White denim skirt outfit ideas for women over 50

Easy Options For White Denim Skirt Outfit Ideas

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With the trend of denim midi skirts, I decided to take a pair of white jeans and create a skirt. After this experiment, I figured I might as well style some easy options for white denim skirt outfit ideas.

Quote of the day: “The more an idea is tied to your identity, the more you will ignore evidence it is false. To continue to grow and learn, you must be willing to update, expand, and edit your identity.” James Clear

Knowing that white is a neutral color that will go with any other color, the ideas are endless for white denim skirt outfit ideas.

I decided to keep it simple with 3 examples but trust me, there is no shortage of ideas. E.V.E.R.Y color would look great with white.
The biggest factor for white denim skirt outfit ideas is the proportions of your top vs your skirt length.

Proportion can be an interesting concept where there are no hard and fast rules. Sure, we’ve learned about balance.
Meaning, if you have tight jeans, it’s good to wear a flowier top. Or vice versa.

But sometimes the best outfits break the rules.

So the best rule of thumb is to just try it. Pull a top from your closet and try it on with your skirt. Then the secret is to take a selfie wearing the outfit because looking in a mirror isn’t factual.

Insider tip: There’s a science behind how our brains perceive a mirrored image. And it’s not the same as how you look in real life. That’s why a selfie can be helpful.
And if the proportions seem off, that’s when you can usually reach for one of the Tools of the Trade to make it better.

White denim jeans before skirt transformation
Jeans: Just Black-Fashom ~~ Vest: Forever 21-thrifted ~~ Top: from Macys ~~ Shoes: Ros (formerly Walking Cradles) c/o ~~ Earrings: from Just Be Youtiful

My DIY Project of Jeans to a Skirt

These were the original distressed white jeans before I decided to make them into a midi skirt. I watched a ton of different YouTube videos on what to do and decided to create a denim skirt with slits on the sides instead of a deep “v” in the front.

It was a labor of love, and while it’s not perfect, I do love how it turned out.

I broke down the 3 color options for white denim skirt outfit ideas into
1-Neutrals (with a pop of color)
2-Warm color
3-Cool color

All tops are either tucked, half tucked or end at my hip bones.

I have a bunchload of articles on wearing white as well as thinking about proportions. They will all be fun to check out.

White denim skirt outfit ideas with black and white
Skirt: Just Black-DIY from jeans ~~ Cardigan: Express- Your Revolving Closet~~ Top: Skies are Blue- Your Revolving Closet~~ Shoes: Ros (formerly Walking Cradles) Earrings: Made by Judy


Black and white is a huge fan favorite, so I thought this color combination would work swimmingly. Of course, I had to add a pop of color to the look somehow, so I chose the strapless top.

I carried the lime green/yellow in the outfit with my earrings and glasses. But even if you just wore only a colorful top, I think the combination is stunning.

The black and white from the cardigan was repeated with my shoes and belt.

Insider tip: I feel incredible being able to wear strapless summer tops now that I’ve discovered both a quality adhesive bra as well as boob tape.
Don’t limit yourself to only tops where you can wear your “normal” bra. It’s very freeing to choose the fun tops instead.

White and mustard gold together
Skirt: Just Black -DIY from jeans ~~ Top: HYFVE-Your Revolving Closet~~ Shoes: Lamo “Cleo” c/o ~~ Necklace: Worn as a scarf~~ Bracelet: Made by Judy

Warm Colors with White Denim Skirt Outfit Ideas

The color wheel divides the main colors into warm and cool. Warm colors from this perspective are red, yellow, and orange. I would consider this top to be a mustard yellow.

As one of my white denim skirt outfit ideas, I loved how this peplum shirt hung over the waistband yet was short enough to give the outfit a good proportional ratio.

I wore my striped sandals with the outfit and accessorized with beaded jewelry.

Insider tip: If I wore this necklace as intended, it would hang too long into the eyelet portion. Therefore, I treated it as a scarf and shortened it without any elastics or doodads. See how in this video.

Wearing blue as part of white denim skirt outfit ideas
Skirt: Just Black -DIYed from jeans ~~Top: Just Be Youtiful~~ Shoes: Ros (formerly Walking Cradles) ” c/o Belt: thrifted

Cool Colors

The cool colors on the color wheel are green, blue, and purple. For this example, I paired my white skirt with blue.
It’s a light blue, and while it’s the shape of an ordinary t-shirt, it is nothing but ordinary.


Because the t-shirt is textured; This is one of the elements I like to look for when shopping. I look for texture, sparkle, or something that makes the item different.

Insider tip: Finding interesting elements creates a clothing item that is transformed from normal to outstanding.
Most of us already have the “basics” in our closet. It’s time to branch out. Just like the quote said above.

I wore cream sandals with the look and accessorized with a metal belt and colorful jewelry.

3 options of white denim skirt outfit ideas

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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