Daily Looks: Week Ending 8.26.22

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It’s still summer where we live, so this week is still about bare limbs and of course, lots of colors.

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Some of the different backgrounds are because we traveled to St. Louis. Most times when we travel, I will take dresses because they make life easier for what to wear for the day. And if there will be a lot of exploring and walking, then my comfy shoes are essential.

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Dress: MSBasic-won in giveaway~~Shoes: Walking Cradles “Orleans”

I was excited to be invited as part of the Walking Cradles Live on Facebook this day where they were revealing some new colors in this “Orleans” style sneaker and showing a new style of shoes for fall.

Here is a replay of the “Live” if you missed it. BTW, these silver glitter “Orleans” are still available and are one of my favorite pairs because of the bling.

This dress is one I just recently won in an Instagram giveaway. It’s a wrap dress and is a color I don’t have much of in my closet.
Some wraps don’t wrap enough for my comfort, but I was happy to see this one covered my chest nicely.

I did wear my light blue Ruby Ribbon bra which acts like a camisole. (Comfortable bras discussed here)


Skirt: Gap~~Top: from Naomi & Ruth~~Sandals Walking Cradles “Natalia”

Today was a day full of exploring and eating. We went out for lunch and never came home until after dinner, so I knew that I needed something cute that would work for every scenario.

What I did is to take a sun shirt and hat that I put on over this top when we explored the St. Louis Botanical Gardens. And boy, am I glad I did that. Some places were shaded but a lot was sunny and with the sun shirt I was well protected.

The tennis skirt is great because there are shorts under it, and the jean jacket came in handy for the evening.

These sandals (called the Natalia from Walking Cradles) are great for extensive walking because they have a strap around the ankle so they don’t flip or flop.

BTW, I did review these sandals earlier this summer.

And I’m wearing my favorite strapless bra reviewed here.


Dress: Calvin Klein-Macys~~Sandals: Walking Cradles “Nella”~~Headband: Gibby’s

This was my airport outfit but we were also going to brunch before that as well as hitting a local festival. So this longer dress was perfect for my plane travel and the shoes were comfy for all of the walking (yet cute for brunch).

This dress is such an interesting color combination. I bet most of us wouldn’t pair lilac and red together, yet look how great it looks in this piece.

Since my hair decided to curl beyond curl with the humidity, I added my Gibby’s headscarf to tame it down. Jodie20 gives you 20% off anything on her site.

These sandals are called “Nella” and were reviewed earlier this summer here.


Shorts: thrifted ~~Top: Naked Zebra~~Shoes: Franco Sarto

I recently bought some breast tape to compare to my favorite strapless bra (the strapless bra is reviewed here). That’s why I chose this top for the day because it needed a non-traditional bra.

I will say that I’m not happy with how it’s not smooth, but there are multiple ways to use it, so I’ll give it more experimentation before I give the final say about it.

I wanted to wear these shorts before the summer ended and since they are a bit shorter than some of my other pairs, I thought the flowy top was a good fit.

I went with a light pink for my shoes and even though these have height, they don’t have an incline so are easy to wear.


Pants: local designer~~Top: no label~~Shoes: Target

I took these pants out to St. Louis but didn’t wear them, so I decided to wear them this week. Maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t wear them because the top I took to go with them had a zipper malfunction when I was putting it on this morning.

So this top is Plan B. Same color, but a different design.

These pants were made by a local woman who was selling them at the Farmer’s Market. They are called wrap pants but because of the way they are made, they can also be a jumpsuit (seen when I wore them in this Daily Outifts post for Rob’s birthday).

They really don’t open at the leg that much but I just wanted to show how open and airy they are. Let’s just say they are perfect for our hot weather.

I matched the shoes to the pinks in the print this time.
And my earrings and bracelet were made by my friend, Judy.


Skirt: from Just Be Youtiful boutique~~Top: (It’s a dress)Banana Republic~~Sandals: JC-DSW

I know I’ve worn this skirt a couple of times already (with a white top here) but I thought it would be fun to print mix with it.

I was thinking I needed a yellow striped top, but I don’t have one. And then I remembered this yellow striped dress (proof is I’m wearing it here with a kimono).

I used both the turquoise and purple colors from the skirt for my shoes and accessories. In fact, the circle necklace mirrors the circles in the print of the skirt.


Pants: from Just Be Youtiful~~Top: Vanilla Bay~~Shoes: Chicos

We took a trip to my favorite local boutique, Just Be Youtiful, yesterday and I had to come home with these pants. While I know most people would wear green, navy, or white with them, I thought they would be a perfect option for my color recipe (see the recipe here).

I mean just think how great these pants would look with yellow, pink, and orange. And this purple. Don’t you just love this color combination??

The top isn’t meant to be off-the-shoulder but it’s definitely loose and tends to come off one shoulder or the other. So wearing a traditional bra doesn’t work. Therefore I tried my breast tape again. I wouldn’t say I’m having much luck with it, but I’m not one to give up!

I did match my shoes to the pants. These are the Chico sandals that I wore with my green Chico dress in this post. Did you know that Chico’s has shoes now? They have cute ones but I wouldn’t say they are made for comfort. Not that these are uncomfortable, but I add my Soul Insoles to give them some arch support.

I even found the necklace at Just Be Youtiful boutique.

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