Dreaming of Spring in Comfortable Sandals for Women

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Comfortable Sandals for Women over 50

Dreaming of Spring in Comfortable Sandals for Women

Quote of the day: “Life doesn’t often spell things out for you or give you what you want exactly when you want it; otherwise it wouldn’t be called life. It would be called “vending machine.” Lauren Graham.

I had to laugh reading this quote. Because life is such an interesting journey, isn’t it? It may not be exactly what we ask for, yet learning to roll with the punches can make life so much better.

So why would this quote be used for dreaming of spring in comfortable sandals? Well first because here in Denver, spring does not look at the calendar. While my other friends in the southern states are enjoying warm weather and already breaking out the sandals, we just had a blizzard.

And secondly, most women struggle with finding comfortable shoes as they get older. That’s why we’ve been extremely happy and lucky to work with Jambu now and in the past. Yes, this is a sponsored post. Yet the advantage of that is you get some honest thoughts on these shoes and a discount. Use the code JTOUCH19 valid for 20% off any purchase on Jambu’s website now through 4/30.

Comfortable Sandals for Women in their older years

Jambu’s New Arrivals

I will be completely honest as I always am. I am a shoe snob. And while I have grown to like more styles of shoes now than I used to, I struggle with some of the summer sandals that are marketed as comfortable. My preference is usually the slimmer styles. Yet as you know, many of the cute summer sandals don’t have any arch support to speak of.

For your information, comfortable shoes was a request seen a couple of times in my latest survey. So I know there are many of you that struggle with this too.

Which is why I am happy to showcase Jambu again and again. And while we all decided to style the same sandal to give you many options of how to wear it, these aren’t the only ones I know you’ll like. For example if you like flowers you would enjoy the Daisy. And Jambu has the cutest selection of garden shoes this season too. Even though we are showing only the white and cognac in these sandals, the Sandy style also comes in black. Funny, how none of us chose the black this time.

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit

Comfortable Sandals for Women wearing spring colors

Jeans: Arden B-thrifted  (similar here)~~Jacket: Live a Little-thrifted (similar here)~~Shoes: Jambu (here)~~Earrings: Francescas (similar here)~~Purse: Charming Charlies (similar here)

Comfortable Sandals for Women dreaming of spring

Why I Wore this Outfit

I just purchased this pair of denim jeans at Goodwill in thinking about our upcoming New Year’s Eve cruise to the southern Caribbean. (Yes, I’m a planner). They are VERY lightweight and more flowy than normal jeans. Therefore, I thought they’d be perfect in warm weather, yet I’d still be covered up.

My jacket is a hand me down from a friend who cleaned out her closet recently. Just like I talked about in our white boots post about book ending the color of footwear to your top, that’s the idea I was going for in this outfit.

Yet, I also wanted to add in a third color, which is why I wore my bright pink earrings, ring and purse.

Comfortable Sandals for Women in white

Jodie’s Review of these Sandy Sandals

For some reason I’ve been on such a white footwear kick lately. It started with our white boots that we all styled recently. And when I saw that these sandals came in white, I was like sign me up! White just seems to go with everything.

As someone who always loves my heels, these don’t feel like a heel at all. It’s the incline that is basically flat, so you can walk and stand without all the pressure on the ball of your foot.

The other thing I really like how the ankle strap is Velcro, so it’s easy to get on and off. Was there anything I didn’t like? Maybe I wish the heel was all black like the black version of the same shoe? Then again, maybe I could paint it?

Nancy’s (70+) Outfit

Comfortable Sandals for Women over 60

Jeans: Liverpool (similar here)~~Jacket: Peck & Peck-thrifted (similar here)~~Top: Cable & Gauge (similar here)~~ Shoes: Jambu (here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Purse: (similar here)

Comfortable Sandals for Women thinking of springtime

Why Nancy Wore this Outfit

I had both Nancy and my mom wear the same color pants as their shoes. Many of you may not consider brown pants for the springtime, yet pairing brown with pink and green seems perfect.

This quilted jacket was a hand me down from the same friend that gave me my jacket above. This one fit Nancy better than me, so she became it’s new owner. If you’ve never swapped clothes with your friends, I think it’s a wonderful opportunity to change out your closet for no money. At least you know the person who wore the clothing before you, if that’s an issue about not loving thrift stores.

