Daily Looks: Week Ending 7.29.22

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I included some print mixing this week, bright colors as well as a few pastels and muted colors. Only one day wearing a dress (shocking), but I’ll make up for that next week!


Pants: Zara~~Top: Gap~~Sandals: Walking Cradles “Phoebe”

These pants were a great deal at Zaras last year, and since I have a pedicure today, out they came. Because they are wide-leg pants, they are easy to pull up when putting my feet in the bath.

I haven’t been print mixing much, so I thought this pair of pants would be the perfect opportunity.

One way to make it easier to put two prints next to each other is to add a solid colored belt in-between to break them up.

I incorporated that same darker blue with my earrings and “bracelet.”

Insider tip: My bracelet is actually a necklace wrapped 3 times around my wrist. Don’t forget that you are the boss of your clothes.

I chose these Phoebe sandals from Walking Cradles because all of the nails are exposed for after my pedicure PLUS the color blended well with the bottom of the pants. I was thinking I would choose a white pair of shoes, but I like these better.

Related post: Review of these “Phoebe” sandals compared to Walking Cradles’ other sandal construction from this spring.


Skirt: Abercrombie & Fitch~~Tunic: My mom made it~~Sandals: Aerosoles

I rarely wear darker clothes in the summer, but I want to push my comfort zone just as I push you.

This tunic was made by my mom and she has a matching one, see here. My mom actually created them after modeling Brooks tunics.

I have worn this tunic other times but never over monochromatic pieces like this. The skirt is a tad tight so this works perfectly. And I just wore a burgundy cami with it.

I’ve worn this necklace backward when we styled each other. My mom was putting together an outfit for me and it was hanging twisted, so she thought it was brown. It goes to show that lots of things can be worn in all kinds of ways.

I kept the shoes neutral but added color with the accessories and my headscarf.

This Gibby’s headscarf is made with an adjustable band and really stays in place. She does offer 20% off with the code Jodie20.


Shorts: Joe Fresh-thrifted~~Kimono: Caite and Kyla~~Sandals: Steinmart

I never thought in a million years that I would get so much wear out of these camo shorts when I thrifted them. I only bought them because camo was starting to be a fashion statement, and I couldn’t wrap my head around it.

Yet now that I’ve worn it more and more, it seems like any other print. A combination of colors and a fun way to print mix.

I have this “blouse” that I won from Caite and Kyla and finally decided to wear it as a kimono (who knows why it took me so long to figure that out).

A colorful belt, sandals, and accessories finish off the look. Even though you don’t see me in a lot of muted outfits, I feel like we should change up our “usuals” from time to time.


Dress: Toad & Co-Horizon Thrift~~Blazer: WHBM-thrifted~~Sandals: Kelly & Katie-DSW

I have a doctor’s appointment today, and I dress for it as I would for an “occasion”. I like to match the vibe. For professional appointments, I like to have an air of professionalism. Just like when you go to a wedding, you dress for the vibe they’ve requested.

The yellow dress by itself is quite casual. In all reality, it’s just a t-shirt dress. But I added a colorful blazer and then colorful accessories and shoes.

Notice the scarf?? It’s just way too hot to tie it around my neck, so I wove it through the button holes. It may be too much for many women, but my word of the year is “EXTRA!”

Can you see my whimsical earrings from the top photo?? Those are my Chicos ones –I removed the tassel.

Insider tip: Remember, you can change and alter almost everything you own to make it work better for you.


Pants: Old Navy~~Vest: Versace-preloved~~Sandals: Vionic

Talk about a high-low combination. Yes, you read that right…the vest is Versace. Not a brand you see on this site often, haha. But it was an auction item of the Reelathon to raise money for Ukrainian refugees (and depending on when you’re reading this, the auction may still be going on. Check the site and see.) It’s actually a set with pants to match. Maybe one day, I’ll wear them together.

Anyways, I thought this was a fun way to make the vest look casual and almost beach-worthy. (And mom, this is how you can wear your St. John’s Knit sweater)

I added my white cropped, linen pants, and beachy sandals. These sandals are another brand that is made to be comfy. They are called Vionic and they have arch support in them.

The rest of the accessories are rather subdued although I did put a barrette in my hair (hard to see but it’s there).

It’s not super obvious but I’m also wearing one of my Halftees. I like having a shirt on under some things so I don’t have to wash the outer piece. This is the Basic cap Halftee, and I think these pieces are so helpful with many outfits.

Insider tip: Code Jtouch20 gives you 20% off for any Halftees!!


Shorts: MU.S.A -Goodwill~~Top: THML -Fashom~~Shoes: Jessica Simpson

My husband said I was a cross between a Hippy Chick and a Roaring Twenties girl. Of course that made me smile!!

I rarely wear all of the same colors unless I’m in a dress, so I wanted to push myself to wear something different.

These shorts have these lace panels on them and I just picked them up at our Goodwill adventure this week. They are bigger than my normal size but that’s what makes them better for the summer and a tad longer.

Insider tip: It’s really advantageous to look at more than just “your” size. There are no universal standards for sizing, so it can vary so much from brand to brand.

The red embroidered top is from my Fashom box last spring (blogged about it here). I know these boxes aren’t as popular now, but I think they are truly a great way to get more variety in our closet. My link gives you $20 towards your first box.

I added in leopard with my sandals and bracelet and wore a headscarf. The scarf was made by my mom with leftover material from this shirt of hers.

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