Different good walking sandals with Walking Cradles

Details and Useful Comparison of Good Walking Sandals

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It’s no secret that I have a shoe addiction as evidenced if you walked into my closet. But the fact of the matter is, when we get to be older, our feet need more than just cute shoes. They need good walking sandals.
This is why I wanted to compare and contrast two versions of summer sandals from Walking Cradles.

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Good Walking Sandals Comparison
What Sets Walking Cradles Apart
Sandal Construction for Walking Cradles Sandals
Details of the “Phoebe” Style
Details of the “Natalia” Style
Comparing the Two Styles
Styling These Good Walking Sandals
What you Need to Know

Quote of the day: “Every problem, every dilemma, every dead end we find ourselves facing in life, only appears unsolvable inside a particular frame or point of view. Enlarge the box, or create another frame around the data, and problems vanish, while new opportunities appear.” The Art of Possibility

I thought this quote was powerful because the issue of finding good walking sandals can be extremely limited if you only shop at the mass retailers time after time. It’s exactly the reason that blogging can be so advantageous.
You can learn about companies and brands that you didn’t know about PLUS get the inside scoop about certain products.

This post was written because I wanted to showcase how this summer has been incredibly stylish for Walking Cradles. It is not a sponsored post, but I am an affiliate of the company.

Important tip: If you are interested in any of these Walking Cradles sandals, I would strongly suggest going up a half size. Usually, Walking Cradles runs very true-to-size, but I have found these new sandals to be a tidge smaller.

What Sets Walking Cradles Apart

There is a list that makes Walking Cradles different from other shoe companies. However, the biggest thing for most of their fans is the inclusive sizes. If you have a foot that is on the smaller, thinner, bigger, or wider scale, then you know how hard it is to find shoes that fit. Let alone good walking sandals.
What I mean is that this brand offers sizes 4-13 in 5 different widths. Now as you can imagine, the unusual sizes sell out much faster because there aren’t as many of those shoes made. Thus, if you fall into that category for your feet, make sure to buy what you like right away.

Insider tip: If they are unavailable in your size, it can’t hurt to reach out and use the Contact Us form to tell them your size and which shoe is not available anymore. They don’t know to make more of a certain size if people don’t tell them.

The other factors why I love and appreciate Walking Cradles is
1-“Tiny Pillows” in the insoles for wonderful cushioning of your feet. Plus the suede microfiber footbed which keeps your feet dry even in the summer.
2-The brand concentrates on comfort. There are a couple of types of arch support offered in their shoes from moderate to enhanced.
3-They are a small business located in the United States. These are real people working to make your feet happy. With this comes incredible customer service from everyone at Walking Cradles.

Sandal Construction for Walking Cradles Sandals

The title seems like I’m just comparing 2 different styles of good walking sandals with this post. But in reality, I’m actually addressing 2 different types of sandal construction that Walking Cradles is offering.
These are NOT THE ONLY kinds of sandals offered on the WC site, but these are the majority of the new arrivals, and I’m here to give you the differences.

Insider tip: Most shoe companies have a common “base” for many of their shoe styles. Once you know this and like a certain one (the height and comfort factor), then you will probably love all of the shoes from that company with the same base construction.

Why even go into these kinds of details about the shoes?? I find that knowing more about the details of the shoes makes you realize why they work (or don’t work) for each of us. Plus these are the things that make Walking Cradles different from other shoe companies.

Now let’s talk about the Comfort Cradle Construction vs the New Sandal Construction.

Comfort Cradle Construction

This footbed is seen not only on my “Phoebe” sandals below but is also found with the “Penelope” and “Pool” sandals.
It’s what I would describe as a sole that cups your foot. I’m sure you are familiar with the Birks. It’s that sort of principle.

There are 4 layers of materials that are part of this construction that you can see in more detail on their site. Suffice it to say, it’s all about providing security to your foot when walking along and being a comfortable shock absorber.

