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Daily Outfits 9.25.21: Variety of Fall Looks in Arizona

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Daily Outfits 9.25.21: Variety of Fall Looks in Arizona

I decided to try something different by naming this post daily outfits and I placed all of the workout/swim outfits at the bottom together. Do you like them separated better this way??


Daily outfits with double polka dots

Both Rob and I had been invited to a hydra-facial event in Scottsdale, so I wanted to wear something fun and funky. Influencer events like this aren’t something I get asked to go to very often. Probably because I’m a tad older than the usual influencer.
The funny thing is all of the young influencers were in leggings and t-shirts. Well, I’d rather be overdressed than underdressed any day. Besides, so many of the people at the event gushed over my top.

This top was thrifted and is a Zara brand. I vacillated on whether to buy it and now I’m SO glad I did. It stays off the shoulders so well, (and I’m wearing my Gatherall strapless bra). I went for double polka dots to be more whimsical. And the hat is because my hair is always a mess after any kind of facial.

The shoes were thrifted too, and not something I would have normally bought (I tend to want the colorful ones). But I’ve been surprised how much I do wear them, and even though they seem tall, there is a platform so the incline isn’t steep.


Daily outfits with bright dress

Today we took our friends out to brunch for their anniversary. I remember buying this dress at Express years ago. While I liked color at the time, I was still worried that this dress was “too much.”

Fast forward to now, and I am so glad I bought it. Especially now that I found these turquoise sandals.

Of course, since we are going to a restaurant, I am taking a sweater with me too!!


Daily outfits for fall with shorts

After our water aerobics class (see that look below in the workout/swim wear), I changed into shorts and a tee.

Instead of tucking in my t-shirt, I used my favorite elastic band trick to shorten it.

Can you see the abrasion on my knee?? I bet you didn’t realize that water aerobics was dangerous, LOL!! I scraped it on the side of the pool when we were jogging forward.

Anyways, this tee was a disappointment. I custom-ordered it from a shop here in AZ because I love the message on it. It says “Perfectly Imperfect”. However, you just can’t see the words because the gold wording doesn’t show up on the bright pink material.

Therefore, I see no reason not to accessorize with a sparkly necklace and colorful earrings.

These sandals?? They are Walking Cradles “Kendall”. Even though I’m just hanging at home the rest of the day, I still put on heels. I consider it good practice, so I don’t forget how to walk in them.


Daily outfits with camo print mixing

I was off to lunch with a friend today! And I wanted to get photos this morning for an upcoming challenge on Instagram. The challenge is to combine camo with other prints, and this is obviously pairing it with polka dots.

The polka dots here is one of my eShakti dresses. I layered my camo tank over it and then added the self-belt from the dress.

The funny thing is when I first got the dress, I didn’t think I’d ever wear the belt with it because the dress by itself doesn’t need it. Yet it acts as a great way to “shorten” the top.

It’s still over 90 degrees here in Arizona, so sandals are still in rotation. Since I’ll be inside a restaurant for lunch, I will definitely take in a denim jacket.

Insider tip: I have a thrifted denim jacket in each car for these occasions. Then I don’t have to remember to grab one when I leave the house.


Daily outfit for September with plaid joggers and camisole

Why am I looking down? Maybe you can see Spookie who wanted to be part of the action.

I only wore pants today because I can see from this lineup that I’ve been in the habit of dresses and skirts. And I really want to change things up.

These plaid pants are actually joggers from Target. Yet you’d never know they are knit and comfy. They are something I could wear when I was working.
But I wanted to wear them with something dressier like this camisole.

Yes, I am wearing my Gatherall strapless bra. And then I wanted to add in an extra color so I wore my yellow sandals and yellow necklace.

Daily Outfits for Thursday

This is the daily outfit I changed into after our water aerobics class. I started the look with the skirt because I wore pants yesterday and a dress the day before. Taking these daily photos really helps me make sure I change it up.

I’m being a tad silly by showing you my sock too because I want you to know that I REALLY do wear my Sheec socks if I’m not wearing sandals.

This tweed skirt I found when Stein Mart went out of business. You would think it’s tweed, but it’s really a lightweight material, so it’s perfect for Arizona.

I’ve been loving belts more and more lately. I think adding the belt adds interest, but as I wrote this I realized that maybe you’d like to see it without it. So I included that too. FYI, I also shared both options on FB, and everyone likes it with the belt better.

And the hat was because I washed my hair but didn’t want to blow it dry, so I’m basically covering it up.


Daily outfits with camo shorts

Not that it’s really this chilly for the jacket, but I needed to take a quick photo before breakfast. Then the jacket will come off, haha.

The red “clasp” is actually a pin that came on a cardigan. I keep it with my brooches and other pins and thought it tied in the red/burgundy very nicely.

The burgundy sneakers were my first pair of Walking Cradles shoes ever. It was the beginning of a wonderful relationship with a great shoe company because of the quality of shoes ALONG with caring people.
You can see that post from 3 years ago.

This jacket is from the online boutique, Naomi and Ruth that I love. The corduroy, the cropped style all make it different from other things in my closet.

That has been my goal when I’m shopping lately. NOT To buy items that are the same as I already have.

Daily Outfits with Workout/Swim Wear

1st photo: Saturday night we went over to the rec center to walk and workout with weights. These are my 75 cent leggings and I’m wearing the grey Sheec socks. I did tuck my tee under just so the proportions were better.

2nd photo: Morning water aerobics class. I do appreciate the suits that are 2 pieces since it’s easier to go to the bathroom in the morning before class. In fact, I’ve been mixing and matching my tops/bottoms. These bottoms are from a tankini set. The swim t-shirt is a tad big, but I liked the idea of short sleeves since it’s still over 80 at the time of class. That will change soon!!

3rd photo: This was a workout at home with my online yoga (I posted about it here years ago. I pay $3 a month, so I figure if I use it once a month, it’s a good deal). The sports bra is a new one from the Peach sale (my link gives first time buyers $10 off).

4th photo: No, I don’t usually half-tuck my rash guard for water aerobics, but this one was so long that if I let it hang, it looked like I wasn’t wearing any bottoms, LOL!! I’ve learned that not all hats work great for water aerobics. My straw ones get wet especially in the back, so this red one is plastic.

5th photo: Again, my sports bra top is too long so I tucked it under this time. You can see my sweatshirt in my hand because the class is so cold. These leggings were another great deal at Bealls. They are the ones with pockets on the side of each leg which is convenient to store my phone if I wear them when we are walking around the neighborhood.

Thank You

My goal with my daily outfits post l is to find things that help you with your daily outfits and to bring a smile and kindness to your life.

I hope I say thank you enough because your support allows me to continue this journey which I just LOVE!!!
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