Stripes and how to wear embroidered jeans

Daring Style: How to Wear Embroidered Jeans

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Stripes and how to wear embroidered jeans

Daring Style: How to Wear Embroidered Jeans

How to wear embroidered jeans could be considered a bit daring. Especially if you go as far to mix other prints into the equation. Yet, don’t let something a bit daring stop you from trying it. When it comes to clothing and style, being daring is quite safe. You don’t hurt anyone, you can’t get arrested and everyday you get a mulligan!!

Quote of the day: “The more you adapt, the more interesting you are.” Martha Stewart

I had a reader request a blog on how to wear embroidered jeans and that’s exactly what Charlotte is styling. For the remainder of the week, Lesley and myself (plus one guest model) will show other versions of embroidery to give you many options.
In reference to the quote above, adapting to some modern trends and ideas can make us not only look younger but also feel younger. My goal is not to change your style, but to propose that you keep an open mind with all styles. Too many times I think we say we can’t wear something without trying many versions of it first. (Or listening to the crazy articles that say we shouldn’t wear something).

Other options for Embroidery
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How to Wear Embroidered Jeans with Mixed Prints

Print mixing with how to wear embroidered jeans

Pants: Old Navy~~Blouse: Russ Petites~~ Top: Jaeger ~~ Shoes: Christian Siriano-thrifted~~Necklace: ~~ Earrings: Amrita Singh~~ Purse:

Many times we worry about how to wear embroidered jeans because we see them up close and think the detail will be too much. Yet many times what we see up close is not how other people see the piece.
For example, Charlotte ordered these jeans online but didn’t even notice there was embroidery on them in the online photo. So imagine her surprise when they came in the mail. Yet it goes to show how some prints (including embroidery) are more subtle.

Insider tip: When you take a selfie photo make sure you stand far enough away to see the entire outfit, head to toe. Then analyze how the outfit looks overall.
This is good not just for prints but also if certain colors go well together.

A more subtle print like these embroidered jeans are a perfect foundation for dipping your toe into print mixing. I’d like to point out that if my mother can do it, any of you can do it too! Do you realize she’s wearing 4 prints?

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Blouse as a kimono or jacket

Versatility of a Blouse

It’s a great reminder that any top (or dress) that buttons up, could be worn as a kimono or layering piece.

Insider tip: If you forget about this concept, then it might be worth hanging these types of tops/dresses together so you look at them as a “jacket” and a shirt.

Other examples of this idea
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Pink Accessories

Accessories are such a cherry on top for any outfit. Sure, you could forgo the jewelry, yet these are items that add more personality to a look.
My mom bought these earrings off the site, Amrita Singh when they were having one of their sales. This site has some wonderful unique pieces and most are budget oriented at least with the sales.

Insider tip: Amrita Singh has a reward program (like most companies) and if you go through my link, you will get a $10 coupon.

How to wear embroidered jeans with other prints
Pink embroidered jeans and pink flats

Print Shoes

I just love the idea of print shoes for so many reasons. Even if you don’t wear much print on the rest of your body, print footwear can give the overall look more personality.
My theory about our shoes is that they are only about 1/10th of the overall area of our look. Yet because they are in a large range of our vision when we look down, they can add a lot of joy!

Wearing pink prints together
Owl obsession

Mom and Owls

We were taking photos in a cactus garden which you will read more about soon. Of course my mom focused on the owl that she saw decorating an area!! In fact, she had her phone out to take a photo of it too! (It’s hard to see but I bought her a phone case with an owl on it. No surprise there!)
If you are new here, then you can see part of my mom’s owl collection when I showcased a couple of rooms at both Lesley’s and mom’s place.

How to wear embroidered jeans

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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