Daily Looks: Week Ending 7.1.22

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I had it in my mind to try to wear more blue this week, and I think I succeeded!! Maybe I should try for a rainbow week, like Monday pink, Tuesday green, Wednesday yellow, and so on? LOL!


Dress: Top It Off~~Jacket: from Just Be Youtiful~~Shoes: Vivaia (Jodie gives you 15% off)

I was in a “blue” mood today, haha. Even so, I added colorful accessories.

This blue tiered dress is from a new-to-me company called Top It Off. My friend Gail suggested them because we are going to meet and take photos together in July.

Then the lace shirt that I’m wearing as a jacket is from the local boutique (Just Be Youtiful) I’ve been talking about the boutique in my emails. This laced shirt works wonderfully as a jacket, and I rolled the sleeves up.

These slide sandals are from the company Vivaia, as I am going to try out two new styles to review.

The colorful necklace is from my talented friend, Sally Hoffman. She’s another small business that is worth supporting.


Dress: Chicos c/o~~Shoes: White Mountain (here)

I know you just saw this dress when the three of us wore the same one recently in this post. But I have ideas for it. One is what you are seeing here, with my Maggies magnets (found on Amazon here) to create darts.

These floral sandals are for a fun collaboration with a friend but I wanted to wear them to see how they felt first. EEEK! The elastic on the back pulls so much that it’s uncomfortable between my toes. But I fixed it by sliding the elastic down onto the cork wedge instead of around my heel after I took these photos.

I also have a flat version in a different color that is much comfier because the heel strap is leather and doesn’t pull in the same.

BTW, this hat is from the local boutique that I’ve been talking about Just Be Youtiful (on FB here). I know it’s not much different than my husband’s ivory fedora, but it sure fits better!


Skirt: JBD from Fashom~~Top: No label~~Shoes: Vivaia (code Jodie for 15% off)

Can you guess what I took photos for today? LOL!! That’s the thing with social media. Most of the time, I end up planning ahead, so by the time the holiday comes around, I’m already over it!

But you’ve seen this top before. It was too big under the arms (shown here) so I finally altered it by taking up the straps. The finished edges looked a tad wonky, so I decided to add some bows with a ribbon I already had. Granted I just pinned them on, so I could take them off if need be.

The white denim skirt is from one of my Fashom boxes, and what I like is it’s distressed but not super obvious.

Fashom gives you $20 for first-timers through my link (and $20 credit to me too).

These mules are adorable, eh? They are from the company that makes their shoes from water bottles. Isn’t that just so incredible? The company is called Vivaia and the three of us tried them out last year in this review.

This pair (as opposed to Saturday’s pair) doesn’t have much arch support so I added in my Sole Insoles (found on Amazon).

My red comes in with my Gibby’s headscarf (I wore it upside down), my bracelet, glasses, earrings, and ring. Subtle, but it works, right?
Gibby’s will give you 20% off with code Jodie20.


Dress“: from Just Be Youtiful~~Shoes: White Mountain~~Bolero: from Just Be Youtiful

I was going for a neutral look with the “dress” and shoes, but I seemed so washed out. Therefore I added the bolero.
And let me point out that both the dress and bolero are recent finds from my new favorite local boutique that you can follow on Facebook.

The reason I called this a “dress” is because it can be a skirt or dress. I think pieces like that are so wonderful.

I added a new pair of sandals from White Mountain that are much comfier than my pair from Sunday.

What I really like about the bolero is how it’s fabric instead of a sweater knit. And the silhouette is great with this kind of dress!

The first photo of this post is a closeup of this outfit to show off the brooch I used at the top was my aunt’s and very sentimental. The fun initial earrings are from two women who hand paint (Lil Shop of Ours).


Skirt: Gap~~Top: Old Navy~~Sandals: GC-DSW

For some reason, I’ve been stalking a tennis skirt ever since I found one at Goodwill but it didn’t fit.
I realize that most young kids are wearing them with other athleisure wear, but I wanted to try them with something else.

What’s a tad funny is how this is very similar to Monday’s look, haha! But this time I switched out for non-matching shoes. Lilac and navy look good together, right?

I have to say that this type of pleated skirt with the shorts built-in (still available here) is much more comfortable than my white denim skirt, even though the denim skirt has spandex in it.

This gingham tank is one that I wore the first time with a halftee, here. But now that I have my strapless Gatherall bra, I decided to try it alone.


Skirt: from Bias Cut~~Top: no label~~Shoes: Vivaia

I just received this skirt as a thank you for helping out a campaign for Ageism is Never in Style. (Here is my video about it). The thing is that ageism thing HAS happened to me. Many of the products that I think would be fun to promote have an age restriction on them.
Seriously, there was this one for laundry detergent (a natural, non-toxic one), and the age limit was 55. Because once you turn 56, you no longer need laundry detergent?? It makes NO SENSE to me.

Therefore, I thought joining in on the campaign was important, and the woman who runs The Bias Cut Boutique and started Ageism is Never in Style is a younger woman who wanted to change things for women her mum’s age (she is from the UK).

I haven’t worked with the company yet because they don’t have a budget for blogger marketing, and their items tend to run higher than my budget. But they are having a sale right now if you want to check them out.

The funny thing is this skirt is marketed as a midi skirt, while on me it’s definitely a maxi.

The shoes are my pair of Vivaia sandals which are made from recycled water bottles. I think this is my favorite pair yet from this brand because they seem like slippers.

Insider discount: The code Jodie gives you 15% off at Vivaia.

BTW, I wore the same hat as on Sunday because I didn’t want to iron my hair today.

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