Daily Looks: Week Ending 6.30.23

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After Sunday and Monday were predominantly orange for the clothing, I decided to stick with an orange theme for the rest of the week-sorta.


Pants: Old Navy~~Top: from Just Be Youtiful~~Sandals: Target

These are the cropped, linen pants that the three of us all bought and wore from Old Navy last summer. They may get wrinkled, and they may not make me look thinner, but I think they are amazing. Old Navy does have a longer version available this season.

Then I chose a blue tie-dye top that I found at Just Be Youtiful last year. In order to make it a tad different than normal, I tied a small scarf through one of the sleeves.
Here’s the video of it, if you want to see how I tied the scarf from start to finish.

I wanted another color in the look, so I bookended it with bright pink earrings and sandals.

Because I tightened the scarf enough to create a one-shoulder look, I wore my body tape as a bra.


Dress: Velvet Heart~~Sandals: J. Crew

I let my hair go curly because I wanted to try out the diffuser tool on a new hairdryer. I never feel as sexy with my curly hair. Weird, right?

Since the week is all about 100-degree days, I opted for a bright-colored dress. It came with a self-belt of the same material, but I switched it out with this longer polka-dot belt. I let the ends hang on the side and used a bling pin in the middle.

I don’t wear these leopard print sandals much, so I thought it would be fun to incorporate a bit of print mixing with them.

Since it’s so hot today, I forgo any bracelets but wore shoulder-scraping earrings (made by my friend, Judy) instead.


Pants and Top: from Naomi & Ruth closeout sale~~Sandals: Vince Camuto

I love a jumpsuit that is two pieces for bathroom convenience. These wrap pants are truly ideal for our hot summer weather, and today I’m wearing my body tape for my bra.

I wanted to add a fun color to the orange look, so I grabbed my turquoise sandals and accessories.

This necklace is actually a long necklace but I felt like it worked better shortened. Here’s a fabulous trick to shorten it with no extra tools needed.


Skirt: Banana Republic~~Top: Final Touch- Naomi & Ruth~~Sandals: Dakota Chase-Steinmart

I wore this skirt while we were in Puerto Rico with its matching top with black sandals. So today I wanted to switch things up.

I wore a short tank top and orange sandals because the rust in the skirt gives off an orange vibe. But then I wanted to add a different color with my accessories.

The earrings, glasses, and bracelets are light blue. I like the color combination, but as you can see, it’s not very obvious (maybe good, maybe bad).

I also used the trick of a scarf on my shoulder as I did in Saturday’s outfit. I’ll have to do this a couple of times in order to sear it in my brain so it’s an option I remember.


Shorts: Old Navy~~Top: Chicos~~ Sandals: Jessica Simpson

I was inspired to wear this top after drooling over Kellyann’s top recently. In fact, I was tempted to buy the one she wore until I remembered that I had this one. I couldn’t find Kellyann’s top at Old Navy anymore, but there is one similar.

The shorts were a steal for only $14, and there are still a couple of sizes available especially in black. There’s a 6-inch inseam in shorts as well if you don’t want them as long. But I have to admit, that I am LOVING the longer and wider shorts.

My sandals are a pair that I changed from buckle straps to velcro. It’s one of those tricks that makes my life so much easier. If you are interested in this trick, I wrote a blog post and even created a video.

I ended up wearing my beret today because my curls seemed a bit bedraggled this morning.


Dress: Amoretu c/o~~Sneakers: Cariuma

For hot summer days, there is nothing cooler than a flowy dress. We worked with this Amazon-based company last year to showcase their clothes. And this dress is one of my favorite pieces. I even showcased it to prove that you could layer it differently in winter.

Does it make me look slimmer and taller? Nope. Should that matter? Not in my way of thinking. I feel very chic and comfy in this.

To add a modern touch, I wore my white sneakers. This is my Cariuma pair that are not only sustainable but also budget oriented (for comfort and ethical products). I say that because they are under $80.

BTW, I always wear my no-show Sheec socks with sneakers. In the summer, I find the “liners” are cooler than the “socks.”

After my experimentation with head scarves, I saw this video and wanted to try this method. Because of those 2 hidden clips, the scarf stays in place wonderfully.

My glasses are from the online shop, Glasses Shop, and with my discount, JODIE35, you can get a fantastic deal.

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Pants: Banana Republic Factory~~Top: Banana Republic ~~Sandals: Jessica Simpson-DSW

After taking this photo, I removed the pin from the waistband of my pants. I like the idea of a brooch in that area, but I decided that it detracted from the rest of the look. Want to see how it looks without it? Here is a video of it.

This top is part of the matching set with the skirt from Tuesday. I wore them together when we were in Puerto Rico. The rust print is not one you see much in the summertime, which is why I wanted to experiment with it.

The yellow linen pants are super for the season, and I had a suggestion from a very knowledgeable reader who suggested sizing up in linen pants especially if they have an elastic or drawstring waist because you get a straight line over the hips.

I remember being disappointed that these yellow pants weren’t as bright as they looked when I bought them online. Yet, it’s nice to have a variety of bright and muted colors in our closets.

Today’s off-the-shoulder top is made possible due to my Gatherall bra (code Gather10).

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