Insider tip: The cork is only a cover on the outside or heel. Instead, the base is made from a poly stabilizer and poly memory foam.

New Sandal Construction

The new sandal construction is the other majority of sandals on the Walking Cradles site this Summer 2022. We have reviewed and showcased 3 of the styles in this post. Those were the “Nella,” “Noelle,” and “Cruz.” The newest arrival is the “Nicole” pictured above which caught my eye with the fabulous color options (yes, the “Nicole” come in neutrals too).

1-First, this construction has a low heel height of only 1 inch. This means it’s basically a flat sandal, yet not so flat that it’s uncomfortable.
2-That suede microfiber is so beneficial for the hot days when your feet sweat.
3-Dual-density foam is used for their insole. Maybe you’ve heard of memory foam? The problem with memory foam is it has a memory. Therefore it stays indented after a short time and breaks down faster.
The dual-density foam in Walking Cradles shoes bounces back after compression and lasts longer.
4-The soles are flexible. They bend and move to make them easy to walk in.

Details of the “Phoebe” Style

The “Phoebe” is an example of the Comfort Cradle Construction.

Phoebe sandals from Walking Cradles

Here are the basics of this particular style:
1-It comes in this vanilla crinkle leather, gold crinkle leather, and black pebble leather.
2-Thong style with an oversized adjustable buckle.
3-Slip on style so easy for putting on and taking off.

Details of the “Natalia” Style

Print mixing with footwear

Here are the basics of this particular style:
1-It comes in this snakeskin, in black and in white.
2-Toe loop with elastic so it will stretch.
3-Velcro closure in the back so it’s easy on and off.

Insider tip: If your existing shoes don’t have velcro, I have been known to add it to buckled ankle strap shoes. It’s a life-changing DIY hack and is easy and inexpensive.

Comparing the Two Styles

Different good walking sandals with Walking Cradles
“Phoebe” on the left. “Natalia” on the right.

Let me compare some of the basics of these two styles.

The biggest one is how the Comfort Cradles styles cups your foot. What I mean is that there is a slight rim at the edges of the footbed.
In comparison, the New Sandal construction is a flatter footbed.

Because of the different layers in the Comfort Cradles sandals, they are NOT as flexible. This does not make them uncomfortable, it’s just a difference.
Both are very bunion friendly, as you can see in my photos.

Insider tip: Size UP a half size for these sandals.

Neither of these sandals has enhanced arch support. They both have moderate arch support. How can you tell what you need to be the most comfortable?? Gosh, that’s a hard one. Feel free to reach out to me and between their customer support and some questions, maybe we can figure it out.

Looking for good walking sandals with enhanced arch support? Then head to Walking Cradles and search for the styles titled Heather, Henley, Heston, Hudson, Huntley, or Hustle.

Styling These Good Walking Sandals

Now since I appreciate the esthetics of the sandals as well as the comfort part, I thought I’d give you some examples of how I’ve worn these recently.

The “Natalia” snakeskin is a lighter snakeskin and really acts as a neutral. I experimented not only with a solid-colored dress but also with a print jumpsuit.

The “Phoebe” really goes with everything and for those of you who don’t like the white shoes, these are more of ivory. (Of course, they come in other colors too).
I wore them with a print dress and with the same print jumpsuit. It goes to show how there can be so many different shoe options for our outfits.

You saw this ruffle dress outfit last week when we discussed practical yet stylish Arizona outfits.

What You Need To Know

I am an ambassador of Walking Cradles because I believe in their mission that shoes can be stylish and comfortable. That means for first-time purchases, I can offer a 15% discount with the code Jodie15, and I do receive a small commission if you purchase through my link.
It’s always my goal to support the small businesses AND to find products that fill our needs, like good walking sandals.

BTW, I can’t link directly to each shoe with my Walking Cradles link. That’s why I showcase the name of the style of the shoe in quotations so you can search for them once you get on the site. Or just browse through their new arrivals because you may see something you like even better.

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Good walking sandals comparison

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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