Easily Finding Outfit Inspiration from Real Women

Easily Finding Outfit Inspiration from Real Women

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Lesley's outfit inspiration with Liz

Easily Finding Outfit Inspiration from Real Women

After using high end magazine photos for our outfit inspiration last week, now the three of us are trying it with a “real woman”. Who do I consider a real woman? You know, one like us that has a limited closet and wears things over and over in different ways.
Therefore, I’d like you to meet Liz of Closet Play Image. I follow her blog and enjoy her thoughts as a true stylist. In fact, one of my favorite posts of hers is the Style Myths about Black.

Quote of the day: “A mistake in judgment isn’t fatal, but too much anxiety about judgment is.” Pauline Kael

Lesley is copying one of her outfits found on Liz’s Instagram page. One thing you may not realize is how small Liz’s closet is (even in relation to mine). Yet she mix and matches with wonderful variety through her accessories and love of color.
Too many times we look at a photo and worry that we don’t have the same elements. Yet I tried to show in the high end magazine photos from last week, ways to get inspiration. It doesn’t have to be a copycat look. And we will apply the same concepts here with outfit inspiration from many of Liz’s looks.

Other outfits we were inspired to “copy from Liz
Using Charlotte’s Imagination to Copy Her Style with Liz
Valuable Ideas on Clothing Inspiration with Closet Play Image

Lesley’s Take on Liz’s Outfit Inspiration

Jeans: Style & Co ~~ Cardigan: Joseph A~~ Top: Talbots-thrifted ~~ Shoes: Florentine Merchant~~ Necklace: Charming Charlies~~ Earrings: Audra Style c/o

You can see how Lesley’s take on Liz’s outfit inspiration is very similar yet different. Lesley concentrated on the pieces to use and not the colors as much. I’ll give some other ideas at the bottom of this post so you can create a look from either Lesley’s or Liz’s outfit.
In Lesley’s own words: “I chose this outfit for its casual style and idea of how to wear a cardigan differently. It was a look not too different from my everyday style, but with a few pops of inspiration.”

Wearing a cardigan as a jacket

Cardigan Love For Outfit Inspiration

First let’s talk about the shorter cardigans. Lesley chose a more colorful version for her outfit which she wore recently over her “strapless” dress. I don’t know about you, but I rarely button my shorter cardigans like this. I say this because sometimes when women purge their closet, they might get rid of one of these thinking it’s a tad small because they can’t button it.
However, like I talked about in my post about a different way to purge our closest with the size issues, just because it might seem too small doesn’t mean it should be tossed out. Now I have no idea if Lesley’s or Liz’s cardigan can be worn buttoned. It’s just something I was contemplating when looking at these photos.

Adding In Accessories

I love what Lesley did with her accessory game. Instead of using a scarf around her neck like Liz wore, she added a longer necklace and then “tied” it up. We all know that Lesley has plenty of scarves, but there are days it’s nice to switch things up.
These fabulous earrings were gifted to us from Audra Style. They are all hand made in North Carolina AND are lightweight!! Audra Style jewelry is filled with color and fun prints. To me they are the epitome of whimsey!
This particular style is called the Stud Muffin and it comes in over 20 different colors/prints. They aren’t the most inexpensive earrings but they are definitely one of a kind.

Insider tip: Audra Style has a monthly giveaway if you sign up for their emails where it says sign me up at the bottom of the page!! That’s always the easiest way to try out new brands.

Cardigan over a white shirt
Colorful shoes

Colorful Shoes

Even though Liz’s outfit inspiration was shown with blue shoes that matched the jeans, Lesley made this look hers with more colorful shoes. While blue shoes could be considered a basic since they go with all of our denim, it’s also fabulous to have some brighter footwear in our closet.
I think the summer is the perfect time to experiment with either pink, yellow, red or orange shoes as a way to bring in more color to your outfits.

Even if you don’t have bright pink in the rest of the outfit, it can be a fun pop of color. Almost like in Liz’s photo where she adds in a red scarf even though there is no other red in her outfit.

Colorful cardigan for spring

Recreate a Look from Your Closet

I love Lesley’s outfit recreation, yet maybe your closet doesn’t have these items. Here’s other ways to give you ideas on how to put an outfit together after seeing either Lesley’s or Liz’s ensembe.

1- If you don’t have a white button up blouse, any white top could be the foundation for a jeans and cardigan look.
2– Remember you can also wear a button up blouse as the “cardigan” too. In fact, if you didn’t have a blue cardigan but wanted to copy Liz’s look, then a chambray shirt left unbuttoned would be fabulous.
3– Don’t like a scarf tied on your neck this way? Then leave it hanging longer, but it’s a great way to add a totally different color to an outfit.
4– I think both women’s look show how the bottom layer can look modern by hanging below the top layer. ANY color or ANY style of tops/cardigans would work.

Insider tip: We’ve discussed 25+ ways of wearing scarves all in one post.

Outfit inspiration

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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