Daily Looks: Week Ending 9.23.22

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The week seemed to be predominantly green, and I’m not sure why. But sometimes it’s good to be green, or so says Kermit!!

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Skirt: Gap~~Top: from Goodwill~~Shoes: Rag & Co-DSW

We were going on a tour of Chase Stadium today, so I wanted to be casual and covered. I figured this might be the last time I get to wear my tennis skirt this year, so I pulled it out again.

And this green shirt I found at Goodwill (in the kid’s section). It’s definitely a sun shirt because you can see the mesh material under the arms.

I added a brooch at the waistband for my nod to “extra” (since it’s my word of the year).

I just love these crochet mules which I bought for a steal in December. Since it was winter when I got them, I couldn’t wear them for a good 4 months, but it was worth the wait.

They don’t have arch support so I add my Sole Insoles (found on Amazon), especially for a day like today when we will be walking a lot.

The other thing I bet you can’t tell that I’m wearing are my Sheec no-show socks–the mule version. You might wonder why you’d wear socks with mules, but it’s nice so my feet don’t sweat.

And these have been my favorite glasses of late. They are from Glasses Shop and GSHOT35 gets you 35% off. These are progressive, transitions and cost under $200.

BTW, even the young male bagger at the grocery store who was probably only 18 complimented my outfit today!!


Skirt: SM Wardrobe from Fashom~~Top: Fabrik-Horizon thrift~~Shoes: Steinmart

You can see that my supervisor wanted part of the action this morning!

I thought this elephant skirt was adorable when it was included in my Fashom box a couple of years ago. That’s one advantage of these clothing boxes is you can request certain prints and you will get things that not everyone else has.

The top is nice and lightweight for the heat even though the sleeves are long.

And I accessorized with a mint necklace (from Just Be Youtiful) as well as mint earrings.

To make the outfit more fun, I wore orange sandals!


Dress: Peach~~Shirt: Naomi & Ruth~~Booties: Vivaia

I wanted to try out an interesting color combination with this jumper dress.

Again I added a brooch at the V-neck, but maybe it’s not the best option. Even if it’s not, you’ll never know unless you try it, so I’m glad I put it on. It’s not like it’s hard to take off, right??

The booties aren’t my favorite with this look either. Hmmm, must have had a bad morning in the closet, haha!!

What would you change?? (And the hat is because my hair had a mind of its own today).

You might not be surprised that I did change after this photo and that’s the best thing about clothes!! Easy to change your mind if you don’t like something.


Pants: Just Be Youtiful~~Top: Ann Taylor~~Sandals: Secra

Talk about a dichotomy of pieces. This top I’ve had for over 12 years and used to wear it under blazers at my office. It’s very work-appropriate, yet the pants are more boho.

These pants are the best for the heat. I bought them from Just Be Youtiful (my favorite local boutique on FB here). They are lightweight and flow which is important in our heat.

I also love these cactus earrings from a local girl too (they are still available here). Granted I realize not many people are into cacti unless you live with them. We have grown to love and appreciate the variety and amazing characteristics of cacti.


Dress: Just Be Youtiful~~Jacket: Banana Republic~~Boots: Target

We were off to the art museum for our “day date” today. That’s why you see the blazer because it’s chilly inside. Plus I wanted to add a bright color to the mix.

The dress is from my favorite local boutique again. I wasn’t going to get anything when we stopped by to say hi, but you know that’s impossible. I just love the border print and the length wasn’t too long for me.

For some reason, I’m just so enamored with these white cowboy boots (available at Target and in different colors), so I thought they would be a fun addition.

I have a bright pink belt, so I used that too (for when I take off my blazer). And check out the cute pin in the title photo. It says “Love”.


Shorts: Joe Fresh-thrifted~~Top: Banana Republic~~Shoes: Mercanti Fiorentini-DSW

I’ve been remiss in practicing my print mixing, so I grabbed my camo shorts and went to town.

I don’t think anyone is more surprised at how much I’ve worn camo over these last couple of years than I. Trust me, my ex was a hunter and I never thought it was something that would be on my body!

Heck, I’ve showcased more than one article about what to wear with camo.
5 Ways to Wear Camo Shorts
Wearing Camo in Fall

My usual is to add color with the camo, so I did that today with my shoes and accessories.

Also, the belt is a great way to delineate the two prints. And that mess around my neck is 3 different necklaces. Might as well have fun and wear what I have, right?

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