Daily Looks: Week Ending 7.5.24

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Looking at the week in outfits, I think I had a nice variety of colors and pieces. I would say that I tend to reach for dresses as the easy option, but I am trying hard to wear my wide, summer pants as well as my skirts.

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Dress: Skies Are Blue-Your Revolving Closet~~Sandals: Boc-Bealls

This neon orange is such a fabulous color for the summer months. I didn’t realize it was this bright when I requested it on their site.

If you look closely, I changed the original neckline. The way it came with all of that smocking seemed too “boobish” for me.

Instead, I used my clip pins to pull the edges into a square neckline which I like much better.
Just Be Youtiful sells these clips for under $10 and will ship to you. A local woman makes them and they can be used in so many ways. There are some on Amazon–the ones with the large clip can be used without putting a hole in your clothing.
One of these days I will make a video to show you what I mean.

I wore my cognac sandals, large wood earrings, and a wood bracelet.

I turned my head so you could see my hair bun too. It’s a fabulous match (I bought the brown/light blonde one)


Dress: Skies Are Blue-Your Revolving Closet~~Sandals: Impo-DSW

I know, I know, another dress. But hot days call for cool clothing and dresses are so easy and breezy. Not the dresses of my working days. Those were tight and “flattering”. But retirement means casual yet fun, and there are so many dresses that fit this description for me.

This is another beauty from Your Revolving Closet. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of fabulous dresses in my collection, but the rental company has even more. So I try to take advantage of them.

For this one, I paired my incredible sandals that are on sale now. One reason I love these sandals is because the material is a silky fabric which is cooler and comfortable in this heat.

With this heat (and some humidity), I decided to wear a hat to cover my hair.

And see that decoration at the “v” of the dress? That’s a clip-on earring. It’s like a necklace without the irritation.


Skorts: Express-Your Revolving Closet~~Top: Hayden-Your Revolving Closet~~Sandals: Jessica Simpson-DSW

Rob said I looked ready for Valentine’s Day. But I love this color combination any time of the year.

Both the top and the skort (the kind where you can see the shorts in the back) are from Your Revolving Closet.

Insider tip: You can browse all of the items I’ve rented and have asked to rent on the site.

I wore my leopard sandals and what are those decorations on the straps? Those are clip-on earrings.
They are much better than a necklace in this heat.

I wear these earrings a lot because they are made by a local jewelry person and are fabulous statement earrings.


Pants: Old Navy~~Top: Kasper c/o~~Sandals: Blowfish c/o

Even though I love dresses in the heat, it’s nice to have some variety with my lightweight pants. All three of us bought this pair of cropped linen cotton pants 2 years ago (seen here) and love the style.
Old Navy has a similar pair this season because they are so appropriate for the weather.

I paired the pants with this bow tie, and lime green top from Kasper. This is the Audrey blouse, and while the site concentrates on work wear, I think it’s easy to mix and match. Plus they have petites which is nice.

I wore my “obi” belt that I made from 2 men’s ties from our Goodwill adventure recently. This hack for the ties is a super easy trick found in this IG video.

Then I wore a pair of red/burgundy sandals from years ago and accessorized with pearl earrings and a pearl bracelet.
The bracelet is from Maison de Camille a couple of years ago. It’s not still on her site, but you can get 20% off anything else with the code Jodie20.


Jumpsuit: from Just Be Youtiful~~Sandals: Modzori-won in a giveaway

This is the kind of jumpsuit that is fun and versatile. Because the legs are super wide, you can actually turn it a quarter turn, step into one leg with both feet and have it be a dress.
I’m working on a video that shows how it’s done, so keep an eye out on my IG page.

Because it’s very loose, I used a scarf clip to pull it in at the waist. It’s still loose enough for comfort in our heat, but it adds a nice addition.

These sandals are convertible because the straps can be turned inside out from black to beige. The brand is called Modzori, and while they aren’t super cheap, you do get multiple pairs of shoes in one with this detail.
They are also comfy due to their design.

This brand of shoes can be found on HSN and Amazon too.

Happy 4th

Shorts: M USA-Goodwill~~Top: Express-Your Revolving Closet~~Sandals: Marc Fisher-DSW

This top came in my most recent Your Revolving Closet and I figured it was perfect for the holiday.

I chose these red, lace shorts to wear with it and then added in white with my sandals, waistband decor, and bracelet. This is the same bracelet I wore on Tuesday and the same waistband decor I wore on Monday except I put them on my straps.

My hair is in a ponytail with my new hair bun around it, which I think looks fabulous.


Dress: Gilli-Your Revolving Closet~~Sandals: Franco Sarto-DSW

I’m such a fan of this Kelly green color so it’s no surprise I requested this dress in my rental box.

I tried a couple of options with the dress. First I tried a white belt, but I didn’t like it. Then I put this pink sparkle brooch at my waist.
But after this photo, I decided to place the bling pin at the “v”. Even though there is a snap there, you can see how the white lining folds over and shows, so the pin prevents that from happening.

Because this dress has the same “v” in the back, I went with my boob tape instead of a traditional bra.

And these platform pink sandals bring out the pink in the print. That’s why I wore pink earrings and a pink headband.

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