A print jacket like this is a perfect example of how you can incorporate other colors into your wardrobe. Especially colors that maybe aren’t fabulous for your complexion. Say for instance, that light pink doesn’t look good near your face. Yet by having it mixed in with colors that are better for you, it works.

Comfortable Sandals for Women in cognac

Nancy’s Review of these Sandy Sandals

Nancy chose the cognac color for her Sandy style sandals. Considering Nancy is more comfortable in flats than heels, she was surprised that these were easy to walk in.

It’s not easy to see in these photos, but Nancy has been having an issue with hammertoes. Luckily, the cut of this strap on the sandal doesn’t interfere with it. The other thing that Nancy  deals with is a neuroma on one of her feet. Fabulously, these did not irritate the neuroma.

That being said, these sandals fit a little differently for her. You can see in the full photo that the heel seems a little big. And the top portion seemed loose on her foot. Nothing uncomfortable, just not super snug.

Charlotte’s (80+) Outfit

Comfortable Sandals for Women over 80

Jeans: XOXO (similar here)~~Sweater: I knitted it for my mom (similar here)~~Shoes: Jambu (here)~~Scarf: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Purse: Hillard & Hanson (similar here)

Comfortable Sandals for Women in transitional weather

Why Charlotte Wore this Outfit

My mom chose the white Sandy sandals like I did. And since she loves to match so much, I asked her to wear her white jeans with the white sandals. We had to dress somewhat warm since there was still snow on the ground. Yet don’t you think this lilac sweater is very spring like?

I knitted this sweater for my mom back in May of 1999. It’s a cotton blend, so great for even the cooler summer evenings. Funny story is that I wouldn’t give it to her until after I wore it for a short trip to San Francisco when I was done knitting it.

And of course, my mom has purple everything else to match the sweater. Even her bezel on her Gucci watch. On a recent Instagram post where I featured my mom, I had many women notice her watch and comment that they too had the same watch. And yes, my mom has almost EVERY color bezel for this watch.

Comfortable Sandals for Women with Jambu

Charlotte’s Review of these Sandy Sandals

My mom loves the sandals. Maybe you can tell in this above photo, that she has this bump on the top of her foot that has come about in the last year. It doesn’t hurt per se; however, some shoes rub against it more than other.

So while Nancy told how these sandals were loose on top, this could be why they are more comfortable for my mom.

At first my mom was afraid that having a wedge heel this high would make her foot slide down. However, that didn’t happen. Maybe because of the ankle strap. And since we all know that my mom likes her feminine details, that’s exactly what she likes about the lacy design.

Sandy Sandals

These Sandy style sandals have many wonderful features. While you can see the details on their site, let me reiterate the things that I really love.

Comfortable Sandals for Women the Jambu Sandy

After we wore these for the day and talked about them, I did understand Nancy’s point about the top portion being loose. I hadn’t noticed it before she pointed it out because it wasn’t bothersome to me. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I could see the advantage of it in the hot summer months. Instead of the shoe being so tight and sweaty, you would have airflow around it.

Another factor that I just adore with almost all of the Jambu shoes we’ve tried is the traction they have. Sure, you may not need it as much when there isn’t snow or ice on the ground, yet I’ve slipped on our hardwood floors before. So traction at any time of year is a good thing.

If you haven’t tried out Jambu before, one of the reasons they are so comfortable is their memory foam insole. It’s like a shock absorber for your foot. The nice thing, is you can replace this insole if yours has worn out.

Because these sandals are chunky, I originally thought they would look the best with flared and straight legged pants/jeans. Which is what the three of us are showing. However, I did try these on with a dress afterwards, and they remind me of ankle boots. So my advice, try them with everything.

Comfortable Sandals for Women for standing

The Facts

This post is a collaboration with Jambu. I feel so blessed to be able to work with companies that I think you will appreciate, work for you, and falls within our budget. Thanks for supporting the companies that let us enjoy our antics! And don’t forget to use the code JTOUCH19 valid for 20% off any purchase on Jambu’s website now through 4/30. One of my friends suggested to sign up for their mailing list, because then you get notifications of other sales too.

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