Daily Looks: Week Ending 7.8.22

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I love how my friend, Maureen, commented last week when I talked about trying to wear different colors of the rainbow for different days. She said, “Eat the rainbow, wear the rainbow”. That might need to be my new motto. It’s good for the inside of us, so why not the outside?
I also try to vary the clothing items I wear to incorporate skirts, dresses, pants, and shorts. This week was successful in that regard.


Skirt: from Just Be Youtiful~~Tee: Peach~~Shoes: Breckelles

Here’s another fabulous piece I picked up at my favorite local boutique. This skirt is not just a skirt. It can be transformed into a dress, a kimono, a top, or just about anything.

In fact, my friend, MK, posted about one that she has that is very similar.

The skirt is made from recycled saris and therefore it’s silk which is wonderful for our summer heat. It’s also reversible (the other side doesn’t have the layers). You can find these on Etsy too, so maybe I will post about the different ways to wear them.

I just think they are the cat’s meow since they are so versatile, sustainable PLUS inexpensive. Both my mom and Lesley bought different colored ones, so one day we can be matching!!

Everything else I kept relatively simple. I did wear my shoulder scraping earrings made by my friend Judy since I didn’t wear a necklace.


Dress: No label~~Sandals: Franco Sarto-DSW

I had chosen to wear this dress the night before and that was a good thing because I woke up with a sinus headache.

This is the kind of dress that is like wearing a nightgown, even though there is a zipper on the side.

I wore my new sandals that somehow found their way into my arms when I went to drop off a pair to donate. I had a $10 credit at least.

Insider tip: Did you know you can recycle shoes at DSW and get points that equal rewards to use on future purchases?

They are still available and I bought them because not only are they a color I don’t have, but they are comfy AND the strap is velcro, so I don’t have to change it myself.

Insider tip: I have a blog post and YouTube video about how to change the buckle on your shoe straps to velcro.

I’ve been loving the idea of a brooch at my waistband however, I didn’t want to put a hole in this fabric. Therefore I used one of my magnets (found on Amazon). BTW, my Maggie’s magnets came in a combo pack that has that cover to use over top. That’s why it looks like a solid gold button.

I also wore some leather earrings from Mariposa Skies Jewelry and my handknit beret. The beret is because I had no energy to iron my hair with my headache.

Happy 4th of July

Pants: National~~Blouse: Mom made it~~Sandals: Vivaia

So I found another way to wear a scarf in the summer. This trick works for lots of different-sized scarves. The examples I saw were with a long scarf that was then wrapped around the back waist and tucked into the pants.

For Independence Day, I had fun with a flag scarf (given to me by my friend, Judy) and this sleeveless white eyelet blouse made by my mom.

Since it’s hot, hot, hot outside, I opted for palazzo pants and thought the turquoise was a fun variety.

Who knew I would wear my light blue Vivaia sandals so much? They go with so much in my closet and they really feel like slippers.

And I was inspired to wear a hair accessory again. I get out of the habit, but they can be such a fun way to add sass to a look.


Top: J.Crew-thrifted~~Shorts: Kancan Denim~Sandals: Vionic

I was sent these Vionic sandals to try out. These are their Beach Panama Sandals and this brand is known for having arch support. I don’t have a discount code but not only are they comfy, but the company also uses sustainable products.

Since the shoes were the inspiration, I thought I would incorporate more lime green into the look.
I’ve worn this top tucked in with tan pants before (and lime green Converse sneakers)

The Bermuda shorts were an experiment last summer (as seen when I styled them 5 ways here), and I like them more than I thought. If you’re someone who likes to keep your tops untucked, then these shorts work great with proportion.


Scarf: VnV-won in a giveaway~~Pants: Peach~~Shoes: Modzori-won in a giveaway

For all of the struggles with how to wear a scarf, I saw this idea on Instagram recently and had to copy it. I’m sure it’s no surprise that it wouldn’t be possible without my Gatherall bra (more information about that adhesive bra in this post) and Gather10 gives you 10% off.

What is nice about this scarf tying into a top is how covered I am (at least in the front). Part of that comes from the fact that I used my Maggies Snaps magnets to hold the ends together instead of tying them.

Another option would be to safety pin them if you don’t mind pinning your scarf. For example, a cotton scarf would be okay to pin but I wouldn’t do that with a silk one.

This scarf I won in a giveaway from this fabulous site called VNV. They are trying to change the way that clothing is sold to women over 40. You can shop by fit or just shop how you like to shop.

The sandals were also won in an Instagram giveaway and they are reversible. In fact, you saw them with the tan side showing on Sunday in this Daily Outfits post.

And the culottes or wide-leg crops (whatever you want to call them) are a fabulous option for the hot summer days. They are from the brand Peach where I can offer you $10 through my link.

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Dress & Kimono: Top It Off ~~Sandals: White Mountain

I’m meeting up with Gail to catch up on life and showcase some different brands of clothes.

We are starting with this brand called Top It Off. I had never heard of this company before, but they have inexpensive offerings. I chose this navy tiered dress and pink leopard kimono.

The kimono is long and could be considered overwhelming, so I used 2 of my Maggie Snap magnets (found on Amazon) to hold the front panels back, plus I could then connect them in the front.
I do like this style of kimono because the front panels have a split between them and the back, so I can twist the front panels or knot them up easily.

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The sandals are the brand White Mountain and are a great neutral to go with everything.

You might not feel the need to accessorize with such a colorful kimono, but I like the longer necklaces with solid-colored dresses like this. Even with the fact that the dress is tiered.


Earrings: Sally Hoffman Designs~~Barrette: Charming Charlie

You only get a small portion of the outfit today because you’ll see it on the blog.

But I wanted to point out 3 things.

1-The earrings are from Sally Hoffman Designs who is a talented jewelry maker who lives here in AZ, and I even got to meet her in person.

2-I’ve been trying to wear my hair accessories more. I get into habits and then get out of them. But I saw a woman on TikTok styling her pixie cut and using her barrettes as decoration, not just to pull hair to the side. You might have seen me try it on the 4th of July photo too!!

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3-Fun glasses. I think my obsession with different colors and styles of glasses has made me appreciate having to wear them.

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My goal with my daily looks post is to find things that help inspire you with my daily outfits and to bring a smile and kindness to your life. I truly think that clothing is our way to express our personality visually.

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