Daily Looks: Week Ending 9.1.23

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The heat continued this week but it should be cooling down soon. I was annoyed at my pants on Thursday, so I’m going to see if I can get creative with them next week. I paid too much money for them to let them sit unused.


Top: No label~~Shorts: Ethyl-DIYed from pants~~Sandals: Jessica Simpson-DSW

I found this top at a really cool store in Scottsdale that is a conglomerate of small businesses under one roof called the Painted Tree. It was marked down to $5, so I couldn’t pass it up. For one reason, it’s so colorful, but also because the only eyelet I have in my closet is white, so I thought this would be a great addition.

Since it’s flowy at the bottom half, I decided to pair it with the Bermuda shorts that I recently transformed from pants. These pants were from a collaboration with Ethyl years ago and had gotten a tad dingy at the hem.

Then I wore these sexy heels, I just found at DSW which were on sale for 60% off and I had $10 in rewards to use.

Insider tip: DSW has a program where you can donate shoes to their stores and you get rewards. Sign up for their VIP program here and read more about it.

Instead of accessorizing with more pink or white, I chose mint green to pop against the top.

BTW, the “cami” showing at the “v” is actually my Juliemay bra (from this article) which has lace for that exact reason.


Dress: My mom made it~~Sandals: b.o.c-Bealls

I cracked up after taking this photo. My hair looked like I had antennae on the top of my head. Needless to say, I brushed it after the photo so it didn’t look like this all day long (proven in the top photo). I realize that I could have retaken the photo, but you know I like to keep it real on my site.
Anyway, it was another hot day, so I wanted an easy-to-wear dress.

You’ve seen this dress styled 5 ways for different occasions in the past. My mom made it over 12 years ago and it’s one of those dresses that can easily be worn for dress-up or casual.
I didn’t add a belt because I wanted simplicity.

Today I paired it with cognac sandals that are surprisingly comfy even though they were under $20 at Bealls.

I wore this headband made by Gilly’s Frillery. She has since stopped creating items under that name and has started a FB page called Gen X Couture. She isn’t selling things yet but keep a lookout. There’s a rumor she might have these headbands again, and if so I highly recommend them.

I also wore my new ear cuff that goes perfectly with an older pair of earrings. This brand has many earcuffs with extra hanging from them. Use code L1QX92I3NS for a discount.


Dress: Jealous Tomato-preloved~~Shirt: from friend who traveled to Jordan~~Sandals: Secra c/o

It’s hot again, so grabbing one of my dresses is my first thought. The funny thing is I had this blouse hanging on my retractable clothes hanger (does anyone else have one of these rods? They are the best).

And I pulled out a couple of dresses that hadn’t been worn this summer. When I put this dress in front of the blouse, I realized they both had the same colors in them. I call it a happy accident. So here they are together.

I tried a pair of light-colored sandals, but I liked how the black ones grounded the look. Plus they bookend the dark baseball cap.


I had to think about what to wear for my presentation today and I thought this bright colored top would stand out nicely. It’s a recent purchase from our field trip out to the Painted Tree (which is where I purchased the pink top on Saturday).
Of course with an open back like it has, I wore my Gatherall bra. (I was thinking I could wear it backward with another top under it).

The skirt has been worn for the holidays with boots a long time ago. And then I added whimsical sandals. I kept my earrings minimal just because I would be on camera today.
The glasses are a statement, but I usually take them off on camera because of the glare. These are from Jim Halo Eyewear.


Dress: from Belong Lifestyle USA-dyed~~Sandals: Ros “Nella”

This is one of the pieces I dyed recently. You can see the original color on Monday of this Daily Outfit post. Obviously, the dye job wasn’t perfect, but then again neither am I. But I definitely like it better this color so thank you Amy for the suggestion to dye it.

I decided to style it with metallics instead of a different color. Metallic shoes are truly versatile since they really go with any color.

These sandals were originally a Walking Cradles brand but have been picked up by the new company I discussed in Thursday’s post.

Insider discount: I do have a small discount available for Ros shoes. Use JODIE10 for anything on their site.

It may not be obvious, but I am mixing metals. My bracelet has silver, gold, and bronze and my earrings are this pair from Frannie & Elinor.


Pants: Dawn Ebony~~Top: Lattelier~~Sandals: Italian Shoemakers

I wanted to wear these wrap pants that I picked up at a Farmer’s Market last year. Truthfully I might call these a regret purchase only because they were so expensive. However, it was a small, local business, so there’s that.

The reason I wore pants was because of a pedicure appointment and I had yet to wear these this summer.

Are you shocked seeing me in a black top? I’ve talked about ways to wear a “bad” color in the past. Since I didn’t want to wear a hat, I decided to go with a headscarf.

I have a couple of pairs of these Italian Shoemakers sandals that work great for pedicure days and they have enough arch support to make them comfy (as opposed to flip flops).

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