Daily Looks: Week Ending 7.7.2023

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Welcome to the desert and how you can survive the 110+ degree heat (but remember it’s a dry heat, haha). You won’t see any skinny jeans on me for the next couple of months unless we travel up to Alaska!
I now understand the need for natural materials, flowy items, and sandals.


Dress: H&M-thrifted~~Shoes: Via Spiga -thrifted

We were excited to have our day date at the Phoenix art museum today. With that in mind, I chose a flowy dress full of color and print.

The shoes are a beautiful rose gold, but are way too flat to wear for walking which is why I added my Soul Insoles to them. The best part about these insoles is that they are basically invisible PLUS they are removable so I can swap them out depending on which shoes I need them in.

There is just a teensy bit of turquoise color added with my necklace (the pendant used to be my dad’s) and my ring.

Otherwise, the outfit was simple and cool. Yes, I did take a jacket for inside the museum.


Pants: Kantha Bae~~T-Shirt: Zara~~Sandals: Walking Cradles

I finally got around to shortening these pants (yes, they are basically pants, but because the inseam is very low, I could pull it up to be a dress). The story behind Kantha Bae is very heartwarming. They are a slow fashion shop that creates beautiful, one-of-a-kind, free-size, handmade, and upcycled Bohemian designs out of vintage fabrics.

This pair of pants is made from an upcycled sari. And it’s incredible how lightweight these are. I can see why women in India wear this fabric in the summer.

I didn’t mean to show so much belly, but the pants elastic ended up falling to my belly button. But isn’t this color combination just fabulous?

I matched my shoes to the pants with an older version of Walking Cradles slides. Right now, Ros Hammerson has a lower-height version called the Cam in other colors and prints.


Skirt: Victoria’s Secret-Goodwill~~Tank Top: Mott & Bow c/o~~Sandals: Marc Fisher-DSW

Airy. That’s the word for the kind of outfits you need in our summer weather. The tank top is the new style from Mott & Bow that is a slub texture and is more lightweight than their original t-shirts. This is the color “Bone” and I am wearing a Small so it wouldn’t be tight across my chest.

I am loving the scarf on my shoulder trick. It doesn’t add heat like wearing it around your neck, yet it gives the outfit some color and interest. Besides, I have wonderful scarves, so I figure I should wear them.

The colorful skirt was found at Goodwill last year and while most of you wouldn’t consider it flattering because it poofs out, I love that it feels like I’m not wearing anything.

These white sandals are great because they don’t cover much of my foot so they are cool, but they aren’t for lots of walking since there is no support.

I donned my straw hat just for fun and variety.

Happy 4th

Pants: Willow & Clay~~ Tee-no label~~Sandals: from Goodwill

Wearing stars and stripes for Independence Day. You’ve seen this top with a Halftee in the past because when I bought it, it was too big and hung down too far under my arms.

I finally got around to altering it last year, and the shoulder seams were a tad wonky. So what’s a girl to do? Cover them with something to distract from the fact, haha. Right now I just pinned these bows on the shoulders, so I can replace them in the future.

The pants I’ve had for over 5 years and wore as part of a summer material article. Before I knew what a hot summer really was, LOL.
One thing I think about with something trendy like these pants is whether could I change them when the styles change. And I always figured I could take the ruffle off and have them be cropped pants (or reattach the material without the gathering).

Since it was Independence Day, I added red accessories. The pin at the waistband is one that came on a short cardigan, which I now store with my brooches.


Shorts: Just Black-Fashom~~Top: Veronica M~~Sandals: Michael-preloved

It’s off to the chiropractor today so shorts were the way to go. It’s funny how my definition of shorts has changed from very short, to longer and longer, haha.
This pair was from my Fashom box years ago, and I like the longer inseam and raw hem.

Insider tip: You can request certain details like inseam length when you get a Fashom box. Right now they are only doing mystery boxes, but with my link, you get 5 pieces for $50.

I received the top from a PR firm working for Veronica M Clothing. It’s something I would have never worn before I discovered my Gatherall bra or body tape. But being limited to certain tops just so I can wear a “traditional” bra seems very old ladyish.

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These fun sandals used to be one of my friends on IG, but she couldn’t imagine how to style them, so I bought them from her.


Do you recognize my T-shirt from Monday? Em, from Dust and Doghair shared this tutorial about how to make your t-shirt backless. The original tutorial had her scarf ties crisscrossed in the back, but I changed it up.
I paired it with this amazing maxi skirt that I thrifted this year and used one of my long, skinny scarves.

Heck, I even put my hair up, just so you could see the scarf more. Besides it’s cooler in this heat.

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