Daily Looks: Week Ending 6.17.22

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Welcome to the start of our summer in Arizona where temperatures are already 80 degrees when we get up in the morning.


Skirt: Phillip Lim for Target-My Sister’s Closet~~Top: Escada-modeling for the Reelaton~~Shoes: Goodwill

I didn’t mean to find something to purchase when we popped into a consignment store yesterday. But I recognized this skirt print since I thrifted the blazer a couple of years ago from Uncommon Threads. And I just had to get it.

You can see the blazer in ways to wear a sheer top.

The sweater cardigan is one that I am modeling for the Reelathon that is taking place July 4-5. It’s an Escada and will be auctioned off. I created 3 ways to wear the piece in a video. The event is raising money for a fabulous cause (ALL proceeds go to help Ukraine refugees).
So I hope you sign up so you can bid on items and share with others to help spread the word.

I didn’t have any high-end pieces to donate myself, so I am being a model/video maker instead. And I’m sure I’ll bid on some items. You should definitely sign up on their site to at least check it out when it happens!!


Dress: LOFT-thrifted~~Shoes: B52-DSW

It was a dress kind of day since it’s so hot and we are going to the neighbors for a housewarming party.

Can you believe the dress didn’t come with this belt, yet it’s so perfect??

Insider tip: I use a clear elastic to keep the end of the belt in place. (shown in this video)

The sandals are rose gold and I included a close-up of the earrings in the top photo. They are from Pam Neri and I love how they sparkle.


Shorts: I DIYed them~~Blouse: Banana Republic from Horizon thrift~~Shoes: Marc Fisher

So you might be surprised I dressed in neutrals today. But I like to have variety in my looks, and I figured it’s fun to wear it all.

These suede shorts are the ones that I DIYed myself from a pair of suede pants I had thrifted but never really liked how they looked. So I cut them off (the steps and before and after here) since I figured I’d wear them more that way.

I loved this interesting asymmetrical ruffle on this ivory blouse that I recently thrifted. It’s more of a professional blouse that I would have worn while working, but there’s no reason to not wear it now. I understand a casual lifestyle, but I always feel better with some fanciness.

With these two neutral pieces, I decided to add color to the other elements.

The colorful shoes are ones I won in a giveaway. The scarf is on a belt loop.

Insider tip: Even though I love a scarf as a belt, this one is too small, and wearing it this way makes it easier for bathroom breaks.

I have multicolored earrings, a bright ring, and a bracelet. And if I were going out, I’d have a pink purse to carry.


Skirt: Gigi’s Boutique~~Top: Japna~~Shoes: Modzori~~Scarf: Zara

I wanted to show both the front and the back. Remember this top for one of next week’s posts!!

And I just saw a woman style a head scarf like this on TikTok, so I thought it would be fabulous as a way to camouflage a bad hair day PLUS be part of my “extra”. Plus even though the scarf is silk, it stays put without bobby pins.

Notice the “buckle” on my waistband. It’s actually a pin in the shape of Arizona. I’m loving wearing pins this way lately.


Pants: Ann Taylor~~Dress: Trina Turk~~Shoes: Bella Marie-Bealls

We are off to the Phoenix Art Museum for our monthly day date. I remember when I scoffed at the idea of a dress over pants. But there are many ways to make it work, and a shirt dress is an easy option.

In fact, I wore this shirt dress as a duster many, many years ago. In fact, I rarely wear it as a dress anymore, because it feels short especially in the front where the buttons are.

In all honesty, I really struggled to wear this dress when I first bought it. One reason is that I thought of it as a winter dress because of the long sleeves. But because it’s silk, it’s really better in the warmer months.
And I couldn’t figure out how to layer it to make it work for winter.

Heck, now I could easily think to wear a skirt over it and make it look like a blouse. Or even wear a sweater over it and have it look like a skirt. Which makes me glad I didn’t get rid of it.

I added a neon pink belt and shoes and then accessorized with white.


Shorts: Target~~ Top: Halftee~~Shoes: Marc Fisher

I’m wearing my favorite Halftee ever as a crop top. Why? One because it’s going to be over 110 degrees today. And two because I thought it would be a fun print mixing choice with these paper bag waist shorts.

Since the shorts are so baggy and loose, I thought the smaller/tighter top would work.
Maybe too revealing for some and maybe too much print for others. But it’s all for fun, right.

BTW, this top is really meant to be a layering item for modesty. And that is how I usually wear them. This waterfall variety of Halftee is just so stunning. If you order through my link, I do receive a small commission. Make sure to use the code JODIE20 for 20% off.
What I like is they are available in XS-6X and this style comes in white, black and this floral one.

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The shorts are from Target in the kid’s section. I love the lightweight material and colorful stripes.

I added in white sandals and went pretty minimal on the jewelry today.

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