Daily Looks: Week Ending 9.16.22

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Boy, for loving bright colors so much, my week sure looked a little more autumnish, didn’t it? I must be influenced by all of the outfits I see on Instagram, haha.

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Shorts: Banana Republic~~Jacket: 3.1 Philip Lim for Target~~Boots: Target

I wasn’t going to get cream-colored cowboy boots. I had talked myself out of them for the last couple of weeks, but my Target Instagram group just decided to post for fall, so I felt that was all the push I needed to spring for these (of course they come in other colors too). I’ve been super surprised at how comfy they are.

Since it’s still very hot, I paired them with shorts and a fun t-shirt. The heart-textured top is from Just Be Youtiful, and that’s what I wore most of the day.

But then I grabbed this lightweight jacket for our dinner at a restaurant since it’s always cold with the air-conditioning.


Skirt: Made from dress~~Top: J. Crew-Gild the Lily~~Shoes: Walking Cradles “Porsha”

How funny that today’s outfit is very similar to the colors of yesterday’s look. And that’s not on purpose.

This skirt used to be a dress, but the bodice never stayed up, so I cut off the sleeves and made it into a skirt.

Today, I paired t with a sequin tank top (that I also had to alter). I pulled up the shoulders so my bra wouldn’t show under my arms.

The champagne glitter sandals are a new pair from Walking Cradles called the Porsha. You wouldn’t believe how comfortable they are. Even though they have a 3″ heel, the platform is 1/2 ” so they don’t feel that high.
And the best part is how the straps have elastic so there is no buckle.
I could see how you could wear these to a fancy event and be on your feet the entire time!!

The accessories were kept a tad minimal, but I thought my shoulder scraping earrings made by my friend, Judy are perfect with the look!


Dress: from Fashom~~Shoes: Target

I remember when I moved out to Arizona, I thought I’d be able to wear sleeveless things all year long. Well, nope!! Winters are cold enough that you need sleeves.

So I decided to wear this sleeveless velvet dress today that is from my favorite online clothing box.

In fact, if you go through my link, you will get $20 to use with Fashom. This could be the perfect time to request a pair of jeans with the newer silhouettes.

My success at wearing brooches is partly due to the fact that I have them housed with my earrings. So I see them every time I open the cabinet. In fact, wearing it on the front of this dress is like having a necklace on without the extra movement or heat.

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As for a bra, I’m using my breast tape (and it’s the end of it, so I had to order more). I’m glad I kept trying it because it works once you figure it out.


Top: Time & Tru-Poshmark~~Skirt: Victoria’s Secret-Goodwill~~Shoes: DSW

I have had this top for a couple of years but realized I hadn’t worn it yet this summer. So I thought it would be a perfect time to work on print mixing.

We were off to Goodwill today for a blindfold date look challenge (I’ll share the video in an upcoming email once I put it together).

I always like to wear a skirt to Goodwill because they don’t have their fitting rooms open and it’s easier to pull on pants or other skirts under this one.

In fact, there was a woman at Goodwill who just loved my outfit. I used to only wear this peplum top over form-fitting bottoms, but this skirt is more a-line and I think it was just as cute.

Metallic gold sandals are worn as a neutral option. Want to see my Goodwill Reveal? Here is the link.


Skirt: Express-Goodwill~~Top: Ann Taylor~~ Sneakers: Jambu “Sandy

This feathery skirt is from our foray to Goodwill yesterday and I wanted to wear it right away. It’s a little big so I used a wide elastic belt to hold it up.

In the winter, I could wear a sweater over it and let the waistband be at my hips.

The faux leather top adds even more texture because my word for the year is EXTRA!!

And these sneakers are the new style from Jambu called the Sandy. STYLE20 will get you 20% off any purchase until the last week of Oct. What I adore about the sneakers is the zipper on the side, so I don’t have to tie and untie them to get them on and off. Seriously. And the comfort with the foam insoles is amazing.

I copied the black and white from the sneakers with a scarf in my hair (held in place with 2 bobby pins) and zebra earrings.


Skirt: A New Day-Goodwill~~Top: Macys-Goodwill~~Shoes: Walking Cradles “Lydia”

And here is the date look from our Goodwill challenge. I picked out the skirt and top while blindfolded and here’s how I put them together.

Now there were other picks that didn’t work. I showed them in my Instagram stories. There was a dress that was too small. And the first shirt I chose was OMG little (I gasped when I pulled it out and opened my eyes). Needless to say, this t-shirt was a much better choice.

I know Lesley wasn’t convinced that the two print pieces went together, but I love it with the belt between them. In fact, a large turquoise belt would be another great option.

The red sandals are Walking Cradles, “Lydia” which I wore all around exploring on our Caribbean cruise 3 years ago which proves the comfort factor.


Pants: Ann Taylor-thrifted ~~Top: Skirt-I knitted~~Shoes: Goodwill

I knit this skirt many years ago, and this is the first time I thought to wear it as a top. I’ve worn it on the blog as a skirt many years ago when I showcased many sweaters I’ve hand knitted.

Of course, I needed a strapless bra to wear the skirt this way, and I used my Gatherall one (reviewed here).

Cropped pants are from years ago, and I think they are perfect for this season.

Then I lightened it up with these kelly green sandals from my Goodwill trip. I used a green necklace (that used to be Lesley’s mom’s and Lesley gave it to me) and green earrings. All of the green accessories and shoes are different shades of green, but I like the variety.

BTW, you can see how I added a white jacket to the look in the top photo.

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