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Day to Day Outfits: Secrets of Personality in our Style

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Another episode of my day to day outfits. How do the secrets of personality come into our style? Because I truly believe that our clothing is the visual representation of our personality. In fact, I just heard an artist say that color is vibration.
I was super excited to make myself wear more dresses for my day to day outfits this week, but it won’t be happening all of the time, haha.

Content of my day to day outfits
Saturday– Neutral but whimsical
Sunday– Maxi dress with loafers
Monday– Jeans and a shiny blazer
Tuesday– Silk joggers and faux fur vest
Wednesday– Tulle skirt and corset top
Thursday– Maxi dress and sweater
Friday– Summer dress with boots and jacket


Day to day outfit for older women

This may seem like an unusual monochrome outfit for me.

In all honesty, this is only the foundation for another item that you’ll see on the blog in a couple of weeks.

However, with the heat, I left off the topper for now and added in tinges of turquoise (my earrings and belt. You don’t see the mint-colored purse).

To add my personality into the mix, I wore this plaid shirt from Belong Lifestyle USA. (no commission from this plug). While most plaid is very masculine, I love this top because of the ruffles at the neck, wrists, and sleeves.

Plus I did use the half-tuck trick (blogged about here) to make the overall look more intentional. AND then you see the color of the belt too!

These are my mustard jeans which I’ve used for an example with my color recipe. In that post, I didn’t show them with a monochrome option, so I thought this was another great idea.

The booties are a light tan, and wonderful for any lighter outfits for the cooler months.


Maxi worn for the winter months

Dresses for the cooler weather?? I know some women don’t wear many dresses or skirts period, but I like having variety in my outfits, and thus I love figuring out how to wear them even in the colder months.

I added a blouse under the teal maxi and accessorized it with a black and white animal print.

The shoes are Walking Cradles “Wyatt” loafers which are super comfy and cute.

The earrings are leather and very lightweight. They are from Theresa Rose’s Etsy site I purchased a couple of years ago.

I knotted the belt because the end is so long and I like how it adds a vertical dimension to it.


Jeans and a tee

I should learn to stand still for my selfies, then I wouldn’t be out of focus. Although I do kid around, that I look better out of focus, haha!!

Jeans and a tee. They can be spruced up so easily with a fun jacket. This gold, shiny jacket was thrifted years ago.
You’ve seen it on the blog for New Year’s Eve with my black leather jeans.

These jeans are from Belong Lifestyle USA. I would never have thought to order jeans online except another friend did and loved them. And I see why. This brand (called Kancan) has become one of my favorites.

We have talked about how to add pizzazz to jeans and t-shirt looks in the past. I love how it’s not rocket science.

I threw on my leopard shoes without taking the time to add my Sheec socks, and decided I wouldn’t do that again. They feel so cold and slimy without socks.


Day to day outfits with silk joggers

I’ve been surprised how much I love these silk joggers. I wasn’t sure I’d ever succumb to joggers in the first place, but I think the more they are out, the more variety there is and thus they can fit anyone’s life.

Two other jogger post ideas:
1These are considered joggers because of the knit material and elastic waistband. Yet they don’t have the elasticized ankle portion.
2The Peach joggers have been a favorite because they are super lightweight for our warmer temperatures.

Do the shoes seem too dark for the overall look? Of course, you aren’t seeing the purse either. I thought I was going to accessorize with black and white and instead I went with a peachy orange color.

These loafers are Walking Cradles “Wyatt” in the ivory mini cheetah print.

The faux fur vest is actually reversible to a quilted side and I found it at Goodwill last year.

As for the llama sweater, I would NEVER have worn something whimsical like this before blogging. I thought I was way too old to have fun with style.
But now? Now I realize that life is too short, and I should have more fun with what I wear.

It’s also part of what I learned from the Dressing my Truth video and quiz. It’s basically like learning your colors using your personality and other factors too (not just your complexion).

Access to the style quiz (a short quiz, less than 5 minutes) to find out your category. I will say that I was typed as a 3, however, when I listened to the videos (a 30-minute activity) I identify more with Type 1).


Tulle skirt and corset top

Thanks to Marsha for the inspiration for this outfit. We were having a conversation about how styles return, and she said she hoped corsets didn’t return, haha.

That reminded me of this corset top that I used to wear to work under my blazers. And gave me an idea to try to wear it even now.

As for the tulle skirt, I never realized how fun it is to wear girly things. My growing up and working life was serious and professional, so I never liked the girly things.
This skirt I found at Goodwill and I like that it’s shorter.

These gold ankle boots are what I consider a good color that goes with anything, especially for fancy events or holidays.

Anyways, layering under the corset top is something I never thought about before blogging. Yet, I think it works wonderfully.

I added a bold gold earring to tie in with the ankle boots.


Wearing a maxi dress with a sweater and boots

This maxi dress was a recent purchase while thrifting and I always try to wear my items right after I wash them.

What I loved about this dress is how it even has sleeves and it fits me like a glove (not that you can see that in this example).

I added a thrifted sweater (it’s a Sundance brand) and white tall boots (also thrifted).
In fact, the only thing not thrifted are the earrings (but I’ve had them for 10+ years)

Even the hat is Rob’s and thrifted.

Insider tip: Need a beginner’s guide to wear hats? I wrote about that here.

This outfit was put together because I have a facial today. Thus the hat because my hair is always a mess afterward.

I will just take off the sweater and the dress is easy with no fasteners.

Now here’s a question for you? Do the ivory sweater and white boots bother you? Personally, I always love ivory and white together.


Day to day outfits with a dress in fall

I never used to understand the idea of wearing a summer dress in another season. It goes to show that I’ve evolved, right?

It certainly is easier to do living in Arizona too. I wore this Old Navy dress that I’ve worn on the blog before here (which surprisingly had a ton of social shares).

Then I added tall boots–these are thrifted. For those of you who worry about the taller boots seeming too young, I think they are the best thing since sliced bread for keeping us warm. Just made sure to look for ones with zippers for easier on and off.

On top of the dress, I added my faux fur coat from Naomi & Ruth Online Boutique. Not that I worry about looking slimmer in these kinds of coats, but I do like the vertical lines on it!!

And yes, I trimmed my bangs myself. Am I the only one that has been chopping my own hair lately??

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