Daily Looks: Week Ending 7.28.23

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Looking at the week in retrospect, I was able to incorporate shorts, pants, skirts, and a dress in all kinds of color combinations including neutrals!! For me, variety is the spice of life.

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Pants: Pol from Just Be Youtiful~~Top: Anthropologie~~Sandals: Walking Cradles “Nella

A hot day calls for flowy pants. I cheated and kept on the same workout top that I wore for our morning dog walking. Yet I think it transitions nicely for the daily look.

Anthropologie things tend to be more expensive so I always scour the site and store when they have their sales. This long-line sports bra was a steal at under $10 last year.

The wide leg pants are like wearing nothing. Granted I had to shorten them, but now they are perfect.

I wore my gold, metallic sandals and put my hair up in a ponytail.

After wearing these earrings for a couple of hours, I ended up removing the bottom circle to lighten them up.


Dress: INC-preloved~~Sandals: Italian Shoemakers-DSW~~Hat: Love Your Melon use code JODIE15

This is my rendition of the housedresses that my grandma used to wear. It was forecasted to be over 115 degrees today, so I needed something that wasn’t tight and yet looked cute.
Lesley gave me this dress last year, and it’s bright, colorful, and super easy to wear in the heat.

I added my red bucket hat and bookmarked the look with red sandals.

Insider details: The company that makes this hat, Love Your Melon, has a heart of gold. They started the company as a way to help kids with cancer. 50% of NET profits from the sales are given to non-profit organizations that lead the fight against pediatric cancer. They have a variety of different hats (and even some apparel).
I hope you will consider supporting their brand and spreading the word. Since I am working with them, I have a discount code, JODIE15.

Because of the neckline, straps, AND heat, I also wore my Gatherall bra. What I’ve found in this extreme heat is that it’s much more comfortable to wear this adhesive bra because it doesn’t wrap around my body so it doesn’t generate more heat.
The company finally put out a video that shows how to put it on so you can see how easy it is. Granted, there is a learning curve, but now it takes me less time than trying to snap a traditional bra.


Shorts: Express-Clothes Mentor~~Top: Mine from Belong Lifestyle~~Sandals: Lauren Conrad-Kohls

There was a good reason to wear these shorts today. We have a dog obedience class, so I figured the pockets would be put to good use.

I had to admit that the cargo trend article had quite a few responses. It’s funny how most people’s first thought is they don’t like them because they add bulk with the pockets.
Yet I will keep trying to convince everyone that bulk is not bad.

Bulk does not make you a bad person, and once we start ignoring that brainwashing that happened long ago, the better we will be.

The blouse is one from when Belong Lifestyle USA went out of business, and I’m wearing my strapless/backless Gatherall bra. This time I tried out the Latte color for the bra instead of cream, and I went up a size.

I added my multi-color raffia earrings (found on Amazon) because they are so fun and lightweight.


Skirt: No label, made from a maxi dress~~Top: Sofia-thredUp~~Sneakers: Cariuma

I made this maxi skirt from a maxi dress that was too long. I cut it in the middle and transformed it into a maxi skirt and cami. You’ve seen the skirt here and the cami here. This skirt is really easy to wear in the hot weather because it only touches your body at the waist, and even that is relatively loose.

Then I paired it with something equally as bright–this yellow shirt (worn back in 2019 with print pants).

The only thing new is these Cariuma yellow sneakers. I loved my white ones so much (and they offered a discount if I took a survey) that I wanted to try out a colorful pair and a half-size bigger. I must admit that I like the half-size bigger in this extreme heat.

Of course, I have my Sheec socks on with them (the Active X low-cut version) and then I added a couple of whimsical accessories.

My extensions had been lonely, so since I was only hanging around the house today, I put them on. What I have learned is having long hair in the summer is HOT, LOL.


Pants: LOFT~~Top: H&M-thrifted~~Sandals: Italian Shoemakers-DSW

I know I don’t wear much black in the summer (or ever), but I wanted to challenge myself. This means let’s have fun with mixing print. Both of these items are old. The shirt was worn back in Denver, and the pants with a winter look.

To add some more sass, I wore bright pink sandals and accessories. These are the earrings from Saturday that used to have 2 pink circles on them, but they were heavy, so I just took one circle off and they are so much better.

One reason I wore pants today was a chiropractor appointment and a pedicure appointment. Both are easier with pants, but especially wide pants for the pedicure so I can push them up.


I wanted to use this scarf hack that I recently found, and of course, my version turned out a little different. My scarf wasn’t as long, so when I connected the pieces in front, I used Maggie’s magnets, and then also Glamour magnets to hold the front pieces together.

This created a more flowy feel in the front because I put the magnets behind the trim portion. Yet, you could also place the magnets over the trim portion to have it be more fitted (as in the second photo) which is how I ended up wearing it for the day. You can see a close-up in my IG video for the day.

These pants were found at Just Be Youtiful, and they are the type that could be mistaken for a maxi skirt. I finished the look off with my Modzori sandals which are comfortable considering the height they give me.

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