Daily Looks: Week Ending 6.28.24

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June is a fabulous month as the days are longer and the colors seem brighter.
Our summers mean lots of light and flowy items, and this week was no exception.

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Dress: Just Be Youtiful~~Skirt: Just Be Youtiful~~Sandals: Steve Madden-DSW

I’m pulling up the skirt to show how it is layered OVER the dress. After my shenanigans of layering two skirts together, I keep wanting to experiment with more layering on the lower half.

This skirt could be used as a skirt extender (because you can pull it down since the top portion is smocked), or even a top. For these reasons, I had to buy it after I wore it in the Just Be Youtiful’s fashion show.

And this navy dress is a wonderful basic that can be dressed up or down easily.

I wore black and white sandals and my glasses toppers. My earrings are replicas of Piper made by a local artist. Aren’t they adorable (I’m showing a close-up in the title shot)?

I incorporated pops of pink with my magnetic brooch at my waist and my headband scarf. This kind of headband scarf is so comfy because it doesn’t cause pressure like most headbands. I see a bunch that are similar on Etsy if you are interested.


Dress: Skies are Blue-Your Revolving Closet~~Sandals: Ros (formerly Walking Cradles) “Porsha” c/o

Don’t you just love the colorway of this dress? The ombre effect is something I think is so beautiful. The dress brand is one that you see at many boutiques and this dress was from my rental box (Your Revolving Closet-sign up for a 30-day free trial).

Slip dresses are easy to wear and very lightweight for the summer. With this, I wore my adhesive bra which is a summer essential. (Did you know it’s also available at Macy’s?)
If you think slip dresses aren’t versatile, I have an article to prove you wrong.

I also added my crochet cardigan for church where the AC can be cold.

For church, I wore my metallic sandals and then accessorized with gold. These sandals are on sale right now and come in a bunch of colors. The platform, tiny pillows, and size inclusivity are what make them comfier than you would imagine!

What you don’t see is the bright pink scrunchie with tails in my hair.


Shorts: Campana ~~Top: Express-Your Revolving Closet ~~Sandals: Ros (formerly Walking Cradles) c/o

It was a hot one today, and we had dog training EARLY in the morning. So I popped on this pair of green shorts that I wore apple picking years ago.

This white ruffle top was perfect with it and instead of the green, self-belt, I wore this snakeskin one from my jumpsuit (worn here).
The belt went with my snakeskin sandals too.

Rob’s newsboy hat was perfect for a messy hair day and then I wore cactus earrings and a wood bracelet.

I don’t think my midriff was showing most of the day like that because I ended up tying the belt a bit tighter.


Dress: Children’s Place-Goodwill~~Shirt: Express-Your Revolving Closet~~Sandals: Cambriami

I look ready for the 4th of July, right? This dress was a Goodwill purchase from earlier this year and I love how it’s patriotic.

I wore a button-up over it but used a gold chain necklace to connect the front panels, and then put the fabric from the front panels behind me. I will have a video to show this sometime next week.
Of course, I decorated the chain belt and accessorized it with more red items.

But these sandals!!! They are interchangeable which I think is super cool. Right now they are having a 30% off sale with the code SUMMER, and I plan to get more straps in different colors.

FYI, I have the cork wedges and they are cushy and flexible. The strap between your toes is comfy. I would say the sizing is true to size, but I might get the straps in a bigger size because the 6/7 is buckled at the very end.
You don’t have to buckle them to get them on and off because there’s enough stretch, but you do have to unbuckle them when you change them. I haven’t decided if I’m going to switch them to Velcro yet.

UPDATE: The blue straps were disappointing. Some of the blue wore off after only one wear. It didn’t happen with the yellow ones shown in Wednesday’s look. I’ve reached out to the company and we will see what happens.


Shorts: DIYed from capris-Ethyl~~Top: Kate Spade-Gild the Lily~~Sandals: Cambriami

We have a chiropractor appointment today so I needed either shorts or pants. I made these Bermuda shorts out of a pair of capris (originally seen here).

I’ve worn this top layered over a bomber jacket in the past, yet I love it by itself too. Instead of tucking or “doing” something with the length, I left it as is.

I wore the other yellow straps for the same sandal base as yesterday. I was excited because the sandals were comfy for all day yesterday, but I noticed some of the blue wore off on the straps already. I have a message to them to see if this is a fluke and if they will send me another strap to replace them.

I accessorized with colorful straw earrings and a silver necklace and bracelet.


Dress: Back from Bali- Amazon~~Sandals: Ros (formerly Walking Cradles) “Phoebe

I’ve become friends with the woman who makes this brand “Back from Bali” so she sent me this dress. It’s still available in other blues but not this aqua. If you saw my email, then you saw the fabulous back of it too.

Insider review: It’s super lightweight which is truly appreciated this time of year. It’s a little low cut for me, so I wore a piece of lace to cover my bra. The elastic at the ribcage is nice to give it a bit of shape but it’s still flowy enough for our heat.
AND the embroidery!! I just love it. It would also work nicely as a swim coverup for vacation. Her prices are reasonable which is one reason I love the brand.

I almost wore my bright pink sandals but it was too matchy for me. Instead, I slipped on these Birk look-a-likes from Ros. They still have this style but in different colors this season.

My bright pink flower earrings from Amazon were perfect with my turquoise and white bracelet.

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