Daily Looks: Week Ending 7.22.22

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I know I say this all the time, but I really think it’s beneficial to take daily photos of ourselves this way. I feel like I learn a lot about my habits and outfits.
This week, I see that I neglected both skirts and the color yellow. But I’ll make up for that next week.


Dress: Banana Republic~~Sandals: Walking Cradles “Natalia”

This was my airport outfit home from Denver. I wear the same outfit to and from the airport and just switch out the t-shirt underneath.

I wanted to show my tote bag that I take on most trips. My cousin, Joy, made it years ago. I love that it’s big enough for my purse, plus snacks, reading material, and misc. items. Plus I can wear it crossbody if I need to.

The baseball hat was only because my hair was a mess. And I had my lime green blazer in the car ready for the airport. The scarf sometimes hangs out in my tote, on my neck, or many times I use it as a pillow behind my back or neck on the plane.
Even if I never wear it at my destination, I never travel without one anymore.

Same Walking Cradles sandals since they are comfy enough for walking, walking, walking!!


Dress: Moon-preloved~~Sandals: White Mountain

This was a dress that I took with me to Denver, but ended up not wearing.

Most times I will throw in an extra dress/top/pants just in case our plans change or something gets dirty or ruined.

And this dress was chosen since one of my Denver friends had given it to me when she cleaned out her closet. I’ve worn it on the blog on a fall day with ankle boots and a moto jacket.

We were heading out to the grocery store, so I wore neutral sandals, and then I wanted a necklace that you could see. That’s why I chose this white feather necklace. I usually reserve the white furry earrings for winter, but why not wear them now?


Shorts: Loft~~Top: Banana Republic-thrifted~~Shoes: Michael

I’ve been failing at print mixing lately, so I thought this pair of shorts might be fun to try.

I’ve worn these shorts 5 years ago on the blog, here. They did seem a tad short so I checked their hem. It was large enough that I rehemmed them to add a half inch to the length.

I was going to pair the shorts with a navy and white striped top, but that seemed too predictable, and you know how I like being different.
So here it is with the lilac leopard.

I added an ivory belt to break it up and even brought in my ivory sandals and earrings.

Not that I needed a necklace, but I thought my dad’s turquoise pendant would look good.


Lace Overlay: no label~~Sandals: B52

I have struggled with how to wear this blue lace overlay ever since I bought it years ago. When I first bought it, I layered it over a white sweater dress for a winter wedding look.

The only thing wrong with that idea is the overlay isn’t stretchy so it is hard to layer over something thick.

I’ve also tried wearing it over black pants and a black top, and it was okay.

This is the first time I’ve tried it over something colorful. What I need to do is experiment some more with it. I’m sure it’s much more versatile than I think,

The pink/purple dress under it is one my mom made. And the rose gold sandals are comfy because it’s a day of errands.

I also added a Gibby’s scarf to my hair. It’s not her headscarves, but just a ribbon scarf that I used as a headband. I do love her scarves because they are stretchy and can be used in so many ways.

Insider tip: She gives 20% off with the code JODIE20

Rob’s Birthday

Jumpsuit: Dawn Ebony Martin~~Shoes: Pashion Footwear

I left my hair curly since Rob likes it that way. I have no idea why, LOL?

The jumpsuit is actually “wrap pants” that I wore back in May on Wednesday in this Daily Outfit post. Since it’s been SO hot, this is the perfect way to beat the heat.

Yes, I did wear my Gatherall bra because it’s totally exposed in the back. When I first bought these pants, there was a woman wearing them this way with a t-shirt under it, so I could always do that too.

I just saw one of my blogging friends, Carmen, wear her wrap pants which reminded me that I had these. I’m not sure they all transform this way, but they are certainly the way to stay cool.

What you don’t really see is the magnet holding the front panels together. The “v” wasn’t super low without the magnet, but I just felt a tad safer with it in place.


Shorts: J.Crew-thrifted~~Top: Astr from VNV~~Sandals: Goodwill

This blouse just came from the online shop I showcased in my email on Friday called VNV. (Btw, my link gives you $20 to spend).
They are a new online boutique that is continuing to add more and more items to their site. At first, most things were out of my price range, but they have some more budget-friendly items now.

The brand of this top is one that I see at many boutiques and I even have a couple of other items from it.

I also showcased a video showing how it can be paired with 6 different colors (this being one of the examples).

Since it’s quite low-cut, I even added a fun necklace that I recently found at my favorite local boutique, Just Be Youtiful (BTW, she has an online shop now). You can see the necklace the best in the title photo. It’s amazing how the woman’s skirt on the necklace is almost the same print as my top.

Thank you

My goal with my daily looks post is to find things that help inspire you with my daily outfits and to bring a smile and kindness to your life. I truly think that clothing is our way to express our personality visually.

I hope I say thank you enough because your support allows me to continue this journey which I just LOVE!!!
Supporting a blog can be easy and free. Just visiting my pages, clicking my links (especially for small businesses and sponsored posts), and sharing the things you like on your social media make a huge difference. Spreading the word is how I can reach more wonderful people like you!

Welcome to Jodie’s Touch of Style. I’m here to prove that it’s never too late to look great. Clothing and style are meant to showcase your inner personality. So let’s have fun and try new things.

It’s not just about me on this blog, but also about my mother and friend. We get to showcase not only different decades of life but also different body shapes and unique personal styles.

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