Daily Outfits: The Week of 2.26.22

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Our weather chilled down this week, yet it was still a lot warmer than what we are used to when living in Denver. But it was a great opportunity to bring out the sweaters again.


I call this look Double Stripes with LOVE!

My inside ring light was acting up so I took the daily outfit photo outside. Obviously, my camera needed cleaning too. Sorry about that.
I decided to wear another “summer” dress for the chillier days by layering a sweater over it and adding tall boots to the mix. It’s one of the 6+ ways I’ve learned to winterize summer dresses (shown here)

You’ve seen this sweater styled 5 different ways before. And the boots are old too.
One new thing is the dress that I thrifted recently (it’s actually a swim coverup from Cabana Life which means it has UPF in the fabric).
The other newer things are the LOVE earrings (sure, Valentine’s day is over but I think every day should include love. These can be found for under $10 on Amazon here–up close in the top photo)

Two of the pearl necklaces are pre-loved given to me when a friend’s mother passed away. The other one I thrifted years ago.


This French Mauve vest was won in an Instagram giveaway so this is my first time styling it.

Since it’s long, I decided to layer it over a pair of pink pants that I’ve used as an example of wearing pants that seem a tad tight.

The pink velvet top doesn’t match the pink pants perfectly, but because they are broken up with the vest, I consider it fabulous!

And the best way to wear shorter pants in the cooler weather?? Taller boots!! Are you shocked I kept with the same colorway for the boots?
I thought the color blocking added my extra fun.

Shockingly I kept the accessories more subdued too, but I grabbed my whimsical cat purse going out for coffee with a friend.


Seeing these three days of outfits in a row makes me think I should change my favorite color to pink instead of yellow? LOL.

I chose this blazer today only because of a video I put together for one of our Instagram blogger groups.

The belt (which was recently thrifted) really gives the outfit a more whimsical vibe. That and the print hat, shoes, and earrings give all the “extras” I love!!

The tie-dye sneakers are from last season’s Walking Cradles. They are still available if you search under Orleans. I want to say they are brighter in person than on the website.

I never used to like the idea of rolling up the jeans this way until I became less serious.

Insider tip: While I realize that maybe I don’t look taller this way, I just can’t subscribe to the idea that taller is better. To me, I think it’s more important to have fun and look modern.


It’s cooling down here for a couple of days, so I’m trying to wear all of the winter looks as much as possible.

The reason I chose to wear shorts today is that I wanted variety in my daily looks PLUS it was the opportunity to wear these fleeced tights.

Another advantage of these shorts is they are super comfy since they are more like a skirt silhouette.

Notice the shorts are black and the background of the sweater is navy. Combine navy and black to look more modern.

I didn’t knit this sweater, which is exactly why I had to get it. I almost want to see if I could replicate it.

I added a red plaid shirt under the sweater (seen here in this video) and my combat boots (worn 5 different ways here).

Insider tip: I wore 2 sets of earrings together. Did you know that sometimes you can put two posts in the same ear?


I had to include a skirt in my daily outfits to continue with variety for the week.

Today was rainy and chilly, so you would think that a short skirt would be silly. Yet, I’m layered with the handknit sweater and the OTK boots.

BTW, I’m wearing my compression socks under these boots.

I knit this sweater years ago, but I don’t wear it as much as I should. In fact, I almost purged it when we moved here. But I love the metallic yarn as the pattern at the hemline.

I added a knitting pin at the top of the sweater too for some extra color. You can’t really see the earrings but they are colorful too. The earrings are from Lobe Love and are called the Dream Maker Statement Earrings.

The baseball cap is all gold sequins!! How fun is that?


Wow, blue jeans twice this week! That almost never happens. But honestly, I changed outfits almost 5 times today. It’s funny how you put together something on the hanger, but it doesn’t look good on the body.

So the evolution of the look boiled down to this huge handknit sweater from almost 20 years ago. It’s big enough that Rob wears it occasionally, but there’s a TON of work in it with all of those cables and baubles.

As a last resort, I grabbed these light wash, embellished jeans (seen in the past here).

You need to check out the selection of spring shoes from Jambu. Yes, we will be blogging about them too. This pair is called the Jenny Knit but my discount works on any of their offerings. Use code JTOUCHS22 for 20% off!!


You’ll get the entire outfit soon enough, but I had an interesting revelation about these earrings.

These are a pair from Frannie & Elinor, and even though they are called orange on the website, I’ve always thought of them as red.

In fact, I hang them with my red earrings. But I was looking for more of an orange earring today and realized they live up to their description.

It’s one of my lessons to myself about color. Just because you think a color is a certain color, don’t automatically assume it won’t look different when paired with different color combinations or in different lighting.

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