

Anyways, having someone send you some clothes and you try them on and send back what you don’t want is super cool. EVEN if you like shopping.
Of course, I wrote about comparing 3 of these services here.

And if you want to try out Fashom, use my link to get $20 off.

Back to the outfit, I usually wear solid-colored footwear with this dress, but I wanted to experiment with a print. These peep toe shoes I’ve had for years.

And the strappy straps are possible because of my Gatherall bra.


Pants: Ann Taylor~~Top: from Naomi & Ruth ~~Shoes: Modzori

Somedays there is a method to my madness, and today I have a pedicure appointment, so it’s easier NOT to wear a dress or skirt.

I’ve had these cropped pants since my working days, I used to wear them to work in the summers.
So today I added a fun top. (Yes, my Gatherall bra made it possible). I like how the top has elastic at the bottom, so I don’t have to tuck it in, but it stays at the waistline.

These shoes are the Modzori sandals that I wore on Sunday in this post. They may look different because they are reversible. I love the concept of the reversible straps this way.
They are definitely different than my usual “cute” sandals, but I thought they worked with the cropped pants to carry on the color, and then the hat too which gives a masculine vibe.

Yes, the hat is Rob’s!! And these fabulous shoulder scraping earrings were made by my friend, Judy.


Skirt: from Just Be Youtiful~~Top: no label~~Shoes: Walking Cradles

Yep, it’s a big skirt. One that I just picked up at a new local boutique that I visited called Just Be Youtiful. Isn’t that the best name?? She doesn’t have a website or doesn’t sell online, but definitely head over and like her FB page and see all the fun things.
What I really like is how everything is inexpensive (this skirt was less than $50) and she has many local products in her store.

I can certainly pair this skirt with so much in my closet, but for today, I went with a camisole. Rarely do I wear a cami by itself, but this outfit won’t be on all day. We have blog photos later and earlier we had water aerobics.

The Walking Cradles sandals are from 2 years ago so they aren’t available now, but I love them as a neutral option.


Dress: Banana Republic~~Top: from Just Be Youtiful~~Shoes: Chicos

The other piece I picked up at the local boutique I talked about yesterday is this cute t-shirt. (Make sure to go and like her FB page and tell her I sent you!!)

The blue skirt is actually a ribbed dress with spaghetti straps, and this is one way to wear a normal bra with those kinds of dresses.

Related post: Here are other ways to style thin strap items creatively

In order to “do something” with the tee, I used a clear elastic band (you can find them linked on my Tools of the Trade page) in the back and tucked the resulting tail under.

Then the fun sandals!! Did you know that Chicos sells shoes now?? They don’t have the arch support I need, so I added my Sole Insoles (also linked on the Tools of the Trade page).

I carried the green from the shoes into my earrings and necklace.

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