Daily Outfits: Week Ending 10.20.23

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It may be the middle of October, but temperatures here in Arizona make you think that it’s still summer. The difference between now and the “real” summer of AZ, is the mornings are much cooler. That’s why you see jeans and such in these photos.
Full disclosure: sometimes the jeans changed into shorts once the temperatures reached 100.

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Jeans: Express~~Top: A New Day~~Sneakers: Ros (formerly Walking Cradles) “Orleans

We went to a dog club open house today. It was at the rec center just down the street, so I figured we would walk and I wanted to be casual yet cute.

I’ve worn this top many years ago at the pumpkin patch. Even though you don’t think about lilac in the fall, this top seems to get worn more in these months.

Then I pulled out an older pair of jeans with embroidery on them. You’ve seen them many years ago. Even though they are basically skinny jeans, I think the outfit looks great.

The other older item is the sneakers. Formerly Walking Cradle’s Orleans, these are some of the comfiest stylish sneakers I have. This pair was our original foray into trying out the brand, and now I’m the hugest fan because of their commitment to comfort and extended sizes. This color of Orleans isn’t still available, but they have many other fabulous options.
And don’t forget, I still have a discount code, JODIE10, for anything on the Ros site.

I wore my favorite clear earrings from ISLYNYC and a pair of glasses from Jim Halo.


Dres: Gibsonlook-won in giveaway~~Vest: no label-bought in Barcelona~~Boots: Journee Collection-“Maebry“-PR item

I always like a long-sleeved dress when the weather cools down, which is why I chose this dress when I won a giveaway from Gibsonlook. They call it a day dress and it will be wonderful with tall boots for the winter.

I picked up this vest in Barcelona when we found this fun, inexpensive store while exploring the city. It’s more cream than the white on the dress, but I like combining those two shades.

Then I added in my new combat bootie that has a foam insole that makes it flexible and comfy. I was going to wear no-show socks, but I decided to get creative and let my socks show. It adds a different color to the look which I then mirrored with my glasses and earrings.


Jeans: Ragged-Savers~~Blouse: Old Navy~~Vest: Mom made it~~Shoes: Vivaia c/o

I’m such a fan of vests and am SO glad that I kept a couple from my working days. This brown one is one that my mom made years ago. In fact, I bet she thought I purged it. While I really do need to purge and downsize my closet, I just love all of my clothes, and it’s times like this that I’m glad I kept things.

I layered the vest over my oversized white blouse (seen here worn many ways and is still available-shocking) and then I wore these amazing jeans I found thrifting. I had never heard of the brand, but they fit so well, that I had to get them.

I thought the fedora added a nice touch (thanks Mo for sharing it with me) and did you notice the brooch on the brim?

The last detail is these incredible earrings from my friend, Gurmeet (check out her Etsy site). These are copper 6-pointed flowers, but she makes all kinds of variations that you hang on your own studs.


Jumpsuit: G by Giuliana-thredUp~~Top: Chicos~~Shoes: J. Jill c/o

Jumpsuits are hard to wear with a topper, I always think. The fact you have to take off the topper before going to the bathroom is an inconvenience. Not that everything we wear has to be convenient, but it’s something to keep in mind.

That’s why I wanted to try layering a top under the jumpsuit. It’s definitely my challenge of print mixing for the week.

Nothing is new here. The jumpsuit has been worn ages ago when we talked about jumpsuits.

Insider deal: My link with thredUp gives you 45% off and free shipping on your first order. And then I get a $40 credit, so thank you.

The top has been worn as a summer top with another example of print mixing.

And these mules were from working with J. Jill years ago. I definitely wore my Sheec mule socks with them, because they feel so weird without them.


Pants: Davi & Dani~~Top: AMB Designs c/o~~Shoes: Rag & Co-DSW

Even though it was hot today, I channeled autumn colors. These wrap pants are super comfy because I don’t have to tie and untie them every time I pull them down.

This top was from a company I worked with in February named AMB Designs. They are called second-skin tops and are perfect for more voluminous pants. If you are interested in their cool items, I think my discount still works. Use code TOS25 for 25% off which makes most of them around $50.
They seem sheer, but I’m wearing a navy bra under it and you can’t tell at all.

This is mule shoe season here in Arizona, and yes, I wore my mule Sheec socks again. My headband was to keep my bangs off my face because they were in that growing-out stage and bugging me.

Unfortunately, you can’t see my pendant that well, but Gurmeet has them on her Etsy site. They are an amazing deal and could be great gifts for the holidays.


Skirt: no label-from Just Be Youtiful~~Top: Banana Republic Factory~~Sneakers: Cariuma

This skirt may look like a shirt tied around my waist, but no…it’s actually made to be a skirt. I decided to experiment with more print mixing, so I wore my OFS striped top with it.

Usually, stripes seem to work with all other prints although I don’t know the scientific reason. Maybe it’s more of an artsy reason.

To give it even more interest, I made sure to choose a totally different color for my footwear. These sneakers are the Cariuma brand which is not only reasonably priced for comfy sneakers, but they have an amazing sustainability practice.

I now have 2 pairs of this brand of sneakers that I purchased in my normal size and a half size bigger.
Personally, I like the half-size bigger ones (which is this yellow pair). And they have all kinds of colors and prints available.

The yellow “headband” is actually a self-belt. I just wrapped it around my head and tied a bow.

What you don’t see are
1-A pair of boy shorts under the skirt because in some places the hem seems short.
2-My Sheec no-show socks.

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