How To DIY Your Own Silver Sneakers

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DIY Silver Sneakers.

How To DIY Your Own Silver Sneakers

For those of you who love to make items your own, then this DIY on how to make your own silver sneakers will be fun! The greatest part about it, is you could make the shoes any color you really want.

The idea for this post started with the silver shoe post (here) and with my comment about these sneakers that I was coveting (which happen to be on sale right now). I had a reader make this suggestion: “Don’t spend 73 bucks for silver sneakers. Find a cheaper white pair at a discount stop and get some silver fabric paint or large markers and do it yourself!” As it turned out, a couple days later, she found herself a pair at Goodwill for $7—and even sent me a picture to prove it. This is Judy or as her friends call her, Jude, below with her puppy, Piper.

DIY Silver Sneakers.

But then the story gets better….Jude, actually made a pair of these silver sneakers for me. Since she suggested painting a pair and she’d never done it herself, she wanted to make sure it’d work!

Well, voila—they turned out magnificent—don’t you think (they are also shown in the top picture)?! She even signed them on the back (inside the fleur de lis is her name) and added an initial charm on the top of the shoelace on the right shoe—I think this could be my favorite detail because anyone could do this to their existing pair so easily to add a little pizzazz! Here’s an example of what you could add to your shoelaces!

Painting your Own Sneakers a Color DIY Silver Sneakers.


As for the specifics of how to create these masterpieces—I have the run down for you per Judy! The entire cost of the project was under $25 not including the shoes (purchased at Target here) along with a couple of brushes & sponges she already had in her collection. I figured if you’re someone who would be interested in this, you probably have many of these items—so it wouldn’t be too hard to recreate!

1-Use a Sharpie pen (found at Target, Michael’s, or here) for the tricky parts: around the rubber trim and grommets of the shoelaces.

2-Judy used Folk Art Brand acrylic paint (found here on ebay—she got hers at Michael’s) to paint the remaining portion of the shoe with a small brush & a flat sponge dabber. First she painted on the silver paint as a base coat (#662E), and then finished with a top coat of silver glitter (#2787E).

I have to say, I’ve worn these sneakers quite a few times already! I love them for that fact 1-they are sparkly and fun and 2-they’re sneakers so, of course, they’re comfortable (plus I can slide my orthodics inside them). Jude did say she isn’t sure how they would hold up to puddles…

This is what my 4th of July outfit will look like–you don’t notice how sparkly the shoes are in the shade, but trust me…in the sun they glimmer!!

DIY Silver Sneakers.

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Of course, you could make your sneakers so many other colors too—there are a plethora of different acrylic paint colors!

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