Daily Looks: Week Ending 6.24.22

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It’s funny to look back on my weeks this way because I notice I haven’t been wearing much blue. Yet I have a lot of blue in my closet. So I’ll have to keep that in mind for next week.


Jumpsuit: from Fashom~~Shoes: Lauren Conrad-Kohls

I’ve always loved this jumpsuit since I received it in my Fashom box last summer. You can see the entire box here including what I kept and what I sent back.
Interestingly enough, the jumpsuit did shrink a tad, but now it fits even better.
If you want to try it out, my link gives you $20 (and then it credits me $20)

Since it’s so bright, there’s not a lot I can do to change it up.

I wore orange flat sandals with it and look closely. You will see a “brooch” at my waist. While I thought about a belt, that creates more hassle when going to the bathroom.

So I went with my favorite extra hack lately of adding a pin to my waist. You saw it on Tuesday in last week’s Daily Outfit post and on Monday in the week before.

Insider tip: This “pin” is actually a pendant that is “pinned” to the waist with a stud earring. It’s very similar to how I made my own belt buckle in this video.

The white fedora is borrowed from my husband and is only there because my hair was a mess.


Skirt: Allegra K from Bubledon~~Top: Hinge ~~Sandals: Stuart Weitzman-thrifted

This skirt was a recent giveaway won from Bubledon on Instagram. They sell many of the same brands you can find on Amazon it seems.

What I realized when analyzing my closet, is I don’t have many lilac pieces, so that’s one reason I chose this skirt. PLUS, these flowy skirts are so ideal for our hot weather.

I added this ruffle cami (which you saw paired with a kimono in the past to cover my bra straps.) Now that I have an amazing strapless/backless bra, I feel comfortable wearing this cami by itself.

Insider info: The bra is called Gatherall and it’s quite different than what you are used to. Then again if we want something better than what we are used to with strapless bras, that’s what you need. Gather10 gives you 10% off.

Most people wouldn’t feel the need to add a necklace, but then again my word of the year is EXTRA. Plus this piece is sentimental since it was my Aunt Nancy’s. I thought the addition of a tad bit of turquoise was fun. There is also turquoise as part of my bracelet, earrings, and ring.

BTW, I’m also wearing a Gibby’s headband. Jodie20 gives you 20% off. I showcased it in the topmost photo to give you a better look.


Dress: eShakti~~Shoes: Target

Today I was giving a presentation at my mom’s independent community center.

Therefore, I wanted something easy and comfy to wear that also incorporated my love of color (especially since the presentation was about my color recipe).

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What I love about this dress is how I was able to customize the sleeve length and dress length as well as it’s a button-up so I can wear it as a duster too.

If you ever want to try them the company, eShakti, my link gives you $50 off your first order which usually makes a dress about $25 with shipping and customization.
I consider that extremely reasonable since many dresses at the retail stores are the same price yet you can’t customize them.


Top: Francescas~~Shorts: American Eagle Outfitters-thrifted ~~Sandals: Walking Cradles

A much more casual day, and I had to wear this new top I just found. We were walking by Francescas and they were having a sale. The colors of this top just drew me in, and for $10, I was sold. Granted it’s open in the back, but that works fine with my Gatherall bra.

In fact, I feel so free to buy the fun tops now that I have this strapless/backless bra.

And after my presentation yesterday where one woman wanted more information about print mixing, I decided to put a bold outfit together with print mixing.

Since the look is bright, busy, and feminine, I kept the shoes more grounded and earthy with this pair of Birk-like ones from Walking Cradles. I compared this pair of sandal construction with their new sandal construction recently.


Pants: from a local boutique~~Top: Banana Republic~~Shoes: Aerosoles

This is a pair of pants I would never have tried on or worn before my blogging days. And you’ve seen them before when the three of us talked about print pants.

I was going to wear them with bright pink, but I felt like I’ve already worn a lot of bright pink this week, so I went with mint. (Notice there is no mint in the print, but there is a darker version of it).

You’ve seen this blouse before worn with camo shorts too.

I kept my shoes neutral and added a woven belt. The necklace is one that I’ve had since my working days.


Dress: BGBGeneration-preloved~~Shoes: Italian Shoemakers

This was a dress preloved and given to me by my cousin. It seemed a tad low cut, so I shortened the length and added some of that material to fill in the “v-neck”.

I wanted to do two things with it.
1-Add in a color for the accessories and shoes that weren’t in the print. And I did that with the red.
2-And I wanted to use a bold necklace even though the dress is the opposite of bold.

The sandals are from Italian Shoemakers which are basically like flip flops with a bit more style.

I’m not sure it’s my favorite dress because it is the same color as my skin. I think I should try wearing it in the winter when I can get creative with more layering pieces.

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