Daily Looks: Week of 3.5.22

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Most days I absolutely love looking through my closet and figuring out what to wear. For some reason, I was in a jeans/pants mood much of this week (even though Thursday looks like a skirt). However, come summer, I bet you’ll see more dresses.


Dress: thrifted from Horizon~~Vest: the Limited~~Boots: Betsey Johnson

You get 2 for the price of 1 today. Jennifer from Curated by Jennifer, was here and we went down to some of the fun areas to take photos.

My white dress was a recent find from a local thrift store, and even though it is long sleeve, I think it will be nice for summer because the sleeves are wide and have lace for ventilation. Yet I’d be covered from the sun.

Yet, since the sleeves are so pretty, I didn’t want to cover them so I added a bright vest instead of a jacket or cardigan.

And one of my favorite fun pair of ankle boots were perfect with the look.

This necklace is from Pam Neri and is made of zip ties. Isn’t that so cool?


Today we are off hiking!! Don’t fall over dead with surprise, but we are getting outside more and more (I used to call myself an “indoor” girl).

The sweatshirt is from a small company and the message on it is my favorite. In fact, it’s what started the whole Perfectly Imperfect blog post I wrote years ago.

And then I layered another hoodie under it, so this could be called double hoodies!!

The leggings are an older pair since they might get dusty (you can see them styled here). And crack me up because I think the blue hoodie is the same one from that post.

I had to add in bright colors with the thrifted sneakers and my bright hat and glasses.


Jeans: Maurices ~~Sweater: the Limited

I don’t wear this sweater enough even though I love it. The navy part at the bottom is attached and you’ve seen me wear it with white jeans in the past.

So today, I paired the sweater with yellow jeans. It was a good challenge for me because I don’t wear these jeans much either.

These jeans are from a store that I used to think was a young girls store, but I was pleasantly surprised to find lots of things I could wear.

And I layered my necklaces and scarf to create more fun near my face.

These shoes are super old, but I think they are a wonderful light spring option even though they aren’t super stylish right now. (Luckily they have a zipper in the back, so I don’t have to tie and untie them every time I take them on and off).

Hard to tell in these photos, but I’m also wearing super old gold, hoop earrings.


Joggers: Peach ~~Soft blazer: Anthropologie-thrifted~~Shoes: Naot~~Necklace: from Shopvnv

I was inspired by two things in this look. One, was my friend layering her leggings with joggers over top. You can barely see the black of the leggings at the ankle, but it’s a perfect way to wear these lightweight joggers when it’s a tad cooler.

And then the headband is actually one of Gibby’s scarves that I braided (video here), and I was inspired by one of my readers who showed wearing it on her head!!

Insider tip: If you’re like me, headbands can hurt behind your ears, which is why I like the Lilla Rose ones that go around your entire head. But this works fabulously too. And Gibby’s also has headscarves.
PS. Jodie20 gives you 20% off Gibby’s

We might be walking today with a friend, so I wore my Naot sneakers because they have good arch support.

And this soft knit blazer is one I’ve had for ages but don’t wear much. I paired it with my new Jianhui necklace from the new site Shop V and V.


Skirt: Marc New York~~Jacket: Decree ~~Top: Gap~~Shoes: Walking Cradles~~Earrings: Chicos

Besides the jewelry and shoes, this outfit is entirely thrifted.

The skirt and jacket were both picked up at the local thrift store I worked with recently. And the heart t-shirt was from Poshmark (you can see how I wore it before)

Insider tip: Poshmark can be overwhelming. Here are the tricks and tips to shop the site.

Because we were going to be walking around the art museum today, I had to opt for comfy shoes. That usually means either Walking Cradles or Jambu. This pair of white mules are from WC many years ago.
And yes, I’m wearing the mule style of Sheec Socks. In fact, I’m buying more because they work so well.

The earrings are also palm leaves just like the skirt. Isn’t that so cute?


I was influenced by my blogger friend, Marsha to give these Kantha Bae palazzo pants a try.

They are not just palazzo pants, but because the inseam is SO low, you can pull it up to be a dress also. They are from a woman-owned boutique in TN where she recycles fabrics (usually saris) to make her products. When I looked at the site, there was a warehouse sale, so I indulged.

Not only is this pair incredibly lightweight, but they will be perfect for our 100+ summer days. I also appreciate the recycled part of them.

Today I wore it with a matching bodysuit and then a short cardigan. I added a belt only because I rolled the waistband once. And I’m wearing ankle boots.

Insider tip: This cardigan doesn’t have a closure, so I used my magnet fastener (found on Amazon here) to hold it shut.


I love the game of asking “which shoes.” What I’d like to point out is there is NO right and wrong. It’s a personal preference, and I like to hear the reasoning.

For example with these teal corduroys, pink lace top, and snakeskin jacket, I paired not only different color shoes but also different styles that have varying vamps.
Do you prefer the spotted loafers, velvet pumps, or pink sneakers (which are the same style as Lesley’s navy sneakers she wore here)?

Personally, I like them all and think it’s a great example of how there are many ways to change up your look. For my love of bright colors, I added a hot pink fedora (really I wore it because my hair is a mess, haha)

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