Easy Options For What To Wear In Hot Weather-No Shorts

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This time of year always brings up the question of what to wear in hot weather but no shorts. So the three of us decided to give you a bevy of options for the over 50 crowd. And when I say bevy, I mean at 3 ideas that are all a tad different.

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When you were younger, you may not have thought twice about what to wear in hot weather. You just pulled out the shorts (the shorter the better), a tank top, and sandals, and you were good to go.
However, many older women have pulled away from wearing shorts.

I never want to tell someone of any age, there are things they can’t wear, but there are definitely advantages to the options we decided to showcase. Hopefully, you aren’t researching the idea of what to wear in hot weather but no shorts because you are embarrassed by your body. My goal is to love our bodies no matter what.
Yet sometimes, it’s nice to have other options which is why I wanted to think about this topic.

Since I’ve been creating looks for over 9 years now, there is no lack of ideas on my site. Here are a couple of other conversations regarding this same concept.

Charlotte-Flowy Pants

Pants: Moreden Miss-thrifted~~ Top: Temu~~ Shoes: Steve Madden-thrifted~~Scarf as belt: Temu~ Bracelet: I made it ~~ Purse: thrifted-my mom added the flowers

My mom is wearing flowy pants for the prompt of what to wear in hot weather-no shorts. In the past, her go-to option has been capri pants. And there is nothing wrong with capri pants if that’s what you like to wear.

In fact, I always promote that any piece can be made stylish depending on what else you’re wearing with it. For example, when I wore my capris a couple of years back with a shorter top.

But the advantage of flowy pants like this is they are much cooler since they are not tight against your skin. In fact, from afar you might think Charlotte is wearing a skirt.

The other factor that seems so perfect for the summer months, is the white pants. They are just iconic for the hot weather and look great with everything.


Wearing a scarf as a belt is such an amazing way to differentiate between the top half and bottom half while adding some other colors to the look. This scarf blends in with the flowyness of the pants and creates an interesting factor.

My mom added the color green with her accessories to pick up the green from the scarf. And the sandals are a light and airy footwear choice that looks modern yet comfortable.

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Lesley: No Shorts But a Skort

Skort: Emerald-Bealls ~~ Top: SC-thrifted~~ Shoes: LaBella-Bealls ~~ Bracelet: ~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse: Rossia-Bealls~~ Purse Strap: gift from Rob and Jodie

Lesley is a wonderful inspiration that she hasn’t let age dictate her clothing choices. But if we are talking about what to wear in hot weather without shorts, she will choose a skort. It’s her clothing item of choice because it looks more polished than most shorts.

She also prefers it over a skirt because of the comfort factor in that you don’t worry about flashing parts and there is no chub rub.

Lesley has a wide assortment of skorts and I like how they are making longer ones like the one she is wearing on Amazon.

The drawback of skorts over a skirt is they don’t have the bathroom convenience.

And I love how Lesley tied up the ends of her blouse to shorten it and make it more fitted.


Have you gotten on the interchangeable purse strap trend yet? There are a ton of options on Amazon, and it’s such a fun way to give your purse some sass.
Granted your purse needs to have removable straps, but I bet you have purses that have this feature.

Lesley also brought a baseball hat for the outing in case we would be out in the sun.

Insider info: If you are looking for great baseball caps where your purchase makes a difference, I am working with Love Your Melon, where 50% of NET profits from the sales are given to non-profit organizations that lead the fight against pediatric cancer. 
There are many other options on their site, but a few fun ones are below.
Use code JODIE15 for a discount.

Jodie: What to Wear in Hot Weather-No Shorts

Skirt: Masai c/o~~ Top: Shein-Goodwill ~~ Shoes: from Bealls~~ Head Scarf: Gibby’s ~~ Earrings: from Amazon~~ Purse: Cappelli- thrifted

My first response to what to wear in hot weather but no shorts is to pull out a skirt (or dress). The advantage of a skirt on the bottom half is that you have airflow between your legs. Just this fact alone can make the outfit much cooler.

Insider tip: If you are walking a lot, then you might need to consider chub rub. There are items to counteract chub rub, but if you wear the shorts to help the rubbing, you lose out on the airflow factor. As an alternative, you might consider chub rub balms.

One of my mottos includes wearing what we have in our closet, and not saving them for special occasions. You may think that a tulle skirt is only good for fancy events. But I think otherwise.

To prove my point, I paired this tulle skirt with a sweatshirt top and colorful, casual sandals. You saw this skirt paired with a sports bra recently as another option to casualize it.
The one detail I love about longer skirts is you don’t have to worry about burning the back of your thighs when you get in the car.

Insider info: This skirt is from a company called, Masai. They are a new brand in the United States but have been around for a long time in Denmark. What I really appreciate is they focus on women’s comfort and sustainable values.
My skirt is not available right now, but they are having a summer sale, so I hope you check them out.


Even though the skirt is black, I wanted to add bunches of color to the look with everything else. The headscarf acts as something interesting for the back view, the earrings and purse both have loads of colors, with the shoes being as bright as can be.

So what did you think of our options of what to wear in the hot weather with no shorts? Shorts can be a great option for women of any age, but it’s nice to have more summer choices at your fingertips.

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Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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