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Easy Baby Steps to Wearing Color: Part 1

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I had a request from a reader asking about wearing color. She likes small bits of color but is worried about anything too wild. Which gave us the idea to have this week be a building theme. And Charlotte is starting by wearing color with her jewelry and belt with a neutral outfit.

Quote of the day: “Even castles in the sky can do with a fresh coat of paint.” Haruki Murakami

Even those of you who tend to shy away from lots of colors can benefit from incorporating a little here and there. And it seems reasonable to bring in color starting with your accessories. These are items that can fit all stages of our life and on all occasions.

Older woman wearing color in small bits

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Wearing Color with Accessories

Woman over 70 wearing color

Skirt: Made from dress~~Top: Mom made it ~~ Shoes: 9 West~~ Purse: thrifted

Charlotte started with black on the lower half and white on the upper half which is very popular on women we see around town. I’ll clue you in about the items themselves later in the post. She even kept the footwear choice neutral with white pumps she has from ages ago.

Insider tip: If white shoes remind you too much of a nurse uniform, then try styles that are modern and chic. They will give off a contemporary vibe. And they are always wonderful for summertime and lately, I’m seeing white boots for winter too.

As for the baby steps for wearing color, my mom started with a red belt and then finished off the outfit with matching earrings and a red purse. I think this idea gives you the impression of wearing color without feeling like it’s too much.
Now let’s go into detail about these pieces.

Red purse as a pop of color


While your accessories are only a small part of your look, they really can create a wonderful focal point or be the cherry on top. It’s one of the reasons I take many accessories with me when I travel.

Insider tip: Even though jewelry can be small and easy to pack, I do concentrate on lighter items for traveling. Many modern earrings are either acrylic, wood, or leather. Another easy option for traveling is scarves.

As for the belt, I know many women don’t wear one much anymore. But let me remind you they can be for everyone. EVEN if you are short-waisted or apple-shaped. As proof, Lesley wears them occasionally as she did in this post.

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Insider tip: Some belts can be very expensive. So make sure to look for them at second-hand stores. I’ve found barely worn ones for under $10.

Red belt and accessories as baby steps for wearing color

Mom Made It

If you have been around my blog for a while, then you know that Charlotte is a master seamstress. She has made her own clothes in the past and has taught me a thing or two about alterations.
She made the top and then transformed the skirt. The skirt was actually a dress that was sent to me from Time for Me Catalog. Unfortunately, it was too big and too black. What I mean about too black is that both my mom and I try not to wear black near our faces because it washes out our complexion.

However, my mom had the idea to cut off the top portion of the dress and make it into a skirt instead. Even if you don’t sew, you could certainly take this to an alterations shop to do this trick. It’s a wonderful way to stop throwing our clothing out, and recycling it!

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Wearing color with accessories

Wearing Color with a Purse

Another easy way to start wearing color in an outfit is to carry a colorful purse. The advantage of the purse attached to you is that it’s not as obvious as a colorful top!
Again, I would suggest that you could find any of these colorful objects at a consignment or thrift store. That way you don’t have to spend a lot of money on something that you aren’t sure you’ll really wear.

Baby steps for wearing color

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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