Daily Looks: Week Ending 6.9.23

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We have been so lucky in June so far that the weather has been mild. What that means is it’s been under 100 degrees. But it’s still hot, so it’s all about summer outfits that keep you cool and covered.

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Pants: Lovlei-won in giveaway~~T-shirt: Lovelei-won in giveaway ~~Shoes: Walking Cradles

I recently won a giveaway for this company called Lovlei and I chose these wrap pants and tee to go with them. The company is known for its workout wear, but right now I have enough leggings, so it was nice that they had some other options.

These are the kinds of pants that are perfect for our summer heat. They are flowy yet provide coverage (sorta).
The T-shirt is super soft and a bit oversized. It looks black in the photos, but it’s supposed to be navy.

Since the pants are a bit on the long side, I wore them with my macrame wedges from Walking Cradles. This style isn’t available now, but the brand is still my gold standard for comfy shoes.

I talked about this belt in my email because I see it’s back in stock at Target. It’s one of the most worn belts I have, and perfect for summer.

Insider tip: When I wear a belt with something that doesn’t have belt loops, I put a clear elastic around it to act as a belt loop. Find them on Amazon here.


This is one of those fabulous t-shirt dresses that should be in everyone’s closet. They can be perfect with white sneakers for a casual day or even dressed up. I wore this one with sandals because it was going to be hot.

And the hair just seemed crazy today, yet I wasn’t in the mood for a hat. Therefore, I grabbed this scarf and finagled it to be my hat. I ended up using 4 bobby pins (in front of each ear, and behind each ear) and instead of tying it which would create a huge knot, I used one of my Maggie’s magnets to hold it together.
I also don’t like futzing with my outfit during the day, so I added a Glamour magnet to the scarf end in front to keep it attached to my dress.

The earrings are ones that I painted so they show up against my hair better. It’s an easy trick and I use fingernail polish.


Dress: from Just Be Youtiful~~”Cami“: JulieMay Lingerie~~Sandals: Marc Fisher-DSW

All three of us found these amazing tunics at Just Be Youtiful and wore them here. I consider it a mini caftan. Remember how I styled a caftan in different ways here?
The nice part about this tunic dress, is the “belt” attached. The print is such a wonderful statement and allows me to keep it simple with everything else.

You may think I’m wearing a cami with it, but that pink lace is my JulieMay’s bra that I wrote about here. With the summer heat, I can’t tell you how nice it is to wear cotton undergarments (definitely not something I thought about when living in Denver).

I wore my studded white sandals, and then orange earrings as well as an orange and pink bracelet.

BTW, I felt like Farrah Faucet today because I did something different with my hair last night and it feels so “poofy”, LOL. Yet, I bet no one else can tell.


Shorts: BR Factory on sale here ~~Vest: BR Factory on sale here ~~Sandals: Jessica Simpson

I ordered this linen vest/shorts set using my BR rewards after seeing the vest on my friend, Kellyann. So it ended up costing me $2 for both pieces. Both the vest and shorts are on sale right now, and come in a tan color also.

Vests have always been on my radar, and you saw me wear this black one recently. In fact, I still have a couple from my working days (worn on IG here).
So I was excited to see them coming around on the retail scene again.

I wasn’t going to get the matching shorts, except I figured it might be a different look for me. Normally, I am NOT a matchy-matchy girl (maybe it’s a rebellion thing from my younger days when my mom dressed me, haha)

But I decided the shorts might be versatile since they are shaped almost like a skirt, yet I don’t have to worry about the flashing detail.

I wanted to add contrast to the outfit with the footwear and chose these fabric sandals. That gold and navy decor on the front of the sandals?? Those are clip earrings. Cool, right?

You can’t even see the blue earrings because they are the same contrast as my hair. I should have known better. But the glasses make for a fun bookend with the sandals.


Skirt: Allegro K-won in giveaway~~Top: Astr~~Sneakers: Cariuma

I’m not exactly sure this is a favorite outfit. I started with wanting to wear the skirt, and at the same time realized I wanted to wear this top sometime soon. When I hung them by each other, I thought maybe the 2 florals would go together.
What do you think?

The ditsy floral on the skirt tends to make me think old lady, so I added in my favorite white sneakers (these are the Cariuma brand and come in so MANY amazing colors and prints).

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Anyways, I have trouble with this top. It is SO much more revealing than I’m used to. Today I wore my Bodymoons adhesive cups for a bra (found in this article) even though I don’t love them. But with a top like this where there is a cup provided, they will stay okay.

I think I may try to DIY this top by taking some of the material from the sleeves and adding it to the chest area to give more coverage.

For today, I added 2 pearl necklaces. One is knotted and the other is super long so I wrapped it 3 times.


Pants: Pol-from Just Be Youtiful~~Cami: Zenana-from Just Be Youtiful~~Sandals: Modzori-won in giveaway

Most of this outfit was recently purchased from Just Be Youtiful. With the hot summers that we have, it’s essential to have loose clothing with the right materials.

We are taking some people around our area today, kinda like tour guides, so I grabbed the kimono in case we go into any buildings. You’ve seen this kimono styled on all three of us years ago.
It was my first kimono ever and my first purchase from Shein.

If you’ve never shopped from Shein, they are a fast-fashion brand that is very inexpensive. I haven’t purchased much from them, but they have some beautiful kimonos.

I’m wearing body tape with this cami. It has a cowl front (very similar to my slip dress), so I held it together for modesty’s sake with Glamour magnets. You don’t see it because my necklace also magnetizes to it and covers it up. Video here.

Yes, I need to shorten the pants, but today I wore them with platform sandals from Modzori. It’s an interesting company because the shoes are basically reversible. They did offer a discount if you’re interested, 10Jodie.

You have to admit, that it looks like I have long legs. And I don’t.

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