Different Combinations of Wearing Green

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3 women wearing green different ways

Different Combinations of Wearing Green

Quote of the day: “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” Zig Ziglar

I thought this quote worked perfectly for our discussion about wearing green. Because I never realized people wouldn’t like green in their wardrobe. Yet after hearing Nancy talk about it, along with my friend Lesley, I realized it’s an underappreciated color. Yet doesn’t everyone need some green for St. Patrick’s Day?

For me this quote means that changing our attitude about things is a good thing. Even something as silly as the color green. Because EVERY color has many different shades and I bet there’s probably at least one variation that looks good on you.

3 different ages of women wearing green

Now I know I’m biased about color. I love color. All of them. I think color can improve our mood and give us a boost on those days we need it. Especially in the winter when the days tend to be dark and dreary.

For some strange reason, in the darker months we reach for darker clothes. Yet I almost think we should do the opposite. At least I’ve been trying to incorporate more color in my winter wardrobe lately.

3 women wearing green in spring

Different Outfits

There really are so many ways to incorporate any color into your outfits. I tried to break it down into three categories for the three of us to show you.

The first way was pairing it with a neutral. Since we know that neutrals go with everything, then this should be an easy start. I had Nancy showcase her dark, olive green with white. But it would look as wonderful with tan, or light grey. Because her jacket is so dark, I like it better with the lighter neutrals, however, you could certainly pair it with black also.

If you adore green like my mom, then wearing all different shades of green may tickle your fancy. Heck, you could even go full on monochromatic with the same shade from head to toe. Kinda like my mom did with her white boots if she’d worn red boots.

Of course, there are SO many colors that look great with green too. I happened to choose pink for this series, yet trust me it wasn’t an easy choice. I’m of the belief that ANY two colors will look good together. It only gets more difficult when you add in a third color to the mix.

3 women wearing green


I think when people hear the word green, they tend to think of the bright, kelly green like you see on leprechauns. Especially when you are talking about St. Patrick’s day.

Yet there are so many different variations that are shown at the stores right now. I think the olive green can be considered a neutral because it’s almost like a taupe. And then the lighter greens are always so pretty with spring right around the corner.

As for those of you who don’t seem to love the color, there are small ways to incorporate it. Because you certainly don’t want to get pinched on March 17! Well, depending on who is doing the pinching and where…ha ha. So you can always get away with having the green be in a print so it isn’t as obvious.

Of course, another easy way to add in green to an outfit is with accessories. For example a fun green purse or necklace would work.

The best part? It’s not like you have to spend a lot of money to find great things. I’ve had a lot of luck either with sales, or thrifting. Heck, there’s even online thrifting if you don’t want to leave the house.

Wearing green for St. Pat's day

I had to include this photo above. My husband loves trying to get all the artsy, fartsy shots now. If anything, he has learned so much about photography and having fun with different angles and such.

There are a bunch of the photos from this day, where you see more of the flowers and plants than you do us!! Maybe that would be better…ha ha!!

3 women wearing green in a greenhouse

Echter’s Nursery

Funny story about these photos. It’s at this time of year that everyone is wishing for spring. Yet in our real world, it’s not warm enough outside to take blog photos most days. If you are like us then everyone is a little tired of bundling up, and you don’t really want to see winter coats again.

Therefore, Rob and I researched where we could take some indoor photos. And we came upon an interesting place in North Denver that grows food. We even called ahead and talked to them about joining their Saturday tour and taking photos for the blog.

Well, on this morning, it had snowed 8 inches. Nothing unusual for Denver in February. But when we got to the Grow Haus, they were closed because of the snow. So luckily, Nancy came up with the idea of heading out to Echter’s Nursery instead.  It was good lighting, warm inside and they had marvelous plants.

In fact, this nursery has more than just plants. Heck they even had some clothing, so I’m sure it wouldn’t surprise you to know that both my mom and I bought a Vera Wang scarf on sale for $5 each. And the funniest thing? The scarf was a pink and green print. Perfect for the theme this week. I should have put it on in one of the photos.

You may see this place again in the future. It’s nice to have somewhere to go where we don’t freeze our tookus off!! Because in Denver, March and April tend to be our snowiest months. And it always seems to happen when we have blog photos scheduled. LOL!

Wearing green for any age group


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Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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