Daily Looks: Week Ending 6.14.24

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Can you believe I wore the same top twice this week? Well, why not, right? Rewearing our items is a good thing. Especially a top that is as cute as this one.

There are a couple of brands having sales this week that I discuss in my captions. If you are looking to explore new companies, I hope you check them out.

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Pants: Banana Republic~~Top: Endless Rose- Your Revolving Closet~~Sandals: Liz Claiborne-Goodwill

I pulled these yellow linen pants back out from last week and paired them with this statement-sleeve top.

The top is colorful, it’s fun and I just love the shape of the sleeves. Not that I would have ever worn it when I was in my “professional” phase of life. It would have been too girly for me.

But we evolve, right? Or at least we should, otherwise we become the buggy whip.

It’s the reason we ought to at least try the new silhouette with the wider pants on the bottom and more fitted tops. It’s hard to change what we know and love, but it’s the way we stay current.

The green sandals were thrifted, and then I wore multicolored earrings (from Amazon here) and a bracelet.


Skirt: I DIYed from a dress~~Top: Express-Your Revolving Closet~~Sandals: Via Spia-thrifted

This skirt used to be a dress that I loved over 15 years ago. It was a cami-type top and I wore a top over it back in 2016. You can see how much shorter it was as a dress.

I decided to cut off the top and make it into a skirt, and I’ve been wearing it since.

In my last Your Revolving Closet box, there were 2 lime green tops. This one and the one I wore last Friday (that I even purchased because I loved it so much).

This one doesn’t fit as well and isn’t as comfy, but it does look cute with the skirt.

I paired my rose gold sandals, colorful earrings, and bracelets with the outfit.

My faux ponytail got pulled out of the cabinet. I love having it clip onto my scrawny ponytail.


Shorts: Staccato~~Top: Le Lis-Your Revolving Closet~~Sandals: Franco Sarto-Goodwill

Today not only was dog training but massages too. So shorts and a hat were part of the equation for a good reason.

This shirt has some whimsical embroidery on the front panels, you can’t see them well in this photo. But check it out here. In my email today, I showed how I “altered” it from the back. You can find these great clips at Just Be Youtiful (reach out to her on FB and use code Jtouch15) or on Amazon.

I wore a tube top under the shirt (it boggles my mind to think at my age that I’m wearing these again but why not?).

The sandals and earrings are both bright pink for a pop of color.


Dress: Able c/o~~Sandals: Jessica Simpson-DSW

This new company reached out to me to try an item of clothing. They are called Able and they have an interesting backstory. Their office is in Nashville, and the company staff is 96% women. I love how they are eco-conscious and women-focused.

When I looked over their site, my only concern was that their prices were more than my usual budget. So they allowed me to choose something from their sale tab and right now they are even having 30% off sale items with the code EMPOWERHER.

I was super impressed with this dress. It’s V.E.R.Y. lightweight which I need here in the summer, and even though it’s called a mini, you can see it is knee length on my 5’2″ body.

I have my pink print jacket (recently found at Goodwill for $2) in my hand because we will be at the doctor’s today where the AC is cold.

Then I wore pink accessories and shoes.

I placed a Maggie’s magnet at the wrap junction to make sure I didn’t flash anyone. I then placed a button cover over the magnet for decoration.


Pants: Pol-Just Be Youtiful~~Top: Endless Rose-Your Revolving Closet~~Sandals: Target

I wanted to wear this top one more time before I sent it back to my fashion rental service. On Saturday, I wore it with yellow pants, so this time I tried a different color.

To me, this combination of bright colors is extremely happy and festive. In fact, I thought about buying this top because it’s fabulous but it was more than I wanted to spend.

The pink pants are lightweight and perfect for our hot days.

I matched my pink sandals with them and then wore blue earrings and a multicolored bracelet.


Skirt: Angie- DIYed from dress~~Top: Universal Threads-Goodwill~~Sandals: Jambu c/o

We were off on a thrifting scavenger hunt today, so a skirt and comfy shoes were the clothing items I started with for the look.

Skirts can be advantageous to wear while thrifting especially if there aren’t any fitting rooms. It’s easier to pull on other pants or skirts under them.

This skirt was originally a dress but it was smocked at the top and wouldn’t stay up. So I cut off the top portion and created a skirt.

I wore a cami top so it was easy to try on other tops, and I also wore a blouse over top in case the AC was too cold.

These sandals are great for trying on clothes because they are easy on/easy off and comfy. I reviewed them last year, but they aren’t available this season.

I tend to wear smaller earrings and very few accessories so they won’t get tangled up when I know we are on a shopping spree. I even put my hair up to help with that matter.


Skirt: Your Revolving Closet~~Top: -preloved~~Sandals: Nisolo c/o

My mom recently gave me this eyelet top so when this eyelet skirt came in my Your Revolving Closet box, I thought I would create a two-piece dress.
The two items do not have the same eyelet design or the same shade of white, but they still look cute.

I added these edgier flatform black sandals instead of continuing the white monochrome with my shoes. The tan and white styles are on sale for just under $100, and the company has a sale tab for many of their shoes.

The black, print beret bookended the black sandals, and then I accessorized with black jewelry.

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