Different hair serums after menopause

My Direct Thoughts About Hair Serums After Menopause

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I have been using a variety of hair serums after menopause and wanted to share with you my honest thoughts and experience.

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Back when I was in dental school, teeth whitening was becoming a popular subject, yet many people weren’t sure if it really worked.

So I whitened my top teeth and left my lower teeth their original shade. It was quite a difference and proof that teeth whitening worked.

Fast forward to the present day when there are lash serums, eyebrow serums, and hair/scalp serums designed to help the thinning/hair loss that happens after menopause.

Do they really work? Is it worth the money? Which one is best? Those are the questions that always pop up when discussing hair serums after menopause.

So let’s delve into the subject.

I have written about my hair journey and the things/products I’ve been using many times if you want more information:

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Hair Serums After Menopause

It was this photo from the middle of March 2024 that caused me to begin using hair/scalp serums again.

If you’ve been following our journey, you know that we recently moved houses in February, and with that comes a ton of changes and stress.
My hair had been doing wonderful and I didn’t think I needed to continue EVERYTHING I was doing to make it look good.

Thus, I had stopped using my hair/scalp serums. I honestly can’t remember when I stopped, but definitely in the time of packing up our house starting around the holidays would make sense.

Insider tip: As with any of the eyelash/eyebrow/hair serums, the changes take time. Personally, I don’t notice a difference until 3-4 months out.
AND it needs to be a daily thing. If you stop using it, the hair stops growing.

Let me give you a breakdown of the hair serums after menopause that I have personally used and tried. Trust me, it seems like every brand has a similar product. There is one brand Rob recently used that he didn’t like so I didn’t include it.

  • Better Not Younger– I’m a huge fan of this brand’s message, and their hair serum is always in my cabinet.
  • Collective Labs -This is the original hair serum I started using. I linked to the Amazon product only because I prefer having a one-time purchase instead of a subscription.
  • Divi-This is a newer one that also has tea tree oil in it.
  • Vegamour Gro-I’ve reviewed this brand and appreciate the clean ingredients.
  • Nutrafol-One of the first hair supplement brands that I knew about and have taken in the past.

Insider tip: All of these you can use with your fingertips, however, I use the liquid comb massager with all of them.

What is amazing to me is if you study all of the ingredients in these hair serums, they are all quite different. This is another good reason to read #3 of the considerations section below.

Comparing photos after using hair serums

Before and After Photos

Who doesn’t love the before and after photos for anything? I think they can be so enlightening because many changes are hard to see ourselves since we see our image daily in the mirror.

Yet with photoshop, and photo editing nowadays, can you believe the photos you see?

That’s why I included 2 different photos for my after photo. Both were taken in June 2024.

I realize the angle isn’t the exact same and my hair is hanging a different way. That’s why I took the second shot and tried to pull my hair back.
It’s still not the exact repilica of the first shot, but since I’m not trying to sell you anything, but give you my honest thoughts, I thought it was helpful.

Before and after photos using hair serums

Things to Consider with Hair Serums After Menopause

1-First off the terminology. Some companies name it a scalp serum while others call it a hair serum. The problem is that I also have “hair serums” in my cabinet that are designed for a different function (this one is for frizz control yet it’s also called a hair serum).
Because of this, it behooves you to read the description before purchasing.

2-Are they only good for women after menopause? I will say that my husband is also using some of my hair serums, but because we don’t take photos of him as regularly, it’s hard to determine if it’s as helpful.
Biologically, I would think that it could help both sexes at any age, but I’m not sure.

3-Which brand is better? This is the $64,000 question, right? It’s my belief (and I wouldn’t say it’s scientific) with almost anything and everything that variety is good. Change it up.
Because one brand may have an ingredient that is beneficial to you yet you need another ingredient from another brand to make a difference.

Insider tip: Another consideration to take into account is that not all bottles of the same brand may be created equal. Just think how one box of product could have been contaminated or sitting around in a hot truck all day.
There are just so many factors to consider in the packaging and transportation of the things we buy.
It’s one reason that I like to say, “it’s a crap shoot.” Try one and then another.

4-Are eyelash and eyebrow serums the same? Along the same lines of hair serums after menopause is the fact that our eyelashes and eyebrows also thin out and go away. That’s where eyelash and eyebrow serums have a huge market share, and yes, I use those too.

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In Conclusion

What I’d like to believe is that I could get my body healthy enough on its own so I wouldn’t need any hair/eyelash/eyebrow serums.

Some women don’t need them at all especially if they have had thick hair from the start.

I was born with fine, thin hair and unfortunately, the menopausal changes have made an impact on my hair, lashes, and brows.
For me, I don’t take any hormone replacement and have been in menopause over 8 years.

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Because of this, I will continue to use my hair serums after menopause. Unless something changes. It is one reason I think you should sign up for my emails because I am constantly trying new and different ideas and love to share my findings.

Why use hair serums after menopause

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