October looks with floral

7 Daily Outfits 10.2.21: Easy and Fun October Looks

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October looks with floral

7 Daily Outfits 10.2.21: Easy and Fun October Looks

You can tell that it’s time for October looks for the fact that I’m wearing more pants this week!! I didn’t include the workout outfits this week. Feel free to weigh in (comment or email me at Jtouchofstyle@gmail.com) if you prefer to see those too.
Or maybe I create a separate workout wear post once a month? I would love to hear your feedback.


October looks for a farmers market

The farmer’s markets are opening back up again since the temperatures have cooled down.

I love this dress for these kinds of events because it’s different, lightweight, and you can’t see me sweat in it, LOL.

This is one of my dresses from one of those sites you might never think to explore. Granted they are out of business right now, but I’m SO glad I took advantage of them while I could.
Here’s how I wore it when I first received it (and I still have both pairs of those shoes).

I wore my silver, glitter Walking Cradles Orleans this day for comfort and the farmer’s markets can be dusty. In fact, both the silver and black glitter shoes are still available!!
It’s such a fun way to add sparkle to our outfits.


Camo and plaid with Jambu shoes

The weather cooled down so much and even rained today. So for my October looks, I brought out the leggings. Of course, not all leggings are created equal, and these are quite lightweight which is good for now.

The white sweater is from Peach and I love the asymmetrical hemline, It’s called the Ari sweater and is still available in black in a couple of sizes.

This cardigan is from my friend’s boutique, Belong Lifestyle USA and is still available in red or yellow. It’s wonderfully lightweight too so perfect for these transition days.

My footwear today is these slip-on mocassins that you’ll see more of soon. They are one of the new Jambu offerings and inexpensive to boot. PLUS you get a discount with code: JTOUCHF21

You could wear these mocassins as slippers, but because they have a “real” sole, they can be worn everywhere. Since we are going to the grocery store later, I won’t have to change shoes.

And look at me layering necklaces (I showed a couple of examples in this blog post) and it’s easy with these Katia necklaces. The necklaces have lobster clasps so you can vary the length of them so easily. I’m wearing 2 different necklaces here.


Joggers and white blouse

After our water aerobics and shower, I decided to put on my velvet joggers. Doesn’t everyone have velvet joggers?? These are thrifted, and I wanted to spruce them up.

So I wore my white, classic button-down shirt with it. The turquoise “ring” was purchased after I saw this way to use it.

Insider tip: If you have an adjustable ring, don’t forget this trick. (Pin this on Pinterest to remind you)

It’s still warm enough to wear sandals so I added more color with footwear, earrings, and my bracelet.

Tuesday October Looks

I chose this dress today because of a zoom interview and I wanted something bright and cheery.
Want to know a secret? I’m wearing the dress backward!! You can see how it looks when worn the right” way.

I wouldn’t call the dress “flattering” because it’s not shaped at all. Yet sometimes, the color or other details can make flattering vs unflattering unimportant. However, I did create a little ruching with my “knot it from the inside” trick. While it’s not a huge difference, I like how you don’t notice the seam down the middle as much.

Insider tip: You NEED these clear elastic bands as I use them all the time for these kinds of easy tricks. I showcase this inside knot trick in my 10+ No-Sew Ways to Transform a Shirt.


Camo and floral with Jambu boots

Today was all about camo and floral together. Since the blouse is a tad flowy, I tied the sides on my belt loops. BEWARE, this isn’t the smartest idea for bathroom breaks, LOL!! But luckily they are easy to tie and untie.

Let me start with the boots. These are a new pair from Jambu called Eagle. They come in black and brown AND the two colors also are available with faux fur in them. There is only limited sizing available in some so don’t wait to check them out!! They are extremely reasonably priced which makes them a screaming deal with my discount code JTOUCHF21.

This type of boot is very functional. Of course, they are comfy, but also waterproof. They may seem clunky, but that’s the style lately. I’ve seen many fashionistas pair this kind of boot with feminine dresses. It’s that yin/yang that makes an outfit very contemporary.

The jeans were given to me by a friend because they were too distressed for her. Many of you probably agree that it’s too much, but I’m working hard to be more open and free in my style.

If you haven’t tried any kind of distressing, you seriously might feel SO much cooler if you do. I don’t know what it is, but I don’t feel like an AARP member with these jeans on. (not that it’s bad to be older, but I love the idea of FEELING young)


Which shoe to wear with a print dress, neutral or colorful

I love giving everyone the option to weigh in on their shoe choice. Not that I believe there is a right or wrong selection. But we each have a preference depending on our mood, what we are doing that day along with so many other factors.

I could make a case for either of these ankle booties.

The yellow pair (found here on Amazon for under $40) are lower on the ankle for those of you who hate to cut off the leg line. These also come in all kinds of colors and I did size up a half size.

The “neutral pair” (which was advertised as lilac) is taller but blends into my skin coloring more and is a sock bootie that is SUPER comfy.

Insider tip: This reminds me of the time I styled 1 basic outfit with 13 different types/colors of shoes.

This dress is a thrifted Kate Spade dress. Rob didn’t love it when I first took it off the rack, but it fits so nice and I think the print is fun.


Neutral outfit with a pop of color

This may seem like a very subdued outfit for me. Yet, I think it’s good to have variety in our looks. Besides, I added in color with my Gibby’s scarf, earrings, and glasses.

These mocassins are from the fall styles for Jambu. They come in a ton of different colors. Since we were hanging around the house for the morning, this was the perfect lounge outfit.

Surprised that I am wearing a sweater?? Well, mornings are spent outside on the patio and it’s a bit chilly now so it makes sense for my October looks!! I’ll be changing soon enough when we go to Pilates and then out for a date night.

The scarf is one of the longer ones that Gibby’s is featuring. I really hope you check out her site, because she is a small business that has fabulous items. These scarves are comfy because they have stretch. They are basically swimsuit material.

As for the plaid pants, they are a knit material yet could be dressed up easily. Considering they are only $20 from Target, I couldn’t pass them up. They do come in other colors, and I think the solid-colored ones look more casual.

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