Daily Outfits for January in Arizona

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This week, I wanted to show some comparisons and rationales as I got dressed. One day I was vacillating between which footwear to wear, and another day I thought I’d compare proportions.
It’s another week of trying to incorporate color and variety into my outfits.
Do you have a favorite?


This isn’t much different than my Christmas look from last week’s daily outfit post. I have to admit that these snakeskin boots work so well to give a solid-colored dress some pizzazz.

This eggplant-colored dress was one from a local boutique back in Denver. I’ve worn it many times on the blog.

What I don’t wear much is this gold bolero jacket. It obviously doesn’t give much warmth to an outfit. I did wear it here over a print top (not my favorite look).

But I would like to point out that I’ve discovered the secret way to tie a bow where the bow is level instead of cockeyed. I shared it in this YouTube video. (It’s funny because it hasn’t been popular on YouTube, but it’s gotten over 11K views on TikTok.


Join me as I reason about which flat shoes to wear with this striped tunic and bright orange corduroy jeans. (I realize the pants look red, but in real life, they are more orange than my red jeans).
Background information: We were just hanging out at home-no makeup, no nothing!

1st Shoes (Left to Right)-I started with a print pair of high-top sneakers. These are Walking Cradles called the Osmond. I liked that these added another print to the outfit.
2nd Shoes-These are my red ankle boots which “match” the orange pants. While I know many of you like to match your shoes to your pants, the only issue is it creates a half and half proportion since the top is long. NOT that half and half is the worst thing ever, but supposedly it’s not the best styling.

3rd Shoes (2nd photo)– These are knee-high riding boots that I won about 8 years ago. These are a darker option, yet blend with the jeans.
4th Shoes-And then some white mid-calf boots that were thrifted. These lighten up the look.

While each of us has our own personal preferences, the key point is they are a “personal” choice just like our “personal” style. There is no right or wrong. Just like we all like different food choices. It’s a reminder to have fun with what we wear and choose the pieces you like!!

What did I end up wearing? Because it was a chilly day, I wore the tallest boots until we went to work out!


I was off to meet a friend for brunch who was visiting from Seattle, and don’t you just love how light and airy this outfit looks??

Needless to say, I have three layers on top, haha because it was somewhat chilly and the “Cheerful” sweater is very thin.

I wore this sweater when we discussed the half-tuck and why you might consider this trick. It’s basically the same length as the tunic from yesterday’s outfit, so I really like being able to tuck in the front to give it a better proportion.

Needless to say, if you don’t like the front tuck idea, don’t forget there are two other options here and here (both were very popular posts) that can work along the same lines.

These yellow booties?? I was influenced by my blogger friend, Nancy, and decided that yellow booties were something I HAD to have. These are from Amazon here, (and come in many colors) and I love the smaller heel.


The idea behind today’s outfit was to have on my workout outfit too. In fact, maybe you can see my workout leggings through the distressing of my jeans.

I thought I might wear the leggings by themselves, but they are thin, and it was chilly this morning. Plus we were running errands after our strength class.

I wore my Naot sneakers since they are stylish and I could work out in them.

The yellow polka dot sweater is oversized, but I also wanted another layer, so I added this long, faux fur vest (from Belong Lifestyle USA).

I added a pin to the lapel of my vest and a headband because my hair was sticking up (I have a haircut scheduled soon, luckily).


Do you hang clothes together for what you want to wear for the next day? That’s what I did with this sweater and dress, yet after I put them on together it just didn’t seem right.

Now I remember when my friend first talked about proportion and I thought, “what? I have to make sure the colors go together, and everything fits PLUS think about proportion??” But I think it’s like anything. The more you work on it, the more it makes sense.

Then again, is the outfit on the left terrible?? No, I don’t think so. It’s just a half and half proportion and personally, I feel dumpy in it.

So I added a belt and pulled up the sweater to have the sweater be 1/3 of the overall look.
I wore the pearls as inspired by Lesley’s outfit and the advantage of a maxi dress is that you can layer leggings under it.


Nothing, nada!! I was under the weather and never got out of my jammies. Tomorrow will be a better day!


This outfit was inspired by a girl I saw when shopping last month.
Really, just the shorts, patterned hosiery, and combat boots were the inspiration. I changed up everything else because her look was all black.

These shorts are a tad short but I love them in the winter, especially because they are more of a skirt silhouette.

The sweater is one I won from Wooden Ships. And then I added a faux fur cowl. I’m not exactly sure if the cowl is a scarf or a head wrap…I’ve worn it both ways.
See it on my head here looking like a babushka.

And yes, I’m wearing my pink combat boots (still available here) again. I really just love how comfy they are and that they are pink.

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