Daily Looks: Week Ending 9.2.2022

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I was analyzing one of my outfits and realized that while I LOVE the trends and stylish clothes, I certainly am not stuck in only wearing what is “in style.” It’s been extremely fun and freeing to wear the items that I like and make them fit into my own style.

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Shorts: from Roka Boutique~~Top: from Just Be Youtiful~~Sandals: Walking Cradles “Phoebe”

Can you see what Spookie is checking out?? Ugh, this was part of the poop accident that I talked about in Monday’s email.

Today is all about texture. It’s hard to see but the top is a textured top, and the shorts are cabled sweater material. The top and the necklace/earring set are from my favorite local boutique, Just Be Youtiful.

I was surprised how perfectly these Walking Cradles sandals coordinated with the shorts. The sandals are called the “Phoebe” and we were planning on walking around IKEA, so I needed something comfy.

For some reason, I just love these rancher-style hats. I found this one at Bealls, but even on Amazon they have them for a deal.


Pants: Versace-Reelathon~~Top: Joa-thrifted~~Sandals: White Mountain

You saw the matching vest to these pants last month here on Wednesday. The pants I would call a throwback to the 90s. High-waisted, and the mom jeans style. Maybe not what we consider “in-style” at this time, but like I said in the intro, I’m here to have fun.

I’m actually print mixing with this “top” because it’s also striped. You can see it up close when I wore it backward as a “vest“.

Since the entire look seemed fun and whimsical, I thought this necklace from Pam Neri was a perfect addition.

With the outfit being colorful, I did succumb to neutral sandals. This pair of White Mountain sandals are much more comfortable than my other pair.


Dress: Nelly & Millie-preloved ~~Sandals: Vivaia (Jodie for 15% off)~~Glasses: Glasses Shop (GSHOT35-for 35% off)

I grabbed this dress because my mom and I are being interviewed on Instagram Live and I thought it would be a good color for me.

This dress was given to me by a friend, and I always just love how simple the style is, yet the print gives it interest.

My Vivaia sandals are like wearing house slippers, yet I think almost any color or neutral would go with this dress.

Since I kept the earrings relatively small, I added in bracelets on both wrists and lots of rings. In fact, I’ve been wearing midi rings lately. Has anyone else tried that trend yet??

Insider tip: Midi rings are ones that don’t go over the middle knuckle on your finger. They are a great way to wear those rings that have become too small.


Dress: En Creme from Gigi’s Boutique~~Shoes: Rocket Dog

I had to incorporate some other color besides blue into the week, haha! And I always love how a maxi dress can give you a great look without a lot of trouble.

This maxi was from an online boutique that has now gone out of business. It’s hard to compete against the big stores like LOFT and Chicos especially for bloggers/influencers who can get a commission from the big stores.

But I still think supporting our local and small businesses is important. That’s why I try to show you some of the wonderful selections from Just Be Youtiful. She has some great items on her online site for a good deal. In fact, if you like relaxed button-downs, this one is the color of the season. (Use Jtouch15 for a discount)

Can you see the brooch at my waist?

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Top: Bebe-Goodwill~~Shorts: the Fifth~~Sandals: Steve Madden

I felt like I hadn’t worn this halter top yet this summer, so I wanted to style it before it gets cold (haha, in another 2 months). Originally, I wore this with white shorts, and one of these days, I’ll wear it with something else.

Nothing is new as I’ve had these shorts for years. They were part of our theme about styling black for summer 2 years ago. Truthfully, I wear these shorts more in the winter with tights because they are a tad short. But I do like how they are wide and flowy, so they don’t seem excessively revealing.

My sandals are white with black polka dots which means there is print mixing going on.

In case you’re wondering about my bra, I actually started off trying to wear my breast tape. But with the silkiness of the top, it didn’t work, so back to my gold standard with my Gatherall bra.

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Dress: VIP me (out of business)~~Shoes: Via Spiga-thrifted ~~Glasses: Glasses Shop (GSHOT35-for 35% off)

Here’s a perfect example of wearing what I like. Both of these companies are out of business, and the pieces aren’t exactly on the trend reports, but I still like how they came together.

In fact, this dress is one of my favorites when it’s H.O.T. outside. I’ve had it for over 6 years (here is when I first got it) and still love it because it’s light, cute, and easy to wear.

Sure, you don’t see my body shape, so you may not consider it “flattering”, but when it’s 100 degrees, you really don’t want a lot of material touching your skin.
Besides the beautiful print creates the focal point so who cares what your body shape is?

Today I wore it with rose gold sandals (that were thrifted) and a rose gold necklace. This necklace is too long so I used one of my elastics to tie up the extra chain in the back.

See my short video showing how I made the necklace shorter.

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