Daily Looks: Week Ending 9.15.23

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For some reason, there was a lot of orange in the daily looks this week. While most people’s idea of a capsule wardrobe put together for vacation includes mostly neutrals, I must have subconsciously chosen orange.


Skirt: no label-DIYed from dress~~Cami: ~~Sandals: Ros “Nella”

Today we would spend a lot of time in the car on the way up to Sedona so I pulled out this floaty skirt. This is a perfect skirt for traveling because there are so many colorways that look great with it.

The skirt used to be a dress even 7 years ago, and while I loved the dress, it was cami-styled and I wasn’t super comfortable wearing it that way–back then. You’ve seen it worn on the blog right before I transformed it into a skirt (although I wore a top over it, you can kinda see the straps).
By making it a skirt, I also made it longer.

The cami top is part of a set and since the straps are so thin, I wore my Gatherall strapless/backless bra with it.

The metallic sandals are the brand, Ros (code JODIE10), a style called “Nella” that is super versatile for warm weather.


Since I wanted to curtail my packing, I put together a day-to-evening look with my slip dress (seen here styled 6 different ways).
For daytime, I layered a denim shirt (I removed the sleeves when they tore under the arms), and wore my “Nella” sandals again. The shirt ends were held together with my clear elastic band (found on Amazon).

For the evening, I layered a gold cardigan (seen many years ago styled for a spring wedding) and wore my “Porsha” heels (also Ros brand which means they are incredibly comfy). I also included my shoulder-scraping earrings (made by Heartland Jewelry) and a statement ring (found on Gurmeet’s site for a steal).

BTW, I took this amazing belt (seen when styling a skirt under the dress) but I totally forgot to wear it for the night. Ugh.


Skirt: no label-DIYed from dress~~Top: Banana Republic Factory~~Sneakers: Cariuma

This outfit didn’t get worn much because in the morning we went hiking (you can see those photos here) and then we went in the hot tub in the evening.

But here is the skirt again only with a T-shirt. This t-shirt is on sale at BR Factory for only $12.50 in other colors. I reviewed it in one of my emails this summer because I love it. The “V” is a nice size (not too big, not too small) and it’s very soft and didn’t shrink in the wash.

Today I wore my Cariuma yellow sneakers (they have the best colors in their canvas tennies and the company is VERY sustainably focused).

I also wore my clear, lightweight earrings from ISLYNYC. These are called the Circle Square earrings.
I did bring a couple of pairs of glasses and these are my Glasses Shop green-colored ones. Code Jodie35 gives you a great deal.


Pants: Venti6 from Just Be Youtiful~~Top: Banana Republic Factory~~Sneakers: Cariuma

It was a cooler day, so I wore my Italian crinkle pants from Just Be Youtiful. The funny story is I saw this same brand of pants at a boutique here in Sedona as we were touristing, and of course, they were twice as expensive. Just Be Youtiful is extremely budget-oriented, and you can always message her on her FB page to request something. Use code Jtouch15.

So, yes, this is the same T-shirt from yesterday, but it wasn’t dirty, so I figured I might as well wear it again.

I changed out the earrings and glasses and even wore my denim jacket for much of the day.


Pants: Venti6 from Just Be Youtiful~~Tank top: Mott & Bow-Relaxed Slub Tee~~Sandals: Ros “Nella”

Same pants, different top for the day. You’ve seen this top styled with numerous options earlier this summer. Since we took the photos in the cooler morning, I added my denim jacket to keep warm.

Insider tip: I keep a thrifted denim jacket in the trunk of both of our cars for times when we are out and about and I need an extra layer.

I love how both my yellow sneakers and metallic sandals work with these pants nicely. In fact, I could have even worn my green, hiking sneakers with them.

A different pair of earrings and the green glasses change up the look enough to keep me from being bored with my vacation looks.


Skirt: INC-Goodwill~~Top: Vanilla Bay~~Sandals: Franco Sarto-Goodwill

Home sweet home so you get something from my entire closet instead of just from my suitcase. The thing is, I did pack this top for the trip but since I didn’t wear it, I figured I would today.

I love the magenta color of this top, but it’s one of those tops that when you lean forward you can flash people. That’s why I wore my strappy bralette with it today.

Insider deal: Halftees has a very similar bralette version that is only $11 with the code SUMMER. Look under the clearance tab, and it comes in black or white.

I wouldn’t say the proportions of this outfit are ideal, but I love the color contrast of the magenta and yellow. The temperatures here at home are still in the 100’s so I needed something light and flowy.

The shoes were a recent find at Goodwill and the hat is because my hair went curly with all of the humidity/rain in Sedona.

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