Descriptive and Valuable Kinds of Shoes to Wear with Cropped Pants

Descriptive and Valuable Kinds of Shoes to Wear with Cropped Pants

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Spring style for women over 70

Descriptive and Valuable Kinds of Shoes to Wear with Cropped Pants

Our next lesson about which shoes to wear with cropped pants will concentrate more on the descriptive terms for your shoes instead of the style of shoe. Don’t worry, I’ll include the style of shoe as Lesley experiments with her footwear.

Quote of the day: “I have learned that as long as I hold fast to my beliefs and values-and follow my own moral compass-then the only expectations I need to live up to are my own.” Michelle Obama

This quote speaks volumes when you discuss style and fashion. Because many of us get too crazy about what goes with what. Like there is a perfect pairing, yet we all know that perfect is an untruth.
Granted we are also all different. But some of our style struggles are only because we are worried about other’s thoughts.
You know my motto? Let’s have fun with our style!!

How does that relate to which shoes to wear with cropped pants? (BTW, thanks for the suggestion Gail.) It means that I bet you have a ton of shoes that would work with the shorter length pants that we are seeing more of this spring.

Lesley is wearing what I would call a tapered cropped pant and she created a neutral outfit so you could concentrate on the shoes.
With Charlotte and her ankle pants, we discussed more about the styles she wore whereas Lesley will concentrate on the descriptive term and events for which she might wear them. And then I showcased the more flared version.

Lesley’s Outfit

The neutral outfit

Pants: Chicos~~Cardigan: Mesh & Lace ~~ Top: Chicos

For those of you who love a monochrome neutral outfit, Lesley has you covered.
And if you worry about cropped pants and that they can make you look shorter, stop worrying!! Your height, just like your age, is just a number, and not important to feeling great!!!

Besides, if you look at the proportions of Lesley’s outfit (which I don’t always think make a huge difference, but it’s fun to contemplate), the pants under the cardigan are 1/3 and the cardigan makes up 2/3.
That means you can experiment with all kinds of shoes to wear with cropped pants because you already have the proportions set.


This category is no different than Charlotte’s dressy shoes with her ankle pants. However, Charlotte kept her heels a nude shade and Lesley went with red.
Lesley’s description: “These are for getting attention, having fun and a bit more dressier. I would wear this shoe on a date, or out to lunch with the girls. Or if I needed a little sassitude for my day.”

This pair of heels is the brand Amalfi and I do think that every woman needs some wonderful red shoes.

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Shoes to Wear with Cropped Pants

Now for the opposite of dressy, Lesley is showing what she considers a casual flat.
Again, the style of the shoe may be a flat, yet Lesley’s example of a flat is totally different than Charlotte’s. SO much depends on the style of the flat and the color/print.

Lesley considers this “a bit unexpected but in the same color category as the outfit.” In fact, you may notice that she is print mixing with these leopard flats.
Another description of these could be considered a loafer. Of course not all loafers are created equally, and these have more of a cut out on the sides of the vamp.
Yet, I think the biggest factor is the leopard print. Let’s not worry too much about the style details except they are a bit unexpected as Lesley points out.

Comfy for Spring

Now this is the description that many of us strive for in all of our shoes.
Lesley talks about these as: “Easy to walk in and good for getting attention because of the fun fuchsia color.”

These driving loafers are not all that different than Lesley’s leopard flats above except the vamp comes up slightly higher on her foot. Yet they still look wonderful as a pop of color with her cropped pants outfit.

This pair is by the brand Mercanti Fiorentini and I have a pair just like them in orange (great minds think alike).

Walking in the Summer

Another comfortable option but for a hotter day would be sandals.
Lesley said “Navy seemed like a great dark neutral to wear with this outfit. This pair would be great for walking and sightseeing.”

This pair is from the brand Lifestride and have that adjustable straps that make them comfortable.


Another descriptive term for our shoes can be chunky or light. Sometimes we don’t think that a light outfit can handle a heavier shoe, but I’d like to disagree with that. As I said in a recent post, “Clothing is not meant to be fearful—you are the boss of it”. Besides we mix masculine and feminine along with dressy and casual. So why not lightweight and heavy?

Lesley chose these Walking Cradles loafers to showcase how a heavier loafer would work with her cropped pants outfit. These heavier shoes are a neutral color which blend in more than stand out.
I also would like to point out that these aren’t a lot different than the brogues I talked about last week.

Wild Card

Lesley chose this pair of camo print sneakers as her wild card option for which shoes to wear with cropped pants only because of the print. If you remember our camo post this winter, Lesley had quite the commentary about how she feels about camo print. (and it’s not positive).
However, one of her friends gave her these shoes (brand JSlides) and she decided to embrace them. Besides she loves the orange laces.

How would you describe these sneakers? If you truly analyze these, they aren’t much different than the heavy shoes with the thicker platform. Or you could say they remind you of Lesley’s flats due to the print. Either way, they work with her outfit!!!

The takeaway? Have fun with the idea of which shoes to wear with cropped pants. And if you’re not sure about the shoes, create a diversion with some of the other details in your outfit like a statement necklace or a scarf!!

Shoes to wear with cropped pants

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

My Goal

Thank you for visiting my space on the internet. I like to showcase how it’s never too late to look great for women of any age, size or working with any budget.
I feel I’m here to help move beyond the fashion rules of yesterday and evolve. Style and clothes are made to give you joy. Not cause us stress because we are worried about what other’s think.

My hope is that you get ideas and inspirations from Charlotte, Lesley and myself. It’s not about copying what we wear, but about using what you already have and updating items along the way.
Most of all it’s getting us to think differently and dare I say, have fun?


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