Daily Outfits: Week Ending 9.29.23

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The best part about our weather this week is it’s cooling down yet still warm enough to have bare legs. And trust me, I’m taking advantage of it!


Dress: Old Navy~~Kimono: Just Be Youtiful’s online site~~Shoes: Shoedazzle

My friend has this same kimono and just wore it when she came out to Sedona for our getaway, so I thought I should wear mine. BTW, it’s still available on Just Be Youtiful’s website and you get 15% off with code Jtouch15 on top of the great price.

I thought the colors of the kimono worked fabulous with the dress. This kimono has slits up the sides, so it’s easy to get creative with the panels.

Insider tip: If you tie both panels in a knot, it can be too bulky for your liking. That’s why I use a trick, that works for scarves and self belts too. I shared the short video on FB and IG if you’re interested.

I kept these ballet flats from over 10 years ago because I always liked the gold toe detail. I’m so glad I’m seeing more and more ballet flats again.

The “flower” pendant was made by my friend, Gurmeet, (you can see it better in the top photo) and I told her she should start selling them on her Etsy site. I am in line to purchase the earrings in copper.

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Dress: Piphany ~~Tunic: No label~~Sandals: Vis Spago-thrifted

I’ve worn this dress years ago with the idea of dressing for your shape. The hanger it was on was still turned backward from my experiment a couple of years ago, so I knew I should wear it.

I decided to layer this multi-colored tunic that all three of us have. I’ve worn it as a top in the past. Since it has slits up the side like the kimono from yesterday, I decided to style it differently than to just let it hang. I took the ties from both the dress and tunic and tied them around the front to make it interesting.

Insider tip: Remember that you are the boss of your clothes, and don’t have to wear things the way they were sold.

My rose gold sandals were thrifted years back. I’m wearing rose gold earrings too but you don’t see them much.


Skirt: Anthropology-Goodwill~~Blazer: thrifted~~Shoes: label worn out

I was going to a doctor’s appointment with my mom and put this outfit together after being inspired by a woman we saw at the art museum when we went to see the movie Happy Clothes. The movie was a documentary about Patrica Field who was the stylist for Sex & the City.
Doesn’t this look like a Carrie Bradshaw outfit?

I’ve worn the skirt last year as proof that you can find great “fancy” items at thrift stores. The blazer is one I’ve worn for New Year’s Eve 5 years ago.

I rarely think to belt my blazers, but it’s a great trick with longer and oversized jackets.

The leopard tube top is from Just Be Youtiful and will be seen in another outfit on the blog this week.

I’ve had the shoes during my working days. I kept the earrings simple but added a leopard bracelet for extra sass.


Overalls: Old Navy~~Top: no label-Goodwill~~Sandals: Open Edit-Nordstrom

Full disclosure-Sunday evening I changed into this outfit to go to our outdoor concert. Since the outfit didn’t get dirty or stinky, I decided to wear it for today.

The overall shorts are a pair of overall jeans that I had (and styled 5 ways) but decided to make them shorts. I feel like I will wear them more this way.

This lime green top I’ve had for years and wore with jeans 4 years ago. Back then, I wore it over a white t-shirt because it was somewhat sheer. But because of the front panel of the overalls, I don’t need that extra layer.

And then I added pink accents with my sandals, headband, and earrings.

Insider info: For under $10, these earrings are fabulous not just for Valentine’s Day but every day. Because I believe LOVE is important. The best part is they are lightweight.


Skirt: Old Navy-Goodwill~~Top: I knitted it~~Sandals: Ros

This skirt is one that I recently dyed purple. Granted, it wasn’t the best dye job. I should have stirred it when it was soaking. Lesson learned. It was originally grey and white, but I found some paint stains on some of the white stripes, so I thought I could cover them with the dye.

For the top half, I wore this pink knitted top I made years ago (you saw it on the blog here over another lace top). It was too long for the skirt, so I tied it up with one of my scarves, as shown in this video.

It may be one of the last days I get to wear sandals, so I pulled out this pair from Walking Cradles. This style didn’t make it over to the Ros Hommerson site. Ros is the company that bought Walking Cradles. But if you are looking for comfy styles in an extensive range of sizes, you’ll benefit from checking out the site.

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