Daily Looks: Week Ending 8.12.22

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The summer outfits continue and I notice that dresses were the big hit this week although there was one day I wore pants and one day that I wore shorts. At least there was a variety in the color scheme!

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Dress: I knit it~~Sandals: White Mountain

I think I forgot to wear my handknit dress last year, so here it is. Man, this was a project back when I knit it over 10 years ago. It ended up taking much more yarn than I thought, so I had to keep buying more which is why it’s striped with different colors!

BTW, those buttons on the front? Those are actually Maggie Snaps magnets (that you just read about here). It’s too hot for a necklace, so I thought this added some decoration to the front.

I loved how the sandals went with the colors so well. Now if only they were more comfortable….ugh. There will be a topper for the grocery store and church, and you can give your vote on which one on Tiktok here.


Pants: Ann Taylor-Savers~~Sandals: Aerosoles

We are off to our first major league baseball game here in Arizona. And the Diamondbacks are playing the Rockies, so can you guess who I’m rooting for??

Normally, I’d wear shorts to a baseball game, but this stadium is covered (for obvious reasons), so I thought pants might be comfier. We will see.

I loved the color combination with these pants. The funny thing is these pants are “work” pants. Yet I’ve worn them for casual before.

Insider tip: Stop categorizing your clothes if you want them to be more versatile.

Heck, I’ve even worn this t-shirt 5 years ago trying to add sass to our t-shirt outfits.

For some reason, I just love the idea of the scarf ties cascading down my shoulder. This scarf is much shorter than the one I wore last week, so it’s just being used as a headband with 2 bobby pins holding it in place.

And I did use my clear elastic to tie a knot in my tee on the side. It just seemed so boring otherwise.


Shorts: WHBM-thrifted~~Top: I knit it~~Sandals: Secra

I haven’t worn these shorts this summer, and I wanted to wear the newest top that I just finished knitting. I thought they paired together pretty well.

You won’t see the top again, because I knit it for a friend. But I wanted to style it so I can take photos of it for an Instagram Saturday post where I showcase my knitted creations.

These shorts were the first post where I put together my color recipe to help find color combinations with the clothing we have.

The colors in the sweater are not my best, so I I did add a scarf. Trust me when I say that a scarf in summer is not my usual. That’s why I attached it in the front (and back) with Maggie’s Snaps (you saw these magnets in this post) so the scarf would stay attached to the top and not smother me.

The sandals are an interesting brand called Secra that only has two styles, both with arch support. I don’t wear a lot of black shoes, but these are strappy, so I like them.


Dress: Express~~Sandals: Vince Camuto

This is one of those dresses that feels like you’re wearing a nightgown. Of course, it helps that I found the comfiest strapless bra too (which I reviewed here).

This dress came with a self-belt, but I decided to forgo it today with the heat.

Even though I have bright pink shoes, I thought adding turquoise to the mix with my shoes and accessories would be more fun.

Insider tip: In the very top photo, can you see that I painted a metal barette?? It’s an easy way to make those clips more colorful. I used fingernail polish.


Dress: Peach~~Skirt: Zurisculps~~Shoes: Walking Cradles

We are off to the Art Museum today, so I always think it’s fun to dress “artsy”. This dress is from Peach, who I’ve worked with in the past. With my link, you do get $10 off your first order.

The piece de resistance of the outfit is definitely this Zurisculps. It’s not normally something I’d get, but I was intrigued by it. It’s basically a peplum overlay. I’ve worn it over a white dress here and facing the right way. Today I put it on backward and tucked in the front top ruffles (because I am the boss of my clothes, right?).

Since we will be walking a lot, I chose Walking Cradles sandals (these are from 2 seasons ago).

The hat is my favorite from Just Be Youtiful. I feel like it goes with everything this summer. Don’t forget that this boutique now has totally different items for sale online. In both places, you get a discount with Jtouch15.

I still love wearing my pearls even for casual days and both my necklace and bracelet are from a new friend I met on Instagram that started selling jewelry on a site called Maison de Camille.


Dress: Old Navy~~Vest: I knit it~~Sandals Bzees

This top/vest is one that I knit ages ago and I usually wear it by itself. Today, I decided to try layering it over a maxi dress.

I bought this maxi dress with the intent of wearing it for plane travel (as I’ve discussed here with the perfect airplane outfit). However, it’s not stretchy, it’s solid colored, and the slit in the front is too big for that purpose.
Therefore, since it’s a linen blend, it works great for a summer day.

My knitted top has the green ties attached, and I can tie them in the back too. Today, I pulled them to the front and attached them together with a brooch (more about brooches later next week!)

And my Bzees sandals finally made an appearance this summer. They are a comfy option, but they never seem as stylish as I prefer.

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