Different Ways to Wear Pink in October

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Sun City Museum

Different Ways to Wear Pink in October

We may not think to wear pink in October. Yet now that pink is a popular color, there are many ways to transition it into the fall months. I think it’s especially meaningful now that October is breast cancer awareness month.

Quote of the day: “The goal is not always meant to be reached, but to serve as a mark for our aim.” Joseph Joubert

I liked this quote because we may look for inspiration for our daily looks and style, yet we don’t always change that much. It certainly is a process and one that can get easier little by little. Especially when it comes to color.

The best thing about color is that there is a shade for every complexion out there. And the second best part is that you don’t always have to wear the color by your face. I know I push color on you all the time. But I can’t apologize for something I feel so strongly about..

Different shades of pink

Our Outfits

I gave the three of us the challenge of figuring out a way to wear pink for a fall day. Not that this theme is a stranger to this blog. In fact, I have three other ideas below. The funniest part is how we ALL wore scarves on this day!! Maybe fall means pull out your scarves? We did try to show how to wear scarves in the warmer months recently too.

But for this week, Lesley concentrated on wearing her brighter pink with brown. She would have fit right in with one of the ideas below.

Charlotte is obsessed with matching colors in her outfits and used all kinds of pinks in her look.

And then I added in navy with my scarf, but also chose footwear that I wouldn’t have thought to wear many years ago.

Sun City Museum

Now the reason we wore pink is because I wanted to tour the Sun City museum and it’s pink on the outside. I figured it’d be fun to match the house while learning a little of our new community.

You’ll hear more information about the Sun City of today in a future Where the Blogger’s Live Collaboration, but today let me share some history. The concept for Sun City started with the developer Del Webb who opened this 55+ community on January 1, 1960.

The opening drew 100,000 people which was more than ever imagined. It even resulted in Del Webb being featured on Time Magazine.

This museum is one of the model homes for the community. It was lived in for years until it was dedicated to be a museum with many original features of the time. Like that pink kitchen and pink bathroom. Maybe it won’t surprise you that my mom had a pink bathroom in the house I grew up in?

One interesting fact is that opening day was really cold for AZ. In fact, the fountain out front was frozen over in the morning.

As a fashion enthusiast, one of the best features of these older photos is seeing how people dressed back in the 1960’s. You certainly don’t see jeans on the women.

Other Ideas of How to Wear Pink

Nancy, Charlotte and I all wore a blush pink with olive green in a blog post. I think olive green can really be used as a neutral in so many outfits because it’s a subdued color and very earthy.

You might be interested to see that this is the same pink bodycon dress that I wore for this week’s post. Proof that I don’t get new clothing all the time…ha ha!

And mom’s layered her snakeskin tank top over a long sleeve olive shirt. It’s a great way to transition your sleeveless items into the cooler weather.

Pink and Burgundy

At the same time we paired our pink with olive green, we also tried combining it with burgundy.

Interestingly enough, we all added this combination of colors with another neutral. My mom chose brown, I wore grey and Nancy had on black.

Pink and Brown

And as part of our brown color combination blog post, we wore brown with pink.

Even though these outfits were styled 3 years ago, I think any of us could wear them today and still look contemporary.

I would like to point out that my brown silk top is the same one I wore just recently.

The how to wear pink in October

Even these golf carts where part of the museum here in Sun City. One said “Hers” and the other said “His”.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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